Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Revlon Spring/Summer 2010: Daydreamer Collection

U.S. Launch Date: May 2010 ??
U.K. Launch Date: March 2010

I was on MakeupAlley today and I randomly came across some very pretty Revlon Lustrous lip glosses. Guess what, I stumbled on a whole new collection! I have not heard about this and it pretty much fell from the sky so I was jumping up and down in excitement. It's so rare that I drugstores carrying pastel lipsticks and glosses in pale nudes, pinks, and lavenders so I was beyond excited. (I know that Maybelline has the "Sweet Thing" Collection out -but it didn't really pull me in.) I found out that Revlon is launching a Spring/Summer 2010 Collection called "Daydreamer."
I spent a lot of time looking for product information and swatches of the products with mixed results. Lots of the sites that were talking about these products are located in the UK -and I read that they were released there this month (March.) I then read that the United States wouldn't be getting the products until May! How is that fair??! Anyways, when I went back to MakeupAlley, I searched up some products from the collection. I found that the majority of the people who reviewed these products actually live in the United States (oops. doesn't that sound stalkerish!!) -so I'm confused?! I thought they were coming in May?!
Anywho, I live in California and I haven't seen them here yet and I visit CVS and Walgreens pretty much on a weekly basis. I also asked my friend, who works at CVS, to check to see if they had them in stock today -no luck. She's going to ask the makeup stocker about it though -so maybe I'll get some news.
Here's another ad for the collection. I'm really excited about the "Lilac Pastelle" Lustrous gloss..
P.S. I don't really know the product names yet -just a few of the limited edition Lustrous gloss colors. (Look in first picture)
1. Peach Petal (1st from left)
2. Coral Reef (2nd from left)
3. Pink Pop (3rd from left)
4. Firecracker (4th from left)
5. Lilac Pastelle (5th from left)

There are also 4 (I'm pretty certain it's 4) nail polishes but I'm not sure of the color names. From what I recall, there's a pastel peachy pink, pastel lavender, pastel minty green, and glittery goldish color.

If you want to see pictures and swatches of the 4 glosses I listed and the LE palette from this collection, click here.

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