Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 Favorites: Lots of Lip Balm

During the last month, I barely wore makeup because I've been so busy with school. Because I've had such a heavy load, I haven't had the "energy" to do my makeup or try out new looks -the most I've done has been eyebrows, liquid liner, mascara, and lip gloss (EXCEPT for twice during my trip.) Anyways, this post may be rather dull since my "favorites" have mainly been various lip balms but it'll be great for any lip balm lover. =)

1. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in "Black"- I started using this in brown back in May but swtiched it out for my Eyeko Graffiti Liners. This is more "inky" than the Eyeko Graffiti liner which allows me to apply this much quicker -even though I'm less likely to mess up with the Eyeko liner. Because I was using the Brown so much, I went out and bought it in black to change it up a bit. I'd describe the color as a true, medium black (see swatch below.) Click here to buy.

Above (no flash): Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in "Black"
2. Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base- I've been using the Shiseido Makeup Mascara Base for quite some time now but for whatever reason, they discontinued the super popular (and amazing) lash primer with the new and supposedly improved Nourishing Mascara Base. To be honest, this isn't as good as my beloved Makeup Mascara Base -but it does the job. I went on for months just using mascara and when I started using this (with my mascara), I noticed a big difference. My lashes looked thicker, longer, and actually looked like they were there. Click here to buy.

3. Carmex Lip Balm in Cherry- I hate Carmex in the pot -it just doesn't work for me. But I decided to give it another try after remembering that Val (Val, where you been??!) and some others had recommended this to me months ago. And let me tell you, it works! I don't know if there's a difference in formula (between the tube and pot) but this actually helps to heal my chapped lips. It cure extremely chapped, bleeding lips but it does cure very chapped, dry lips. I've been using this nonstop for over 2 weeks (especially before bed) and my lips are so soft! Also, the SPF 15 doesn't hurt. (Also, I SO meant to buy Strawberry but didn't even realize I bought Cherry until I got home -I'm not loving the taste/smell.) Click here to buy.

4. EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew- I finally caved in and bought this after my friend raved about how well it worked as a lipstick base. I've seen plenty of reviews on this (especially on YouTube) so I was weary of buying it since so many people were "sent" this product to review. I don't know about you but I AM weary of people reviewing items that they're sent for free -they didn't have to shell out the money to try them! I don't find anything wrong with reviewing items that have been sent for consideration but sometimes, you just don't know who to trust.

However, I am glad that I bought this (now I know they were telling the truth!) I don't recommend this for treating very chapped lips but it's good for lips that are in good or average condition. This DOES NOT heal my chapped lips -it's only good when my lips are already smooth. However, I do think it's a great lipstick base (like my friend said.) When I apply this before lipstick, my lipstick goes on so much smoother and lasts longer. Click here to buy.

5. Pangea Organics Lip Balm in Italian Red Mandarin with Rose- I already reviewed this when I bought Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom but during November, I started using this flavor. It smells just like Mandarin oranges -it's heavenly. As for the quality, it's still there -Pangea Organics' lip balms are among my favorites and they do a great job keeping my lips from getting chapped and nasty. Click here to buy.

6. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Lemon & Chamomile- I've been using this on and off for my lips (as usual) but this isn't why it made it to my "November favorites." While I was on vacation, my feet got so incredibly dry to the point of cracking (I know, TMI and really gross!) When this happens, I usually apply a heavy layer of my L'Occitane foot cream or Vaseline and then put on some heavy socks but I didn't have those with me. SO, I had to improvise and I decided to use this instead! When I woke up (after the 1st night of applying this without socks), the bigger "cracks" had healed and no longer hurt. I don't know what magical ingredients are lurking in this stuff but now I know it works great for my lips and feet. Click here to buy.

That's it for my November Favorites -I hope it wasn't too boring (not much other than lip balm!) What were your November favorites? And your not-so-favorites?


  1. Woo EOS is a ton of fun. I'm on a mission to collect them all :) My Nov favorite is Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush. Not so favorite is Diorshow mascara - it flakes so badly.

  2. I don't know if this ever happens to you, but I've been looking and looking and looking for reviews on lip balm. Last week, I gave in and picked up some Burt's Bees. And now you give me so many awesome products!

