Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally.. My MAC Venomous Villains & CVS Hauls (Reviews & Swatches)

I finally saw my boyfriend yesterday and got my MAC Venomous Villains goodies!! =) I had originally wanted just Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and Innocence, Beware! Lipstick but added in Strange Potion Lipglass later on since everyone kept saying how amazing it was and it was being sold out everywhere. I honestly haven't really used any of these products yet so I can't give full reviews but I have swatches and I'll give some mini-reviews.

I was initially going to get Briar Rose Beauty Powder but backed out because it was way too cool and purple-ly for my skin tone. Oh So Fair seemed like it would show up on my face (Her Own Devices wouldn't even show up in a hand swatch) so it was really the only one I could get.

Oh So Fair is a pale petal pink with a slight sheen to it (not a bunch of shimmer and glitter.)

I did try this on my face and it gave me the slightest pink flush -I do think it'll show up more if I wear foundation or tinted moisturizer though (most blushes do.) Honestly, if this weren't "Disney", I wouldn't have wanted it but I told myself I needed at least one of the Beauty Powders. I have olive undertones and medium skin (that tans very easily in the sun) and this barely showed up on my so I wouldn't recommend this for someone who had very tan or deep skin.

I didn't want to get Innocence, Beware! Lipstick but when I swatched it a few weeks ago, I feel in love. I read that it was very drying so I tried to stay away but the color is so, so pretty.

Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen) is light pinky nude.

MAC glosses aren't my favorite but I'll buy them if there's a must-have shade. I'm not fond of their sticky texture and they tend to make my lips a little dry.
Strange Potion Lipglass is a shimmery "tame" coral with a pink edge.
I really liked that the lipsticks and lipglasses came in LE sleeves -but they slapped on the Macy's sticker on the front!


Above (no flash) from left: Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, Innocence, Beware! Lipstick, Strange Potion Lipglass
I also stopped by CVS yesterday to buy some flowers and stopped to pick up 2 Revlon polishes -one in Peach Petal and one in Cotton Candy. Peach Petal is one of my favorites so I wanted to include it for an upcoming giveaway and I haven't tried Cotton Candy but grabbed it so I could make the $15 for my purchase (I had a $5 off $15 coupon.)


  1. The Strange Potion Lipglass looks good.

  2. What does the peach petal look like on your nails? Is it a peach color?

  3. @ Dhalia.. Yup! Definitely a shade that could work well with anyone.

    @ Anonymous.. I included a swatch in this post:

    It's a creamy pastel peach with a hint of pink -just a really great neutral shade.

  4. Loved this haul! I got strange potion for my roommate. She was supposed to go with me to the VV event, but she got sick, so I got her a little present! Peach Petal looks gorgeous! I want!

  5. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. Oh that's so sweet of you for getting her Strange Potion! I love Peach Petal -it's one of my favorites.