Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kat Von D. Lightning Sheer Lip Gloss in "Rocker" (Review & Swatches)

In my previous post, I said I was going to review this $9 Kat Von D Lightning Sheer lip gloss and here it is! Ok so here's the thing, for awhile I wasn't updating my blog! Anyways, I'd always take pictures and write down notes about what I thought about a product and well ..I can't find my notes! It's a bummer but I do remember most the things about this gloss. I ended up getting rid of it because I didn't like it (so I can't just go give it another test run.) Sorry! Anyways, here's what I can tell you..

The Packaging: It's so so -pretty standard. It comes in a clear tube with balck rubbery cap -think NARS packaging. The little floral design on the tube is cute though. I do like that the brush is a doe foot sponge applicator for this particular gloss.
The Product: Ick! I didn't like this gloss. For the full $18 price tag, I would never buy it again. I wouldn't even pay the $9 sale price for it. I'm not saying it's terrible -it's just not great. More of a cheap drugstore lip gloss if anything. First off, there's the lack of pigmentation. I knew that I was buying a "sheer" gloss but I expected at least a "tint" to show up on my lips. This goes on clear like any regular old gloss -and I don't even have super pigmented lips! The product wasn't moisturizing or dry -somewhere inbetween. Now what really put me off was the smell. To me, it was right on the fine line between gross cough syrup and yucky candy that tastes like medicine.


The Color: I bought "Rocker" which is described as a "toffee red with red and pink shimmer." I would say that the description is correct -red with the slightest hint of warm brown and a bit of shimmer. I did see pink and red shimmer when I swatched it but you have to look closely. You can't even tell that it's there in the picture or in person -so don't expect amazing shimmer like MAC Dazzleglass or LORAC 3D Multiplex.

Overall: Even though it's only $9, I recommend just skipping this gloss. Save your money and put it towards a really great gloss. This has no "wow" factor for me and I already have way too many "so so" glosses in my makeup drawers. Also, I did swatch the other sale Kat Von D glosses while in the store and I remember all of them being almost clear -that's the reason why I bought "Rocker." It appeared to be the most pigmented but in the end, it was just like the others.. clear clear CLEAR with no color. I really wish I had a "thumbs down" (and "thumbs up") sign or something I could add to my reviews.


  1. Wow, we are again..totally on the same wavelength. I am so SICK of wasting good $ on products with little or NO pigmentation. These glosses SUCK! I was sooo disappointed with most or her line and that really bummed me out because I love Kat and HER makeup always looks gorgeous and extremely pigmented. So why is she saving the good stuff for herself and not letting us in on it??? She's always got that beautiful pin-up look going on with bold lips and eyes and we get boring colors and crappy lip gloss...no fair, I want my $ back Ms. Kat! I was watching a recording I had set of one of her shows once and she was at her apt. showing off her new place and projects. Well, at one point you could see a bunch of her makeup and I took a double take and rewound the tape a few times to make sure and YUP...she had MAC makeup on her counter...LOL!!!

  2. LOL! I think many celebrities endorse certain lines and brands but don't REALLY wear the makeup.. Sadly, sometimes it's all about the money. =\

    I do love the liquid liners in her line though. However, nothing else really stands out to me. I've heard her eyeshadow palettes are good ..just never got around to buying any.

  3. randomly stumbled across this review....
    I actually don't hate here glosses, they're not awful, at least to me. I bought them for 5 bucks tho, so maybe that's why my expectations are lowered.
    Her most pigmented that I own is Stormy, it actually provides color and you don't have to layer like crazy...
    Otherwise yeah, they are very very sheer.
    Her eyeshadows at least aren't bad, though I would say avoid her browns and grays...they tend to turn out orange or blue when you blend them.
    (I totally sound like an ad for her...lol.)