Monday, October 18, 2010

My Dinner: Ribs!

I just wanted to share my dinner with you all real quick because it's DELICIOUS. My auntie made us some ribs and green beans (sauteed in garlic I think.) I'm a total meat lover/carnivore so this was a real treat compared to the oatmeal I had for lunch. She's a great cook/baker -she used to bake pastries and desserts for bakeries but retired a few years back. Anyways, enjoy your dinner everyone!


  1. This looks so good right now! yum yum!

  2. aw its making me hungry and i just had dinner haha!

    & yep cute pens + stationary make studying fun (: when i get new ones i actually like doing homework for a bit while i'm trying them out and admiring their cuteness, lol ;D

  3. @ Nicole.. LOL! Hope you have/had a lovely dinner Nicole. =)

    @ cocoabee.. So funny.. I get hungry right after dinner too!

    And LOL.. I love that we're both pen whores. I love love love cute/colorful pens. And I still have soooo much stationary from when I was a kid. I used to spend all my birthday money at Sanrio.

  4. Oh How I wish I could nibble on your ribs. lol

    I stopped eatting red meat 2 years ago...


  5. Aww.. that's really great for you that you stuck with it though. =)