Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Something I Love: Cable Knit Leggings (and quick OOTD)

I've been looking for a nice, not-too-expensive pair of cable knit leggings for the longest time. I finally found just what I needed at Target about a week ago. =)

(The leggings are actually black but I took this with flash so they look washed out.)
The leggings are warm, comfy, and actually FIT me (they're a tiny bit long but not crazy long like other leggings -it's hard to find leggings/pants when you're only 5'/5'1!) The only bad (but good) part is that they're super high-waisted -they're practically a pair of mom jeans leggings. They even go past my belly button. However, this can be a great thing when you're on your period (I get horrible cramps) or when you're feasting on Thanksgiving or Christmas meals.

I basically just wanted to tell you how great they are and to say that I highly recommend them. I DO think they're expensive at $14.99 each in terms of Target prices (I feel that Target really overprices their clothes sometimes) but they are cheaper than other cable knit leggings I've seen. However, I could probably find a pair at Forever 21 for cheaper. BUT this was Ok because I bought 2 pairs (black and gray) and some Christmas presents so I was able to use 2 coupons (yes Target does coupons now!) I had one coupon for $5 off any Mossimo purchase of $25 or more (from a magazine) and another for $5 off a $50 purchase (this printed out at the end of my receipt from a previous Target purchase.)

Anyways, pick up a pair! They're selling out fast at both my local Target stores. I wish they came in more colors..

P.S. To avoid "fuzz", I wash these in a mesh bag and dry them on delicate (in the mesh bag) or hang dry.

P.S.S. I've been loving Target for clothes lately. Check their sale/clearance section -they have a bunch of pretty dresses for so cheap! I didn't pick up any the last few times I went to Target though because I don't feel like I need anymore dresses. BUT, if you're looking for dresses, check out the clearance rack. Also, WAIT for things to go on sale. Target seems to put their clothes on clearance after about 3 weeks from when it first hits the floors. BUT, if you know the item will sell out (like these leggings), scoop them up right away.


I look kind of frumpy -but that's OK.. I just have school today. =P I told ya'll I'm a simple girl -every day is a t-shirt and cardigan day for me!
(The mirror was dirty.. sorry!)
The actual color of the leggings.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! One more final to go..


  1. Adorable!! I love the leggings, and the boots are super cute as well! And dirty mirror? I highly doubt it! My computer screen is so terrible that I'm pretty sure I can't see a speck on the mirror! I know I have to move the pictures on my computer because the dirt smudge makes me look like I have a moustache most of the time! Tuesday was fab! I hope yours was as well!

  2. i love your boots, so cute <3

    xo Christine

  3. I LOOOOVE knit leggings lately too! I picked up a grey pair for myself a week or two ago <3

    Good luck on your last final!


  4. @ liquoredonlacquer.. Thanks. =)

    @ CUSTOM BLENDS BY CORRINE.. LOL! Well there's some whiteish spots on the leggings in the pics but that's just the mirror. =P Glad to hear your Tuesday was fabulous!!

    @ Christine.. Thanks! I've been wearing them nonstop. =P

    @ Amy.. Ooh where did you get yours?! And thanks! =)

  5. oh, those are great, I love them too, but usually on other girls. unfortunately i'm a bit thicker in my thighs area and anything other than matte leggings/stockings look just to bulky on me esp. with shorter skirts or sweater dresses. If I have a print it really needs to be a really small one or black on black otherwise it doesn't look to good.
    I blame playing handball for my thighs and I so hate them now...even though they are just muscle

  6. Honestly, I think thicker thighs are AWESOME. I personally prefer girls (myself included) to have a butt, hips, and thighs -I just lost a lot of weight during this last quarter (it was stressful!!.. agh.) I'd recommend giving them a try! ;) I'm sure knit leggings would look nice on you (plus they're warm.)

    Don't hate your thighs girl!! Embrace them. =)

  7. I really want to get a pair of these leggings/tights too!!

  8. Cute outfit, very simple but chic :)

  9. You missed nudey Tuesday!

  10. @ Lisa.. Get them soon! They're selling out at all my local Targets! =O

    @ Rinny.. Thanks. =) I'm pretty simple when it comes to clothes.. on myself.

    @ Anonymous.. I know and I'm very sorry. I wrote in a post last week that I'd be missing Nudey Tuesday and wouldn't be able to post much (because of finals) but this week, I'll be getting regular reviews up again soon. And I'll be getting back to Nudey Tuesday next Tuesday. =)

  11. i love the boots!! i cant wait to wear mine =)

  12. Thanks. What do yours look like?? Can't wait to see them!

  13. Advent Calendars are so much fun. I love surprise gifts :)

    I got the mac products on december 2,3,4 and 5 :)

    xo Christine


  14. oh, I wore my black leggings today, maybe i'll do a photo when I get home, sort of a beginners OOTD.

  15. awww love the leggings on you. very chic! yeah f21 always have cheap stuff but sometimes it's not as good quality? speaking of quality, H&M isn't very good quality either I managed to rip a hole in my tank top just pulling it down to cover my muffin top yesterday at work. I was surprised at the lack of quality! then again i was also pissed at something, so perhaps it was just a Hulk moment...

  16. They are so cute ! Too bad it's Summer in Australia :(

  17. I just got my first knit leggings about a month ago - I'm not usually brave enough to wear a skirt/dress in the winter, though! I got mine at Bob's Stores (I don't know if that's a national chain or not) where they were on sale 2 for $20, and I had a $10 off coupon so I got them for $5 a piece! I got black and cream colored, but I'm thinking of exchanging the cream for a gray, since they're a little on the revealing side.

  18. @ Christine.. I LOVE surprise gifts too. They're 100x better than "planned" gifts. =P

    @ Schumitza.. You totally should! I love seeing peoples' OOTDs. =) They're so fun.

    @ Pop Champagne.. I totally agree with you 110%. F21 and H&M are a hit and miss -sometimes the quality will be good and other times, the clothes will fall apart after a few wears/washes. That's why I always inspect the fabric, seaming, etc. before I buy!! And LOL at your Hulk moment -it was probably a combination of the not-so-great quality and your incredible, inhuman strength. ;)

    @ StellaPreston.. I would LOVE for it to be Summer here! Let's trade. =)

    @ Krystine N.. Wow, that's a really great deal! I personally would be afraid to get cream leggings dirty (like when I'm sitting outside) so I'd go for the gray. I love gray and black. =)

  19. I love your boots!