Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection (Launches August 2010)

So.. MAC is having a huge launch in August -HUGE.. like Colour Forecast huge. I'm not one to usually post about upcoming MAC launches in advance (I usually post about highly anticipated collections a week or so before.) Why?? Because there are so many other wonderful bloggers who do that anyway! And I don't feel that people need to hear it for the 4802558493th time from me. Anyways, I have to blog about this.. the info is relatively new. I first read about this on GlossMenagerie and when I googled it, I found the Christine at Temptalia had JUST done a post on it today!! I'm not going to bore you with info about every product just now (I probably will in the future when there are some pics of the collection!) but Christine has already generated an excellent list of the products. Again, when the launch date nears, I will do another post on it with more the promo pics and whatnot. For now, check out Christines post here for all the nitty gritty on the collection.

P.S. That picture is NOT a photo from the collection. I just love lions.. They're my 2nd favorite animal. (Giraffes are number 1!!)

P.S.S. I will do a post on MAC's Prep-A-Papier Collection (April 22) soon.. and I will post about To the Beach (maybe later in May?) There are so many other lovely bloggers who do this so I just don't feel like  I need to be repetitive on my blog. If you ever want to know about upcoming MAC collections, check Temptalia!

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