Monday, October 25, 2010

4 Things (In My Room, In My Purse, That You Don't Know, etc.) TAG

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I really enjoyed this tag. It basically sums "me" up in one post! Anyways, here we go..

4 Favorite Things In Room

My makeup area is my absolute favorite area of my room. I keep most of my makeup vanities/drawers under a desk and in the cubbies of the desk. The "daily" makeup, brushes, wipes, etc. go on top. I try to do my makeup here but I almost always resort to doing it on the floor in front of my closet mirrors.

My closet is my second favorite part of my room. I really love the closet system I have (shelves, cubbies) and try to keep it as organized as I can. The only problem is I'm having so trouble fitting everything in there as you can see. =P

My bookshelf is where I store my books, magazines, journals, old projects, and so much more. I have a really hard time throwing out anything that's in my bookshelf -everything feels so important.

My feathery paper fans are loud and sort of random but I love them because my room is mostly pink and green. I was really happy when my friend Malcolm gave them to be about 4 years ago.

4 Things In My Bag/Purse

Ok I have way more than this in my purse (what girl doesn't?) but I tried to scale it down to my 4 "main" items. I switch between the 2 wallets above -the black one is stuffed with all my coupons and the HK one is for when I don't want to carry such a heavy wallet. Keys are an essential -so is my IPod. I also carry my Nintendo DS Lite with me everywhere because I never know when I'll need to kill some time.
This is the main bag I've been using lately. I got it at Old Navy earlier this year for about $7 on sale! People always ask me where I got it expecting it to be expensive but nopeeee.. it's Old Navy! =P

4 Things I Found In My Desk/Office Drawer

I don't really have a desk drawer but here are some random things in the drawers all around my room.

My bead drawer! I'd cry if I ever lost this. I love my beads and use them for jewelry, accessories, and more.
My art supplies drawers are also really important to me. I'm obsessed with art markers, sharpies, crayons, etc. I keep my paints and stuff in boxes though.

My school supplies drawer holds all my back-up school supplies including erasers, pens, markers, notebooks, folders, paper, and more. I love, love, love buying new school supplies -it makes learning exciting. =P

My ribbons drawer.. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I love wrapping presents and making them look all pretty so a "ribbons drawer" is a must for me.

4 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

My favorite t-shirt is loose and has a low v-neck.. preferably with a pocket on the chest. When I love something, I buy a million versions of it. Here's some of my loose low v-neck tees. Most are from the GAP but some are from American Apparel and Old Navy as well. I love simple clothing.. my basic every day outfit is a v-neck, jeans or leggings, and a cardigan or hoodie.
I'm a sticker whore. Ever since I can remember, I've had an obsession with stickers. I love to use them to decorate all my school supplies, cards, presents, and more.

I used to want to be a fashion designer. My mom was a fashion designer so growing up, I always wanted to be one too. I wanted to be one since I was about 4 and the dream died when I was 17. I just lost interest and realized that being a designer is way too unstable of a career for me.

I love the zoo. There's something about the zoo that just makes me really, really happy. I do however feel a bit guilty seeing all the animals "locked in cages" but I do feel that most zoos treat the animals nicely and really care about them. I would feel horrible if the zookeepers were mistreating the animals.

4 Things I'm Currently Into

My TOMS.. I've been rocking my TOMS almost every day since I got them. They're super comfortable and perfect for walking around all day -my campus is crazy.. LOTS of walking uphill and downhill.

Vampire Diaries has been an obsession for a while now but I think it's an amazing show and I'd be really, really upset if they cancelled it. I love Stefan -I think he's way better than Twilight's Edward. He's so much more real than Edward.. Damon's cool too but I like Stefan more.

Hot Chocolate! For some reason I can't stop drinking this. I don't have any of the fancy stuff at home, just the Nestle, but it's still super yummy and I like topping it off with some whipped cream.

