Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Classy Nude & Ignition Review & Swatches (Plus CVS Price Raises & Prizes Have Been Sent)

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $9.49 (.06 oz)
Product: 22/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 5.5/10
Overall Grade: B

I've been eyeing Milani's HD Advanced Lip Color lipsticks for a while now but none of the shades never striked my interest. Recently, due to MAC's release of Toxic Tale (I so regret not getting it!!), I've been incredibly drawn to bright cherry reds and corals so I figured why not try one now? I quickly bought Ignition (it was the last one!) and Classy Nude since CVS is having a Buy One Get One Half Off on Milani this week.

The Packaging: The lipsticks are packaged in long, thin black tubes with the "M" (for Milani) embossed all over the tube. There is a gold ring above the "twister" part and another gold ring below the cap with "Milani" engraved in it. When you twist the lipstick up, it makes a clicking noise which scared me because I thought that it wouldn't twist down. I tested it though and the lipstick twisted down with no problems.

This is a "slim" lipstick and I never realized how much I prefer slimmer lipsticks until now. They're easier to apply than "regular" lipsticks.

The Product: I feel like I was a little harsh when scoring the "value grade" but this only contains .06 ounces of product -that's less than half a Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick and ColorBurst is 50 cents cheaper!

My first impression of the lipstick is that it felt very hydrating on my lips. My lips are going through a very dry phase right now and I've been avoiding lipsticks and sticking with glosses. This actually feels more like a cross between a lip balm and a gloss than a lipstick -it's feels moisturizing and doesn't dry out my lips. At first, it seems to "sit on top" of my lips but after about half an hour, it sinks in. When I remove it, my lips are pretty soft (but I wouldn't replace my lip balm with this.) Both shades are good in terms of color payoff but I'd describe them as semi-sheer and slightly buildable. Ignition will leave a slight stain after it's faded.

These have a sweet watermelon candy scent -they smell like a Lip Smacker but it doesn't bother me since I can't taste it and the scent fades quickly. As for lasting ability, Ignition wears for about 3 hours while Classy Nude wears for just over 2.

Ignition, Classy Nude
The Color:

1. Classy Nude (102)- Medium beige nude with minor shimmer

2. Ignition (113)- Bright cherry coral with a glossy sheen


Above (with flash) from left: Classy Nude, Ignition
Above (with flash): Classy Nude
Above (with flash): Ignition

Overall: I really, really like these and would recommend them especially to people with dry lips. These are a nice alternative to the basic gloss or matte lipstick as it's somewhere inbetween. If these lasted a little longer and were a better value, I'd give them an A- grade. I really don't think they're a great value compared to other drugstore lipsticks especially for the small amount you get (0.06 oz.)

Where To Buy: Cherry Culture, CVS (I checked and it's only $7.99 on there!! Maybe my CVS is just jacking up prices.. because $1.50 is a big price difference.)

On another note, have you noticed that CVS has raised the prices on most of their cosmetics?? I bought a Maybelline Gel Liner last week for $9.99 and this week it's around $10.79 (I can't remember the exact price.) Also, I wanted to get a Revlon Illuminator last week and it was around $13.99 but now it's like $15!! What's going on here?? Is it just the CVS stores in my area?

Also, I just wanted to let the lovely ladies who won my giveaway know that I've sent out the packages. Sorry it took so long! I sent them out Wednesday afternoon so you should be getting them soon.


  1. great review! being from the UK I've never been able to try any Milani products and although I've heard great reports I havent been brave enough to actually order any - I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and get the classic nude shade - it's just stunning and the online prices seem pretty good :)

  2. Aww.. That's too bad. But there are a TON of brands I'd love to buy from that are available in the UK! I really hope you like this when you get it.. Are you going to get any other items?

  3. i like that nude color!!! u know something ive never seen milani lipstick much at the CVS down the street. The display is mostly half empty LOL

  4. Really?? My CVS is ALWAYS out of the blushes. A few of the lipstick shades were sold out too. =P

  5. This brand is not available here but I really like the classy nude it's so beautiful.I read your last post I hope you are feelinhg better and fresh now some days are really hectic but soon they will be over when I was doing my thesis I used to wonder will I ever get some free time again? but now it's all done and I have plenty of free time so this is just s busy phase it will soon be over :)

  6. Thanks Alvira. =) I keep waiting for it to be over too. =\ I can't wait until Winter Break!!

  7. those are nice colors, haha a while ago I relized that shoppers raised their prices on some of the cosmetics too, whats with these companies!

  8. Kali, I just got the prize. It is ridiculously cute with all the goodies. Thank you!

  9. @ Pop Champagne.. I know!! What's with them?? In 5 years, we'll be paying department store prices for drugstore products.. =O

    They need to remember that their products are for girls who are on a budget!!

    @ Kristie.. That's great! Glad you enjoyed the prizes.

  10. Kali I got the package yesterday from you and I must give you a big thankyou! Everything was packaged so cute and the prize was awesome! I love and am using every single thing that was inside the pack. The lipstick is my favorite i'm a sucker for a pink shade!

    Thank you so very much :)

    ...She Speaks of Beauty

  11. You're welcome. =) I'm so happy you like it!! I love the shade of the lipstick too -baby pinks and nudes are my favorite.

  12. Your pictures seem to have been nicked by someone passing them off as their own on Luuux.