Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Favorites: Makeup, Hair, Music, & What I've Been Reading

I actually didn't wear much makeup this month because I've just started school -I've been trying to sneak in every last minute of sleep that I can get. But there are a few products that I've been able to squeeze into my routine.
1. theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette- This is one of my favorite palettes. I haven't had time to do any looks with multiple colors but I've been using Mischievous Marissa and Just This Once Jamie for all over the lid. (click here for swatches)
2. CARGO Blush in Polynesia- I've been using nude, peach, or apricot blushes all summer and this has been a nice change. Polynesia is a warm rosy pink with golden shimmer -perfect for the indecisive weather we've been having. One week it's cold and foggy and then the next week it's sunny and nearly 100 degrees!

3. Pari Beauty Precious Glow- I've been using this since I got it! It adds a little extra shimmer to my eyeshadows and I also use it for my browbones and cheekbones from time to time.

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance- I've been reaching for this instead of my UDPP because my skin has been extra dry lately. I like UDPP in terms of how much brighter it makes my eyeshadows but TFSI does a good job with that too and is more gentle when my eyelids are dry.

5. MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush- I've been using this nonstop since I got it too (and it's in dire need of another washing.) I wanted this for contouring and I love it for exactly that. It sheds a little (as you can probably see in the first pic) but I haven't owned a brush that's never shedded.
6. Fresh Twlight Freshface Glow- I included this in another Monthly Favorites before but I love it! I can use it along my cheekbones, browbones, or entire face for a very subtle glow. I'm almost out so a full size will be needed soon.

Hair Favorites..
Usually, my hair is either down, in a ponytail, or in a bun. So I tried to put a twist on the usual ponytail/bun -literally! I know you've all seen this before but I took pictures anyways. All I did was part my hair in a deep side part, twist the front hair/bangs, and tie it back. I've been doing this about 3 times a week.. I'm super boring when it comes to hair.

 Agh! My forehead is so dry.

Music Favorites..
Just some songs that I've been putting on repeat -none of them are new or anything.
1. Glitter In The Air- Pink
2. Can't Let Go- Anthony Hamilton
3. I Care About You- Babyface Ft. K-Ci, JoJo, Kevon, Melvin

What I've been reading..
I have books that I have to read for class but in my spare time, I've been trying to finish the 4th Twilight book -Breaking Dawn. My auntie gave my dad a Kindle a few months back and he gave it to me! I've been loving it too -I take it with me pretty much everywhere.

Have a lovely Monday everyone! What were your September favorites?


  1. I feel like everytime i wear u/b primer my eyelids get really dry as a result from it and mac shadesticks have the same effect. Do you think the 2face could have the same result?

  2. Of all the (nude) primers I own (UDPP, TFSI, Benefit Cream, MAC Paint Pot), I like TFSI the best in terms of it NOT drying me out. When the areas around my eyes are already dry, UDPP and MAC Paint Pot will make it a lot worse and it'll be so dry. TFSI (for me) won't make it more dry than it already is.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I love The Balm products =) my fave is The Time Balm concealer ♥ Speaking of Twilight: Breaking Dawn - I just wrote back to your comment <3 I couldn't agree more!

  4. Your hair looks so cute like that! I really love the color too!

  5. @ Alexa P. I love their products too! I think lots of people are on the same boat (with Twilight).. but I love the story. =)

    @ Tiffany.. Thanks. =) I was actually going to dye it soon. =O

  6. Great sept faveourites. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous by the way. Love the color. :)

  7. This hairstyle looks so pretty on you I tried to make it once but it didnot suit my face.

  8. I recently became interested in Revlon's super lustrous lip gloss. I had a certain shade in mind, Coral Reef. When i went to my local drugstore they had the product but not the shade i was looking for. Do you know if those shades were limited edition?

  9. @ Ansa.. Thank you! =)

    @ Alvira.. Thanks. =) How do you usually wear your hair?

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I'm a bit confused.. were you referring to the TFSI? If so, I love it too!

    @ Anonymous.. They used to be Limited Edition (they were released with the Daydreamer Collection) but I'm pretty sure they're permanent now. I've seen them put into the display with the rest of the permanent collection at CVS.

  10. I make a small pouf as I think it suits me and then I make either a ponytail or hold them with a large jaw clip but I don't backcomb my hair for the pouf as it damages hair a lot I just twist the hair raise them just a little bit and hold them with a pin

  11. @ Justine.. Me too =) I love all their Shady Lady palettes and can't wait for a Vol. 3!

    @ Alvira.. I love those poufs on people but I can never get it right. I think it's a great style though.

  12. i must have read the whole series in 7 days tops, i was so hooked i couldn't stop're going to love it!

    Just This Once Jamie is sooo pretty! I would wear that EVERYDAY!

  13. Wow!! That's super quick. I <3 Twilight. =)

  14. I dont blame you on the MAC 168 brush...I love it