Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette (Review & Swatches)

The Stila "Jewel Eye Shadow" Palette (retails for $32) was first debuted a few months ago with Stila's "Jewel Collection." When I first saw this on Sephora's website, I was so intrigued by the palette. I rushed over to my favorite Sephora store (in Walnut Creek, CA) and scooped up the only one available along with the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette and other various products filled with beauty goodness. (Click here for that haul.)

The Packaging: The packaging of this palette is pretty standard. The bottom that contains the eyeshadows is black and the lid is clear so that you can see the shadow pans inside. There are also some silver stars along the border of the lid with a silver Stila logo in the center. I have to say that the palette is quite small though.
The Product: I love, love, LOVE this palette. Although the palette really tiny -I have to say I've never seen or used anything like this. (Note: The pans are about a dime size each so beware of its "petite-ness.") I really hope that Stila makes more of these palettes in the future. First off, I believe that these shadows are powders (who knows.. I might be wrong) but they feel like cream shadows. They definitely don't feel like powders but I know they aren't creams. When applied, the shadows are not super pigmented but they are buildable. (For my swatches, I layered them on about 4 or 5 times. 1 layer was very sheer but still produced an amazing amount of shimmer.) That doesn't steer me away from the palette though because I think these are meant to be used on top of other "regular shadows." Each color is jam packed with glitter -but there's no fall out. The finishing effect gives my eye lids a dewy look and looks like a waterfall of sparkling glitter. I swear -I've never seen anything quite like this.

The Colors:
1. Pink Quartz- I'd say this is the "nude" of the quad. The color is sort of a medium rosey color with a hint of peachy nude and lots of silver glitter.
2. Amethyst- A darker plummy purple with gold glitter.
3. Black Diamond- This one really won me over. It's an intense black with silver glitter. This one really looks wet -like a sea of black, glittering water. (Black water?! Is that weird??) This would look great all over the lid (a bit too much on me personally but will look absolutely amazing on someone else.)
4. Golden Topaz- A golden peachy color with goldish glitter. I usually use this over my neutral shadows.


Above (from left): Black Diamond, Golden Topaz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

Overall: Gosh I love this palette so much. Perfect for the girl who loves all things sparkly. If you're planning on buying this -remember, don't expect the palette to be huge because it's pretty tiny. I didn't want to pay $32 for such a itsy bitty palette but it was well worth it. I've even had my male friends comment on my "cool makeup" and boys usually don't notice that sort of thing! My bf hates it though -he hates all makeup with the exception of eyeliner and a bit of gloss. Anyways, I love it and I seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to add a little sparkle to their lives.

*Note: Like I've mentioned before, I'm quite behind on posts. For months (when I wasn't updating my blog on a regular basic) I've taken pictures and reviewed products without posting about them. So just as a little notice, the next few weeks -maybe even months, will contain older product reviews. And of course, I will include newer products as well. Most the products to be reviewed are still available in stores currently so they're not super, super old -just things that came out a few months or so ago.


  1. Kali, another awesome review! I'm totally with you on this palette. If stila would come out with more or this formulation in larger pans, us makeup hoarding, shimmer/glitter loving females would go gaga! The shadows are like you said, a cross between powder and cream and as great as some mineral shadows but better because no fuss and fallout or fear of spilling! I love that they are so shimmery but still so wearable. The shades are gorgeous but we need MORREE of this. I'm sorry your bf doesn't like makeup, that must be hard for fiance and I share some of my make-up! Anyway, thanks to you reminding me of this little gem of a palette, I'll be lying in bed tonight, not dreaming of sugarplums but of HUGE 120 shadow palettes in this formulation...a girl can dream...seeing Stila jewel pans dancing above my head!!! THANK YOU, xXx...Sorrow

  2. I LOVE this palette -I think it's one of the best thing's Stila's every made! I would absolutely go crazy if they had 120 shadow palettes of this stuff. =P

    Aww that's so sweet that you and your fiance share makeup. =)

    Thank you for reading and it makes me so happy that you enjoy the reviews.

  3. if u still have this item can u sell it to em please love?😘