Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nudey Tuesday (new blog series): Shiseido's Perfect Rouge Lipstick "BE208 Baby" (Review & Swatches)

I'm starting a little series for the blog called "Nudey Tuesday" (nude-ee)-which will feature at least 1 "nudey" cosmetic/beauty product every tuesday. What is nudey? Anything nude or neutral colored/toned! I love my neutrals (eyeshadow, blush, etc) and I really, really love my nude lipsticks and glosses. This is a series dedicated to everything wonderful and nude.

The first Nudey Tuesday post will feature Shiseido's Perfect Rouge lipstick in "BE208 Baby." To me, Japanese brands like Shiseido and She Uemura (which is leaving the U.S.!!!) drizzle with pure beauty luxory. I don't own many Shiseido products at all -but am always tempted to purchase. I usually steer away simply because they aren't offered in the Sephora store -just online (available at Nordstrom too.) Plus, it's also a bit pricey at $25. I also like testers and being able to swatch what I buy first. Anyways, I had a VIB 10% off coupon a while back and used it to buy this nice little lipstick:

The Packaging: Shu lipstick tubes are shaped kind of cool. They're not "round" like most tubes. They'e kind of squareish with rounded corners and sides that go "inward" (hope that makes some sense.) The tube is sleek and kind of a black with purply silvery tint?! Omgosh I have no idea how to describe it -check out the pic above! Anyways -packaging is nice so this category gets an "A."
The Product: For $25, I expect some really nice lipstick. This is really moisturizing (I didn't need lip balm prior to application) and it feels good on my lips. It's weird because while the lipstick is pigmented, it goes on sort of sheer so you have to build up the color. I tend to like more opaque lipsticks -it did have a nice sheen to it though. it goes on almost like a gloss. The texture is glossy and moisturizing.

The Color: The color is a medium true nude that won't wash you out. To me, it has the slightest hint of pink and peach but overall -the color is mainly a natural medium beige nude. I expect this to be great for people of all different skin tones. The lipstick looks fairly neutral -not too warm, not too cold. For me though, I wanted it to be paler because I love those light nude lippies -yes, even the ones that make you look "dead." However, I don't think those work for people of all skin tones, this does.

Lip Swatches..
Overall: I think this is a really nice lipstick for those who want a very natural, true nude without it being too light or dark. For those who want a nude with more "oomph", I don't think this is it. This is very low key and I've seen this color done before for cheaper. I guess you're also paying for packaging and formula. The lipstick is packed with moisture and comes in a nice tube. This is glossy though so those who like more matte lipsticks should stay away. The lipstick is a bit sheer too but if you build it up, the pigmentation is there. Overall, I think this is a great lipstick but for $25, I rather buy a color that I'll like more (personal opinion, others may think this is the perfect nude color) since I enjoy ligter nudes. I want to try "Spiced Cream next -which looks like a lighter, pinker toned nude.
Above: with flash
Above: no flash, natural lighting

Do you have any Shiseido lipsticks? Which would you recommend?


  1. i received a sample of this lipstick today and i absolutely love it! i like that i can apply this color anytime and anywhere without a mirror. =) why is shu uemura leaving?? i had no idea! thanks for the review =)

  2. You're welcome. Glad you're enjoying the lipstick. I agree, this is definitely a great natural nude -something that looks very natural and low-key. I wish Shu Uemura wasn't leaving either.. but hey, we can still buy online!

  3. I have PK 327 which is very light, natural pink. I love it sooooo much, its shere too. And now im gonna buy this, same urs. ^^