Sunday, October 3, 2010

Häagen-Dazs Five: Have You Tried It?

I just wanted to do a quick post to rave about Häagen-Dazs' yummy "Five" ice cream. I believe it's relatively new (not brand new) and this is the first time I've tried it. Basically, the whole Five line consists of ice creams made from just 5 ingredients making it more natural.

These have been sitting in the freezer for the last week and it really didn't interest me until I ate a spoonful of my sister's Mint.OMG.. this stuff is delicious. I can wholeheartedly say that this is better than most of the ice cream flavors I get when I go to an ice cream parlor (Baskin-Robbins, etc.) I like it a lot more than the "regular" Häagen-Dazs flavors too -it tastes richer and smoother.

UPDATE: I just found out that my mom bought the 3-pack (I believe they're full size) at Costco for $6.99!! That's a really good deal considering containers of Häagen-Dazs usually go for around $4 each.

They "look" different from the regular ice cream I'd get at the store -the Strawberry isn't as bright pink at Dreyer's Strawberry for instance.. they just look more natural. The Mint isn't green -it's white!
Ok, I'm not good at describing flavors but I'll just say this: I generally don't like strawberry ice cream.. I love strawberries but not strawberry ice cream but I love this. It's just a natural strawberry taste.

Strawberry Ice Cream Ingredients
Strawberry Ice Cream Nutrition Facts
Coffee is delicious too but it's not as "sweet" tasting as the coffee flavors I'd buy from other brands or at the ice cream parlor. It tastes more like "real" coffee.

Coffee Ice Cream Ingredients
Coffee Ice Cream Nutrition Facts
Mint is so, so delicious. I usually love mint ice cream but hate the chocolate chips in it (I do like chocolate but not mixed with my mint ice cream.) This is one of the best mint ice creams I've ever tried -almost as good as the gelato I had in Italy!

Mint Ice Cream Ingredients
Mint Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

If you're an ice cream lover then you need to try this. This stuff is just so delicious and to me, it totally beats going out and buying 1 scoop of ice cream at the parlor for like $4-5.

Where To Buy: Safeway, any grocery store?


  1. ooh - i love this stuff too! I've tried two flavors: passion fruit and brown sugar! So tasty and makes you feel like you're not consuming a bunch of weird food dyes and chemicals! =)

  2. Yum! Passion Fruit and Brown Sugar sound delicious -I wanna try them. =P

  3. Oh, you're tempting me to run out to Costco and grab all 3! I love ice cream, especially coffee.

  4. Ergggggg. I LOVE ice cream but im lactose intolerant which sucks alot. =(

  5. @ Kristie.. GO! You can get 1 of each flavor for just $6.99 all together! =)

    @ Anonymous.. My little bro and bf are lactose too.. but my bf can handle ice cream. Maybe you can eat just a little?? Even if it's just a few spoonfuls? I hope you can at least have it every now and then. =)

  6. Mmmm sounds delicious! And FIVE ingredients?! Wow! The mint one sounds so good! I think I'll have to keep an eye out for these next time I'm grocery shopping :)

  7. Erynn you've GOT to try it. It's so good. =) It's just really light and minty.

  8. Gahhh!!! Made me crave!!! The way u described them was like -- mouthwatering!

  9. Aww.. well I hope you get some ice cream STAT!

  10. Being that im a coffee lover, the coffee one caught my eye! The photos make them look super good but ive never had ice cream...

    The photos where nice to see even though :) hehe

  11. I love the coffee one! Girl, you've never had ice cream??! I hope you can try it soon. =)