Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Know Everyone's Been Waiting: Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway winners are finally here! I made it a priority to get it done during the week -I was writing down all the entries/names in class, while on break (during school), in the car, and so on. Anyways, I'd really love to thank everyone who entered and everyone who follows/reads The Makeup Drawer as the blog would be nothing without you.
When I started out, I had absolutely no followers for months and I almost gave up! When I finally got my first follower, I was so, so happy and I still get super excited when I see that more people are reading/following. I know, it's a little "weird' to be so happy over something so small as a simple little beauty blog but blogging makes me really happy. Readers make me really happy. I've met so many lovely girls on blogger (whether it's my blog or theirs) and it's just really nice knowing that I'm not the only crazy makeup obsessed person out there! =)
I was going to take the simple route and use a random generator thing but instead, I ended up writing down every entry and scrunching them into tiny balls. I threw them all into a bucket, mixed them up, and pulled out 4 entries. Here are the winners:

The Grand Prize winner is..
As for the Runner-Up winners..

Congratulations everyone! I've been following Kristie for awhile now and love her blog (follow her!) I didn't know that the 3 lovely runner-ups had blogs but I've just started following them as well. Also, please remember to let me know if any of you out there have a blog so I can follow you back! Winners: I've already contacted you but please be sure to email me back with your full names and addresses so that I can send out the prizes. You have 1 week (Monday October 11th Midnight PST) to respond. Please contact me ASAP though as I'd like to ship everything out together.

For cocoabee, I think you forgot to leave your email address but I would've felt bad if I didn't at least give you a chance to claim your prize. Please contact me at with your full name and address so that I can ship you the prize. You have until October 11th Midnight PST to respond or I will have to give the prize to someone else (it's in the "rules" on the contest page.)

On another note, I will be having another giveaway soon. I want to give more people a chance to win -I wish I could've had more winners and if I were an heiress or some rich old lady, I'd give a prize to anyone who entered but sadly, I'm not. =( But anyways, be sure to keep a lookout for an upcoming giveaway.


  1. Ahh congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to the upcoming giveaways :P x

  2. =(((((( i didnt win!! LOL =))
    NEXT TIME i hope :))

    COngrats to the winners!!

    Rinz @

  3. wow I actually won. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Kali!!

  4. Lucky girls, this giveaway was so adorable! :)

  5. hehe congrats to all the ladies ! <3

    i get so excited too everytime i get a new follower ! ^_^

  6. wow omg i'm emailing you right now!

  7. aww what a cute way to choose winners to crumple up papers with names on them.... congrats to the winners! :)

  8. Congratulations to all the winners :)

  9. I am so very excited! I have responded to your email :)

    Congrats to the other winners as well x's