Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Milani Minerals Blush in Mai-Tai Review & Swatches

Repurchase: No
Price: $6.49 (0.155 oz/ 4.40 g)
Product: 21/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Grade: B

I had been wanting to try one of Milani's Minerals Blushes for a long time now and instead of opting for Luminous, the supposed NARS Orgasm dupe, I went for the brightly colored Mai-Tai.

The Packaging: The blush comes in a dull gold compact with a clear lid that scratches very easily. (At the store, all the lids had scratches on them.) When you click on the tab, the lid pops open and reveals the blush inside. The blush sits on a "tray" that can be lifted to reveal a hidden compartment that holds a brush and displays a handy mirror (underneath the tray holding the blush.)
The Product: My first reaction the blush? "Holyyyy crap!" I didn't realize that this blush contained mica (I really should've known since the number 1 ingredient in most mineral products is mica but I didn't bother to look.) Any "face product" that contains mica usually causes me to break out with these tiny "bumps."

For the sake of blogging, I went ahead and wore this blush for 4 days straight. Right after the 1st day, I noticed 1 small bump on my cheek. By the end of the 4th day, I had 3 bumps (total on both cheeks) that had become "medium sized."

Other than that, the blush is actually very nice. It's a bit difficult to blend due to it being a matte blush but I really love how smooth and pigmented it is. There is a slight "makeup" smell to it but it's barely noticeable (to me) and disappears once the blush is applied. On my (bare) skin, it lasts for about 3 hours.

The Color: Mai Tai (203) is a matte bright reddish coral.


Above (no flash): Milani Mai-Tai

Overall: People who are allergic to mica, stay clear of this. If mica/mineral products are not a problem for you, give this a try! It's such a pretty blush and the color is gorgeous for Summer (even though it's coming to an end.) I recommend waiting for one of CVS' BOGO sales so you can save. (I didn't lower the grade because of the fact that it broke me out. I don't feel it's fair because not everyone is allergic to mica.)

Where To Buy: Milani Cosmetics, Cherry Culture, CVS


  1. lol I love when you say "for the sake of blogging" hahaha I got sensitive skin too

  2. Yea I try.. =P I feel like I have to at least wear the product for a few days before I can give a full review. Gosh having sensitive skin sucks doesn't it?

  3. Great review, as always :D! You're so dedicated to try it out even though you're allergic to mica! I've been eyeing this blush for awhile, I think I might pick it up next time there's a sale going on :)

  4. Thanks. =) I hope you like it (once you buy it!)

  5. What a pretty color! :) Aww, that sucks that you are allergic to mica :/ There are plenty of awesome products that don't contain evil mica :)

  6. That sucks that ur allergic to mica! I greatly appreciate that you wore it anyway.

  7. when you get samples at Sephora do you just go up to the cashier and ask for them?

  8. @ Jen.. I knoww.. it would be horrible if all makeup contained mica! Thank goodness all my favorites don't have it.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. Aww thanks. =) I just hope that the review helps anyone who's interested in the product.

    @ Anonymous.. You can ask any of the Sephora employees -usually there will be one by the fragrances who mainly fills samples. Supposedly there's a limit of 3 but if you ask someone nice, they'll give you more! ;)

  9. I bought this blush during my last cherry culture haul and judging by swatches online I thought it would be coral, well it's a very red blush, I am not sure if I will give it away or sell it eventually on a blog sale, but I haven't worn it at all, the colour doesn't look like it would work for me. But Luminance is really nice and more pink.

  10. OH! that makes sense! DO they give samples 4 lip gloss? If thats even possible

  11. @ Justine.. Yea, I agree. It's definely a red coral.. and pretty bright too. I agree about Luminous. I don't actually own it but since it's supposedly like Orgasm, it would suit many people.

    @ Anonymous.. I've never asked. The thing is, some will give samples of some products while others won't (like pigments and glitters.)

    I'm guessing that they can scrape gloss off a brush but I'd be weary of the germs (since loads of people try on that gloss.. some even try it on directly and don't use a disposable brush!) But really, the best way to find out is to ask! But be sure to ask someone nice. =)

  12. Pretty color...I don't know if I am allergic to MICA...but the color is definately worth giving a try!!