Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MAC Trip II Collection (Available Online Today)

Availability: Launched today March 23, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

So I was pretty surpised when I found new stuff on the MAC site today -I didn't hear of anything coming out. This actually is not a new collection but was released last year in April 2009 and was out through August but was only available at Duty Free shops in airports. I looked through the products and I don't think there is anything new in the collection. All the colors are either from the permanent line or from previous limited edition collections. The products look pretty and compact -nice for travel. There's nothing that really catches my eye -though I do want the "Bronze Eye & Cheek" palette.

MAC Promo Codes (if you plan on buying anything)
1. TRIP- Free Shipping (expires Sunday March 28, 2010 11:59 EST)
2. LASH310- Free Shipping + free Zoom Lash mascara sample (expiration unknown.. BUT still works!!)

In the Collection..
Cool Eyes Palette- $38.00 USD
1. Prismique lustre (LE)
2. Springtime Skipper veluxe pearl (LE)
3. Waternymph frost (LE)
4. Knight Divine veluxe pearl (Permanent)
5. Flashtrack veluxe pearl (Discontinued)
Neutral Eyes Palette- $38.00 USD
1. Bisque matte (Permanent)
2. Say, Yeah veluxe pearl (LE)
3. Sable frost (Permanent)
4. Mineralism lustre (LE)
5. Bateau satin (LE)
Bronze Eye & Cheek Palette- $32.00 USD
1. Eversun (blush) (LE)
2. Magic Dust frost (LE)
3. Elite veluxe pearl (LE)
4. Smut velvet (Permanent)
Neutral Eye & Cheek Palette- $32.00 USD
1. Shy Beauty (blush) (LE)
2. Sunday Best frost (LE)
3. Girlie satin (Permanent)
4. Agate lustre (LE)
Neutral Lips Palette- $22.50 USD
1. Poetic License (lipglass) (LE)
2. Expensivo lustre (lipstick) (LE)
3. Plastique frost (lipstick) (Permanent)
Warm Lips Palette- $22.50 USD
1. En Pointe frost (lipglass) (LE)
2. Tempt Me lustre (lipstick) (Discontinued??)
3. Strange Hybrid frost (lipstick) (LE)
Pink Lips & Bag- $34.50 USD
1. Crème de la Femme frost (lipstick) (Permanent)
2. Flashtronic lustre (lipstick) (LE)
3. Heartthrob frost (lipglass) (LE)
Rose Lips & Bag- $34.50 USD
1. Mischieveous frost (lipstick) (LE)
2. Fresh Moroccan frost (lipstick) (Permanent)
3. Mouthwatering frost (lipglass) (LE)
Coral Lips & Bag- $34.50 USD
1. Festivity frost (lipstick) (LE)
2. Eager lustre (lipstick) (LE)
3. Prrr frost (lipglass) (Permanent)
Basic Brushes Kit- $49.50 USD
1. 129SE
2. 190SE
3. 224SE
4. 242SE
5. 266SE
Advanced Brushes Kit- $49.50 USD
1. 168SE
2. 187SE
3. 212SE
4. 219SE
5. 275SE

Phewww!! This took quite some time to post. I was going to also include some great "sales and deals" but this post is getting so long. Will upload on some cool deals for beauty.com, E.L.F., Urban Decay, and more soon!

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