Girl Time! I don't have a decent (recent) picture of me and my girls but I've really been loving girl time lately. Most of my friends are guys so I really value the time I have with my girls -you just can't talk about certain things around guys and having that girl time is really, really important.

4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do

To meet K-Ci. I'm pretty sure those who read my blog already know I love K-Ci (from Jodeci) but I've always really, really wanted to meet him. I think I'd faint if I did.

To see Dwight Howard play in person. I also want to see a bunch of others like Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James.

To travel to Japan. I've always wanted to go to Japan.. I also want to go to the UK, Australia, and back to Paris. Oh and I want to go to New York! ..I've never been. =(

To write a book and have it published. I'd just want a book with a collection of my poems and short stories. I don't know if I'd be able to write an entire novel though -I'd get bored with the story.

Whewww! Finally done. I'd like to tag Erynn, Justine, Tiffany, Melissa, and anyone who wants to do the tag.


  1. i loved this post !!! omg your makeup !!! its love! i heart v-necks and stickers too!! i'm wearing a v-neck right now! lol. from old navy! i want ones from vs and gap =) i heard they were super comfy!

  2. your room is so organized,pretty, and mad bright ! lol I thought I was the only one who carried a video games in there purse lol ur awesome!!!

  3. I was looking at some blogs that you follow (from the list on your profile) and i came across one that had lots of home made facial recipes and more. I forgot the name of the blog. Do you happen to remember the name of that blog?

  4. Very cute post Kali. I enjoy knowing more about you. Your fashion drawings are awesome. I too wanted to be one at one point but realized I can't draw to save my life. LOL.

  5. I love this post your makeup drawers and closets and beads are so organized,your fashion designs are really nice, you have talent.I like the paper fans they are so pretty I also got 2 recently one of my friend went to china and brought those for me chinese and japanese crafts are so cute

  6. @ siwing.. Oh that's so cool you're wearing an Old Navy v-neck!! I love them. <3

    @ PrincezzJazmin.. Awesome! What games do you play? I love my DS. =)

    @ Anonymous.. I honestly have no idea. For some reason, I feel like I know what blog you're talking about but I forgot the name! If I find out, I'll let you know!

    @ Kristie.. Thanks. =) Aww.. I don't think you have to know how to draw that good if you're a designer -I've seen some awful sketches. =P It's the clothing that matters.

    @ alvira.. THanks! =) That's reall cool.. I'd love to see the paper fans you got (I love paper fans and anything Japanese.)

  7. This is a super cute post! It's different and much more interesting than a lot of other tags I've come across. Thanks so much for tagging me Kali!

  8. Omg I didn't see your new profile pic! I love it!! And you're welcome. =)

  9. Aww this is soo cute. You remind me of my sister..she's very artsy & has alot of those pens/markers too. Which will be in my post b/c I keep some of my stuff with hers. She is a vneck shirt whore as well. She gets it from Delias! 2 for $24 or something like that. I just get mine from F21 lol.

    Always wanted to go to Japan too. My friend went there & showed me pics. I wanna see the gyaru girls there in person. They really do look like barbie dolls. I love Japanese cute packagings too!

  10. Aww I love v-necks! And I love Japanese packaging! OMG I love Japanese stuff in general -that's why I love Daiso so much. =P

    P.S. I tagged you for this post!

  11. haha speaking of Dwight Howard.. did you see his MV called 'Fast Don't Lie' LOL Youtube it hehehehe kekek

  12. && I love this post heheh You seem like an artist :)

    have a good day hun

  13. @ Deerest.. Yea I saw it I think last week or the week before!! I love Dwight. =P

  14. OH MY GOD kali this POST is sooooo great!!! i love Vampire DIaries!! YEAH I AM OBSESSED!!! LOL
    *drooling* over that makeup drawer!
    RInz @

  15. OMG I loveeee Vampire Diaries!!! =P Glad you're with me!

  16. Love how everything is so neat Kali...


  17. Thanks! I actually cheated and tidied up before taking pictures though. =P