Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wishlist: My MAC A Tartan Tale Lemmings

Prior to seeing all the images and collection details of MAC's upcoming A Tartan Tale collection for the Holiday Season, I was really very, very excited. I wrote up a pretty big list and started counting the days until the collection's launch. However, now that I've sat back and analyzed everything, I realized that there is nothing that I absolutely must have.

Sadly, it seems like with every new MAC collection, there are plenty of non-MAC items that have been on my list forever that get pushed aside just because of the whole "limited edition" deal with MAC collections. I've realized that I would rather save for those OTK boots or that LORAC Blush than splurge on something that I only slightly want -just because it's limited edition. The thing is, even with Venomous Villains, I got so carried away with the whole "Disney" aspect of it all and asked for things I didn't even really, really want -but I guess I can justify that since Disney doesn't come along every day. So anyways, I went through the loads of new products coming out with A Tartan Tale and shortened my list.

The List

Sir Teddy with Clip ($12.00)
My Highland Honey Blush ($18.50)
Pearlglide Liners in Petrol Blue, Black Swan ($14.50)
Sweep Me Off My Feet Brush Set ($49.50) Honestly, I don't want any the brushes in this set but I really want this bag.
My list with probably shorten once I see more swatches/swatch the collection myself but right now, the main thing I want is probably the keychain and the brush bag. What's on your MAC A Tartan Tale Wishlist? Start preparing because the collection comes out this Thursday!


  1. omg I want the bag too, and the bear. I'm in love with all things plaid!

  2. Yeah the bag is the cutest part, the rest I feel like I have it all. I hear you on the limited edition craze, that's how they get you. But I hate getting something that's limited edition and then loving it, then what lol.

  3. @ Pop Champagne.. Me too!! I want the bag so bad.. wish they sold it without the brushes. =(

    @ Laura Beth.. Me too! ..There's nothing that really stands out to me.. And you're soooo right. What happens when you love it and can never buy it again?! I don't want to go to Ebay and spend $100 for a lipstick or blush!