Saturday, December 11, 2010

AMAZING Sephora Deal: $10 NARS Lip Stain/Gloss Duos (Original Price $28) (Swatches!!)

Last night, I stopped by Sephora to do some Christmas shopping (which really didn't even get done) and spotted some NARS Gloss/Stain Duos for only $10 a piece at the checkout area. Yea, that's right, ten dollars. The SA told me they're being discontinued (which is sad if you like their duo glosses) but it's a freaking amazing deal -I bought all 5 shades available and 2 extras of Turkish Delight/Sayonara.

The shades available (at the Sephora I went to) were:
  1. Turkish Delight/Sayonara
  2. Stolen Kisses/Pampa
  3. Orgasm/Hustler
  4. Metis/Victoire
  5. Sandpiper/Daredevil
  6. Moon Fleet/Indian Red
The bad thing was there was only a tester for Moon Fleet/Indian Red and none for the other shades. I didn't want to regret anything so I bought them all not knowing what most of the shades looked like (since there were no single glosses for many of the shades.) I will probably be returning a few of the glosses since Lord knows I don't need 6 (or 12) more lip glosses and stains but we'll see.

For full reviews on NARS glosses, click herehere, here, or here. I'm not sure how well NARS lip stains work yet (I will try them out in the next week or so.)

Color Descriptions (I swatched all of these at night under indoor lighting so I tried to describe the colors as best as my eyes could see them -it was a little dark):
  1. Turkish Delight- Very sheer, milky, almost neutral pink with no shimmer
  2. Sayonara (lip stain)- Matte rose pink red
  3. Stolen Kisses- Sheer, brownish beige pink with some silver shimmer
  4. Pampa (lip stain)- Deep caramel with fine bronze shimmer (Don't like this at all -makes my lips look dirty!!)
  5. Orgasm- Coral, peachy pink with golden shimmer
  6. Hustler- Neutral brown (think chocolate milk) with a mauve edge
  7. Metis- Slightly dark neutral mauve with shimmer
  8. Victoire (lip stain)- Matte, very dark, plummy ruddy brown
  9. Sandpiper- Shimmery light bronzed amber with some pink
  10. Daredevil (lip stain)- Very deep, vampy brown red (Kind of gross description but it looks like dried blood)
  11. Moon Fleet-Sheer, very shimmery gold
  12. Indian Red (lip stain)- Very deep warm red

Above (with flash) from left: Turkish Delight, Sayonara, Stolen Kisses, Pampa, Orgasm, Hustler, Metis, Victoire, Sandpiper, Daredevil, Moon Fleet, Indian Red
 Above (with flash) from left: Turkish Delight, Sayonara, Stolen Kisses, Pampa, Orgasm, Hustler, Metis, Victoire

Above (with flash) from left: Hustler, Metis, Victoire, Sandpiper, Daredevil, Moon Fleet, Indian Red

To buy these NARS lip gloss/stain duos, click here. Orgasm/Hustler is on this page but it's sold out. I have no idea why this isn't listed on Sephora's "sale" section but I guess that's a good thing -more for us!!

I also picked up this Jack Black Lip Balm duo set for $10 (which is a savings of $4) -they only had one left which was a HUGE bummer as I use these on a regular basis.

Anyways, that's it for now. Have a lovely Saturday everyone. <3


  1. wow that's a great deal! I've always wanted to get turkish delight.

  2. I really like Daredevil and Indian Red. I'm now getting into reds because it's holiday time! LOL. Wow $10? that's a really good deal. Unfortunately, i can't order online because i need to spend $120 in order to get free shipping. Plus, i bought so much items from a previous MAC/Estee Lauder warehouse sale that we had last weekend and i now have too much stuff, and not enough eyelids and lips to wear everything LOL. I do hope buy more NARS stuff (although it's a bit expensive for me) but this is an AWESOME deal.

    Did you end up watching the GSW game last night? i just saw the highlights on the GSW website and youtube LOL. There were some amazing plays but yeah, Miami of course had to win this. I can't believe they are now on a 7 game winning streak. That's pretty good. I guess those three big guys finally figured out how to play well together LOL.

  3. THAT IS SOO CRAZY!! i love nars stuff. everything!!

  4. I love these! So NOT fair that they dont have a sephora where I live. :(

  5. I love this!

  6. what a great deal !! thanks. ^_^ will have to check out my counter!

  7. I love Nars. It's one of my weaknesses ... ;)

  8. @ Justine.. Me too! That's why I bought a few of them.

    @ Pamela.. I liked it but wasn't crazy about it -maybe because I'm scared of wearing red. =\ That stinks that you have to spend $120 for free shipping!! I rarely buy online if I don't get free shipping.

    What did you get at the warehouse sale?? I wish we had those here.

    And I did watch the game -they were close for a while but near the end of the 3rd quarter, they started struggling. It was a given Miami was gonna win but I REALLY wanted to go -I've been wanting to see Wade and Lebron play live for a really long time. Next time though!

    @ Miss Jayce.. Me too. =) NARS is one of my favorite brands!

    @ Leah :D.. Aww.. I don't know what I'd do without Sephora! But I bet you have a few brands we don't have here. ;)

  9. @ Dhalia.. I know! $10 for NARS is pretty insane!

    @ JLUVBIRDEE.. Me too. =)

    @ siwing.. I hope you find some shades you like!

    @ Rinz.. I've seen these on sale at 2 Sephora stores so far and I'm sure they're at most (if not every) Sephora stores since they're being discontinued. If you can't find it, check online:

    They still have 4 of the 6 shades I bought in stock.

  10. @ Tormentilla28.. Me too! I love love love NARS!

  11. @ Madiha.. It is.. but I wasn't able to wear it. WAY too dark on me! =O

  12. i ran to Sephora today and I got them!!!! 2 only lol coz they are out of others. darn it! :)
    but thanks for your post. :) my bf dragged me there at 11 am afraid i would pout later when they are out of everything LOLL

  13. That's great!! Which ones did you get?! That's so sweet of your bf -so thoughtful. =)

  14. (@ Rinz) P.S. Order online if you want the other shades. Shipping's free with a $50 purchase plus you get free samples and GWP. Check out the GWPs that are going on and enter the code -they should ALWAYS have at least one promo going on.

  15. I don't have anything from NARS but now you make me want some!!! I like how you showed all the shades on the skin so we can see how it looks:)

  16. Go to your Sephora before they run out! =) And I always try to do swatches to show everyone what the shades look like -they're almost always different compared to how they look in the tube!

  17. that's a fab deal! same as the h&m haul you had in the previous post. lucky lucky you :)

  18. LOL.. I hope the luck keeps on coming! I wanna go back to H&M and get more hair stuff. =O

  19. Wow, what a steal! Is this deal still taking place right now? I have to seriously jet to my nearest Sephora to grab me one! I looooove NARS products. The best are their blushes! :)

  20. Yupp.. It's also available online just in case your store sold out/isn't carrying them.

  21. I got the orgasm hustler and "?" with Indian Red. I should have ordered online LOL but i dont like waiting for stuff coming to my front door ha ha ha :)

  22. That's great!! Good thing they still had some left. =)