Monday, March 29, 2010

Wohoooo!! First Blog Award (plus new haircut.. UGHH + Mini FOTD)

Wow!! My first award. I just received this from the fabulous Simone who also has a beauty blog (thanks again!) Honestly, I'm pretty happy even though I know dozens of awards are given to bloggers on a somewhat regular basis. I'm just happy that people are finally reading my blog -which means my reviews, tips, advice, whatever.. are actually getting out there! I have 4 lovely followers so far and you know what?? That makes me happy! I love makeup and I love passing along my favorite products and beauty tricks with fellow makeup junkies. That's the whole point of a blog. It's not about making money, populary, or any of that -that's why I try to make my blog a positive place for all the good things in life. =)


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So I'm awarding this award to some other fellow beauty junkies whose blogs I've recently stumbled upon. The awards go to:

Jessica at Yours Truly Jess
Nisa at Beautology
Whiplashes at Inside the Makeup Case
If you're looking for a good beauty read, check them out! Their blogs are great!
Now.. onto the haircut.. EEK!!
Yesterday out of pure spontaneity, I got a haircut. I've been sort of wanting one.. you know, just a few inches off to get rid of the dead ends. My hair was a little past my waist so I wanted to cut it to around my chest so that it wouldn't be so "heavy" for Spring and Summer. I didn't ask for much.. all I said was, "Can you please cut it to here (pointing towards my chest) and with lots of layers?" Somehow along those few seconds of me explaining what I wanted, my words were interpretted into "cut Kali's hair to shoulder length!" She cut about 9 whole inches off. I'm not too grumpy about it since hair does grow back -I just don't really like it. Oh, and the whole time, she told me my hair was "tangled" at least 15 times. Her statements either went like, "Did you use a comb?!! You're hair is so tangled!!" or "Ugh, so tangled." Alright, I know that I have frizzyish, wavy, and sometimes even nappy hair and it can get tangly -but that doesn't mean you put down the customer. Bad customer service if you ask me. Here's the new and improved "tangled mess":

I look really silly here.

Not really a complete FOTD.. just for running errands..
Products Used:
1. Revlon Brow Pencil with gel (just used pencil side. I don't normally do my brows with this so it looks really weird.)
2. MAC Pearlglide Pencil in "Black Russian"
4. Prestige "My Biggest Lashes" mascara
5. Stila Contour Palette
6. MAC "Prim & Proper" Blush
7. MAC lipstick in "Snob" (blotted)
8. LORAC loose powder

Side view.


  1. awww thanks so much for the blog award :) so exciting! my first lol...ur blog is awesome i'm following now! and i will do a post soon on my blog award thanks so much hunnie!

  2. btw ur haircut looks cute 2! its so hard to get used to i bet cuz i'm having trouble and to manage at that lol..

  3. Thanks Jess! You're right.. it is hard to get used to =P ..I felt so naked at first without all that long hair. It's refreshing though -and pretty low maintenance. I hate having to style or do anything to my hair! And you're welcome for the award. You deserve it =) You have a great blog.

  4. Hi Kali!

    Thanks for the blog award! =) Glad you left me a message because I'm loving your blog! Thanks again, will do a post about the award soon! =)

  5. Thanks! Glad you like my blog =) And you're welcome for the award.. You deserve it. I like your blog!