Monday, March 22, 2010

Kat Von D Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duo in "Moonshine" (Review & Swatches)

I picked up this Kat Von D Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Duo in "Moonshine" awhile back along with some other Kat items that were on sale at Sephora. "Moonshine" is 1 of the 9 available Kat Von D duos that is currently on sale at Sephora for only $10 (was $20.) I also got these Kat Von D items:
I haven't reviewed the lip gloss yet but it's coming up. I have reviewed the liquid liners and I'm loving them. Click here to see the review for the Kat Von D Autograph Liquid Liners.

The Packaging: Overall, these little round compacts are pretty cute. The lid/cover contains the trademark Kat Von D "tattoo style" artwork. I like that when you open it up, there's also a mirror inside -great for touch ups.
The Product: I'm really glad I didn't take the plunge and grab 5-6 duos like I was planning to. When I swatched all the sale duos in Sephora, they seemed to lack pigment. I thought, "Hmm, maybe I'll give this the benefit of the doubt and buy at least one." (Hey, it could be the overused testers' fault!) When I got home, I gave it another shot and learned that  eyeshadow is chalky and requires that you layer up to get decent color payoff. This isn't a "one swipe" shadow -you're going to need to apply a few layers. Swatching just once results in a very sheer layer of color with minimal glitter. I don't get it -the colors look gorgeous in the pan!
The Color: Swatched, the left side is a pretty, medium dark steely blue with silver glitter and the right is almost the same color (just a tad lighter.. a very small “tad”) with shimmer. It looks pretty but I had to swatch about 8 times just to get good color payoff. These are chalky and they’re just really no good. P.S. I'm thinking back now (since I take notes before writing posts), I'm not sure in my swatches are in the correct order. The swatch on the left is darker and looks like the right side of the Kat Von D duo.. Oh well. You get both colors in the duo anyways!

Overall: I'd definitely skip these. I'm not sure what went wrong with these because I know that Kat Von D's True Romance palettes are highly pigmented and are way better than these quality-wise. Even though they're only $10, I don't feel that it's worth my time to have to apply tons of layers just to get decent color payoff.

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