Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sephora Sale Update: It's Already Started Ladies!!

The highly anticipated Friends & Family 20% off sale starts tomorrow ladies. The code is FF2010 and the sale goes from October 22, 2010-November 3, 2010. From my understanding, this is for the United States only so sorry to anyone whose not included.
Anyways, I'm not sure if it'll start at midnight EST which would be 9:00PM tonight here but I'd give it a try if you really don't want to see your products go. Also, I suggest having your products ready and in your cart so that you don't have to waste precious hours looking for items to add during the sale. I've never encountered the problem of having something I want sell out in the past but it's happened countless times to others especially with limited edition items.
Have fun everyone! I'm not even sure if I can get anything -really stinks because I was looking forward to it for months. =(

I prepared this post for this morning (October 21st) but I just tried to enter the code on Sephora just to see if it would work and it DOES!! It's the 21st right now so I'm not sure why it does but if you want to buy something, get going because it's already started. Use the code FF2010 for 20% off. Sale ends November 3rd.


  1. You Americans are soo lucky. I don't think it applies to Canadians - i checked Temptalia. In the past, we only got 10 or 15% off in store. One time we had $15 off if you spend at least $35. either way, i think the 20% off coupon is waaaay better :P

  2. ahh exciting! I'm gonna check it out now :)

  3. you guys are so lucky, sephora totally kills us with shipping fees to canada. and LOL love your comments!

  4. @ Pamela.. I think we got $15 offc $35 before too. I actually really liked that one.. that's like 40% off! I hope they give you some sort of deal though. =)

    @ Alexa P..What are you getting?? Let me know!

    @ Pop Champagne.. Aww.. that STINKS girl. I hate paying for shipping. Shipping is almost a deal breaker for me -I just won't order if I have to pay for it.. unless I LOVE the item.

  5. Go go go! I can't shop (in Canada) but I am excited for those that do get to shop this. Boycotting Sephora!

  6. i got the Beauty in a Box: NARS Junkie set! Such a great value and at 20% off + free shipping and samples galore - too good to pass up! Will def do a post when I get it in the mail! :)

    What about you? Are you getting anything?? ♥

  7. @ Justine.. LOL! Omg I would die if I had to boycott Sephora. I love them too much. =(

    @ Alexa P.. Oooh!! I saw that set and I really liked it -but the eye palette didn't call to me. I hope you enjoy it! Can't wait to see your post. =)

    And I'm not sure yet.. I really want to though. =\ Being a student and a beauty junkie is REALLY hard!

  8. Yes, this year it's only online. BUT you get free shipping if you spend $50+.