Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Beauty Powder Vs. Smashbox Soft Lights Highlighter

I recently hauled a few items from MAC's "Liberty of London" (will do a post on all items I purchased soon. Need to wait for MAC to ship it out to me.) When I first saw swatches of MAC’s Shell Pearl beauty powder (from the "LOL" collection), I thought it looked incredibly similar to my Smashbox Soft Lights highlighter in Tint. I made up my mind and decided not to get it but when I swatched it in Nordstrom, I had to have it. I also ran to the Smashbox counter to see if the 2 were dupes –but they weren’t! I really didn’t want to buy it but I figured that it wouldn’t come around again unless it was repromoted (the last time we saw it was in ’06!!) I didn’t want to hold 4 years of regret so I went ahead and bought it. When I got home, I swatched them both again side by side to further investigate.

Above is MAC "Shell Pearl" & Smashbox "Tint" on right

What do you think? In the pan they don't look so similar..

(Indoor lighting) No flash close-up
(Indoor light) No flash
(Indoor lighting) Flash

What do you think now? I think they’re quite similar and in the same "family" while being pretty darn different. Shell Pearl is lighter with more peachiness to it while Tint is a bit darker and warmer. Tint also is peachy but has some red to it. There was more of a “sheen” to Shell Pearl. Shell Pearl also has bigger glitter particles while Tint seems to be smoother and the shimmer is finer. I’m not sure which I like more as I do love Smashbox Soft Lights but I feel like Shell Pearl is a brighter shade –perfect for spring and summer days. Tint is darker and would be great for evenings and smokey eyes.

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