Sunday, October 3, 2010

CVS Haul: 6 Beauty Items & 2 Snacks for $1.63! (Plus Print Out This Coupon!!)

So I took a quick break from studying/homework today (I know, totally lame but my weekends look like all studying and no play until December!) and scooped up some snacks and makeup for just $1.63 (tax included!) I technically didn't even have to spend the $1.63 either because I forgot that I had store credit.. so could've gotten everything for free! I also forgot to get my free beauty charm (with a $15 purchase) so boo. =( Anyways, here's what I got:

1. Ardell Halloween Lash Kit
2. Fantasy Makers by Wet 'n' Wild Halloween Kit
3. L'Oreal Preference Hair Dye
4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector
5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector
6. Revlon Polish in Lilac Pastelle
7. Sobe Pina Colada
8. Hot Cheetos

Scroll down to see a breakdown with the coupons/sales..

Ardell Lash Kit with Glue & Applicator
Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers Kit with Lashes, Polish, Eyeshadow Duo, & Lipstick
Lashes from Wet 'n' Wild Kit
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector Concealers
Revlon Lilac Pastelle Polish & L'Oreal Hair Dye
Hot Cheetos & Sobe

Breakdown: I made the purchase in 2 transactions.
Transaction 1:
Items Purchased:
1. Revlon Lilac Pastelle Polish- $3.99 SALE (Orig. $4.99)
2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer- $5.39 RAIN CHECK (Orig. $8.99)
3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer- $5.39 RAIN CHECK (Orig. $8.99)
4. Ardell Halloween Lash Kit- $4.49 SALE (Orig. $5.99)
5. L'Oreal Hair Dye- $6.88 RAIN CHECK (Orig. $9.99)
Coupons Used:
1. $1 off Revlon Manufacturer Coupon
2. $3 off L'Oreal Hair Dye Manufactuerer Coupon
3. $3 off Maybelline Age Rewind Manufacturer Coupon (x2)
4. $5 off Halloween Items CVS Coupon (from price scanner)
5. $5 off $25 Purchase Coupon (Print here, expires tomorrow!!)
6. $6 Extra Bucks
(Click here for a $4 off $20 CVS Coupon, expires tomorrow too.)
Total Without Sales/Coupons (before tax): $38.95
Total With Sales No Coupons (before tax): $26.14
MY TOTAL With Sales & Coupons (before tax): $0.14 (after tax: $1.63) + I got $3 Extra Bucks for the Revlon Polish.
Transaction 2:
Items Purchased:
1. Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers Kit- $3.74 SALE (Orig. $4.99)
2. Sobe Pina Colada- $1.59
3. Hot Cheetos- $0.99
Coupons Used:
1. $5 off Halloween Items CVS Coupon (from price scanner)
2. $1.50 Extra Bucks
Total Without Sales/Coupons (before tax): $7.57
Total With Sales No Coupons (before tax): $6.32
MY TOTAL With Sales & Coupons (before tax): $0 (after tax: $0)

 Here are examples of the manufacturer coupons I used. My L'Oreal coupon was actually $3 off though. Also, I didn't realize that the Maybelline coupons were for only the Age Rewind foundation -I thought it was for all Age Rewind Products. Luckily, I got to use it anyways!

I was disappointed that I didn't get the $7 off $15 Revlon coupon that everybody's getting from the CVS Slot Machine/Price Scanner but I'm going back tomorrow to see if it'll print! I need that coupon!
Anyways, if you're into Revlon polishes, be sure to head to CVS because this week, they're on sale for $3.99 plus you get $3 Extra Bucks for each (that's 99 cents a bottle!) -there's a limit of 6 per CVS membership. Also, if you happen to get the $7 off $15 printout, you'll get an amazing deal.. and you can combine that with the $4 off $20 or $5 off $25 printout coupon I linked above for an ever better deal!!

P.S. Thanks again PAG (from Extra Petite) for giving me a heads up on the Revlon deal this week!! =)


  1. great deals! I love that maybelline concealer!

  2. ahh i love cheetos :)


  3. Nice haul, so are you going to dye your hair?I am going for a small trip to another city next week and I plan to do a major makeup haul I need a concealer so is this one good.I have some undereye circles so should I get a concealer one shade lighter than my foundation or same as foundation shade?

  4. @ Justine.. Oh good! I picked it up on a whim..

    @ Eva.. Me too. =)

    @ alvira.. My hair's light brown/almost blonde right now and I HATE it so I'm hoping I have time to dye it sometime this week. I was going to go for dark brown/black (my natural color) but I saw this and thought it was pretty!

    Hmm.. I'm not the best to ask about concealer since I don't use it often. For me personally thought, I tend to use a concealer that is slightly lighter than my foundation. Since the undereye circles are so dark, you want something that will lighten them up least that's what I think. Lighter works for me though.

    Anyways, I hope you have a fun trip. Let me know what you get! =)

    (long comment again.. sorry!)

  5. I love when they let you use coupons that aren't "technically" for that product. It really emphasizes the fact that it's worth trying! I did that at Target today- they're also really good with accepting coupons I've found.

  6. Amazing deal!! You are the ultimate bargain shopper haha xx

  7. @ Steph.. Yea trying can't hurt. =P Usually they'll accept coupons like $5 off a Revlon product" even when the products on sale for say.. $4.50 but the original price is $5 or more.

    @ Ariel.. LOL! I love a good bargain. =)

  8. okkkkkk how did u get all those coupons?? i have to pay full price for everything =( and what color is the hair dye? i am changing mine for an upcoming wedding event. The one u got is sooo prettyyy!

  9. They have coupons on around any drugstore you go to -usually on the newer "collection displays. I also get them from the Sunday paper and magazines. For more info on coupons and drugstore shopping, go here:

    The hair dye is L'Oreal Superior Preference in 4SM (Warmer) from the "Decadent Chocolate Collection." The box says it's a "dark soft mahogany brown." I hope it turns out ok! I totally bought this randomly.

  10. P.S. I also get coupons from the price scanner (at CVS) and online! Just scan your CVS card and lots of coupons print out. (Just check out that link for WAY more info.)

  11. wow, great haul. I have never been to a CVS. I'm from Toronto Canada. Sounds like fun and cheap place. The cheapest place i can get my make-up is Walmart supercentre. However, it would be nice to have something similar to a "CVS." LOL

  12. LOL CVS is just like any other drugstore. Walmart prices are actually way cheaper but because they have deals every week and take so many coupons, it comes out so cheap!

    For instance, Walmart will have a lipstick for $6 and CVS will sell it for $7 but CVS will have a deal like "Buy One Get One Half Off" ..that's why I always buy makeup from drugstores and not Target/Walmart.