Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who doesn't love a little Tokidoki in their lives? WARNING: Very pic heavy

Omgosh. It's 4AM and I'm blogging. I was just surfing the Sephora site due to my wild insomnia and I swear I thought I was dreaming. You know how wonderful it was when we found out just about 2 months ago that Tarina Tarantino was coming to town and had joined forces with Sephora? Well, this might even be better. Sephora is now carrying a full Tokidoki line. I haven't read about this anywhere yet and I'm surprised that Sephora hasn't been promoting this. It says that it's "new" on the Sephora site and some products aren't in stock so I'm not sure if it's hit stores yet. It sure wasn't in the stores when I went to Sephora 2 weeks ago. Anyways, the products look amazing. The prices are right on point (cheaper than Tarina Tarantino) and I'm really, really happy about that. The packaging is uber cute and most of the products come in a very wide range of colors. They have liquid liners in every color you can imagine -including pink! I also saw some lip gloss that comes in colors like green and blue. I'm really hoping they're not sheer because blue lip gloss would be freaking awesome. I'm still totally in the state of shock so I might be ranting -I apologize in advance. I'm just so darn excited!

Let's have a look..

Perfetto Liquid Eyeliner- $16 (This is what I'm most excited for!)

Punk Lash Mascara- $18 (available in black, blue, green, & purple!)

Okk done! I haven't been this excited about Tokidoki since Yogurt Land had limited edition Tokidoki spoons and cups. =) I can't wait for everything to be fully stocked online and in stores. I have high hopes. If everything goes my way, I'll be rocking pink eyeliner and blue lips in no time.

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  1. I have the perfetto felt tip eyeliner, in black
    its sort of like a ink marker.. its TRUELY REALLY BLACk (which i LOVE!) and the felt tip pen is cut differently on all four sides , so its easy application for either thin or thick application on your eyes.
    the only downfall of this product is that the felt tip is HARD! its REALLY hard.. so haha yeah =) hope it helped!

  2. I'm so glad you like the Perfetto liner. I was sooooo looking foward to it but it didn't work for me. =( Like you, I do love the colors though! I actually prefer a felt tip that's the same on all sides -I found that I had to keep it at the same angle throughout the "lining process" to keep the line even. Anyways, super happy it worked for you as this was one the products I really, realllllly wanted to try. Since you like them, I suggest investing in the other colors as I do think the color range is lovely. Swatched all the colors btw if you wanted to check them out before buying. =) See this post: