Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something I Hate: Old Navy Performance Fleece

Ever since I could remember, Old Navy's Performance Fleece items have always made me nauseous. I hate the way they look and feel -I can stand other fleece items but not "performance" fleece. It didn't help that I actually used to work at Old Navy. The entire time, I refused to touch the stuff and made everyone else do any of my jobs that involved the fleece. So every year when the cold season rolls along, I cringe because I know the fleece will stop popping up everywhere -in the store, in pop-up ads, in commercials.. UGH.

Old Navy Fleece sweaters. I could never understand why these were so popular. These babies flew off the shelves on a daily basis -especially around Holiday time but seriously, who actually wants one of these. To have my entire upper body covered in performance fleece would be a hazard to my health.
And if fleece sweaters aren't bad enough, Old Navy offers us poor customers fleece hats so that you can feel the grossness all over your head, face, and ears as well.

Or you have the option to literally choke yourself in performance fleece.

OR.. you could rock a "super stylish" fleece bag -perfect for carrying all of your fleece accessories.

And lastly, there are the fleece gloves which to me, is the worst fleece item that Old Navy offers. I would never in a million years wear these unless my life depended on it. The fleece makes my skin incredibly dry (no idea why) and these would make my hands feel like sand paper.

So who's for fleece and who's not?


  1. I have never bought any of old navy's fleece items. I personally like fleece but maybe i wouldn't like old navy's fleece. Who knows?

  2. Is it ok to put concealer on a cut? My friend asked me for some to conceal her cut. First of, i dont share make up second, isn't it bad for the cut?

  3. hahahahha!!!! Awesome!! :D I can just picture someone wearing the whole shebang!

  4. haha I used to work at Old Navy too. I like their clothes for their purpose you know, a cheaper less good quality Gap. I find most of the people that shop there are moms with kids who can't afford anything better. They frequently have one-day wonder sales and the stuff flies off the shelves.

    This weekend is a $7 performance fleece special, I know of these things because I manage a canadian daily deals site, I guess I won't be seeing you there? lol

  5. "OR.. you could rock a "super stylish" fleece bag -perfect for carrying all of your fleece accessories."

    you had me laughing out loud! I feel the same way - while I love cozy fleece blankets, that's as far as I'm willing to go! ♥

  6. @ Anonymous.. I actually have a few sweaters (from Old Navy) that have fleece lining but it's not the same as their performance fleece. The perfomance fleece is very light weight, soft, sort of "sticky" in a sense, and makes my skin really dry! You could give it a try -some people like the performance fleece.

    @ Anonymous.. I know that people wear concealer over popped pimples (that bleed) which is sort of like a cut but I personally wouldn't.

    With cuts, you want to let the wound breathe.. I can't tell you that yes it's "very" bad because I don't think any major harm would be done BUT it won't let the cut heal any faster.

    Plus, if she's applying it with her fingers, it's very likely that she could get bacteria into the cut.

  7. @ KittenMittens.. LOLL!! Rocking that much fleece at once should be illegal. =P

    @ Justine.. I agree! Banana, GAP, and ON basically sell "versions" of the same thing although there are often major differences in quality and fit. I agree, familes tend to stock up on this stuff like there's no tomorrow.

    I actually saw an ad for a fleece sale and that's why I posted this!! It made me cringe. Don't worry I'll be there Holiday time hauling non-fleece items! I love ON for a good deal.

    @ Alexa P.. LOL! And I'm the same! I actually like fleece blankets. I have one on my bed RIGHT now but I can't stand the performance fleece that they use for all the items above. It feels different and icky.

  8. I love Old Navy performance fleece, they're the only thing that keeps me warm during the fall and winter! Why do you hate it? I love the snuggliness XD

  9. @Kali - about 25% of my closet is Old Navy stuff, I used to buy a lot when I worked there. Just so cheaply made (some of the stuff) but some of the items are nice and I wear them all the time.

  10. @ Melody.. LOL!! That's a bonus for you since they always have big performance fleece sales. =P I just don't like how it feels and the texture of it makes my skin really dry.

    @ Justine.. Me too!! I used to buy their stuff all the time. I can say that about 95% of the time, I'm wearing at least one article of clothing from Old Navy, GAP, or Banana on a daily basis. I especially like the tanks, hoodies, and some of the dresses.

  11. My favorite is ON jeans. I don't know why they fit me better and are more comfortable than most other brands of jeans. The same with one of my sons he prefers either ON or Hilfiger, this one isn't my cool son. The cool son wouldn't be caught dead in ON.

    I also like the performance fleece. It's not one of those must have items, but yeah, I'll wear it. I'll even wear the gloves and then shake hands with you, Kali, and not let go. lmao