    Great reviews; I like that you don't only talk about the taste/smell but also how much it can heal chapped lips. =)

  3. hehe great reviews !! ^_^

    i love carmex and EOS !! i have never tried any of the other products on your list, but might have to.. i think i've seen some milani products around here.. thanks!

  4. Yay for lipbalms!! :D I am loving lip balms right now, I have never been into it until now. :D Awesome reviews, and I wish Milani was here!


  5. I would love to try out the carmex lipbalm! I wish we had it here :(

    Charlene xxxxx

  6. The Carmex lipbalm looks yummy, I should definitely try it! It's strange that the pot version doesn't work for you but the tube does LOL.

  7. @ Kristie.. Nice! I recommend buying the sets of 3 from Walgreens (they call contain different flavors.) You'll have 6 covered on the spot. =)

    And I really dislike Diorshow. To me, it's so not worth the money!!

    @ aki!.. It happens to me all the time. Usually I'll wait for a review but I can't wait any longer because I'm so tempted so I just buy it myself (to review!) =P

    Thanks. I'm glad they helped! Also, I put links (for most the products) to the more indepth reviews (I've reviewed Jack Black and Pangea Organics before.)

    @ siwing.. I'm glad you like them too! =P If you try any of the other products, I hope you like them.

    @ a!k0.. Thank you. =) And I hope Milani comes to you soon!!

    @ Charlene.. Aww.. not Carmex?? Do you have any of the other brands there? I hope you find a good lip balm!

    @ Gaby.. I know! I'll have to compare the ingredients soon. But I've noticed that the pot version is thicker and waxier while the tube version is more liquidy. =P

  8. Gah i would love to try EOS i haven't had the chance too XD
    For the winter months Lipcare is essential for me since they always seem so sensitive to the cold :( i practically live off SKII Lip Repair!
    Im running out, it's sooo depressing :(
    They're damn expensive too! looks like ill have to restock when i go back to Hong Kong next month, since there are no SKII Stores near me :(
    Sucks to be me!
    Much Love

  9. alright girlie, i need to try that Milani. Ive been using Loreal forever!! i need to do November Fav post too =) By the way, where can i get eyeko stuff?

  10. ha, i've just reviewed a Himalaya Lip balm that i currently adore. It's great, I hope you can get it in the US, you should try it. As for other favourites, I floved this month a really nourishing hand cream. It really works for the feet too (had to improvise also) I'm deff gonna start the blog in english to so I can share these things with you

  11. ohh, EOS again* really wanna try it =(

  12. @ CutieCocoChanel.. I hate having to stock up on expensive products. =( It's so depressing how much goes to beauty products sometimes. BUT I guess it's worth it!! Plus, every year (maybe once or twice) I stock up on a bunch of Jack Black Lip Balm -enough for the entire year. That way, I don't have to keep buying it over and over again which makes me feel like I'm not spending (if that makes sense!) =P So I guess, it can be better to buy it all at once then buying it over and over again.

    @ Rinz.. I used to use L'Oreal too! But be aware that the Milani isn't waterproof if you have problems with watery eyes (I get them in the mornings.) The Eyeko Graffiti liners are great though for water eyes and/or minor crying. =P

    I got my Eyeko stuff at but shipping's a pain in the butt. They DO have more Eyeko stuff at now though so check there first. =)

    @ Schumitza.. Ooh I've never heard of Himalaya but I'd like to give it a try! And that would be really cool if you blogged in English too -I'm following one of your blogs but have been looking at the pictures only! ;)

    @ Pixie D.. I hope you get a chance to try EOS soon!! =)

  13. I've been wanting to try the Jack Black lip balms for such a long time now! Also, I agree that the EOS lip balm is not great for healing dry lips but does make a good lipstick base. It has such a cute look, though, that I'm willing to use it despite its subpar moisturization properties :)

  14. @ Tiffany.. Go get some!! Sephora has a set of 2 for only $10! Also agree -EOS is so cute!

  15. Wow! Love this review, I'm a fan of lipbalms too. I like to use one that was a present from my aunt, it's Bodyshop lipbalms, I love the ones in your review :)

  16. I love their Lip Butters! I haven't bought any in awhile though.. since they discontinued my favorite flavor! I miss my Grapeseed. =(

  17. These cutie lil lip balms are what I desperately want these days. Winters here, I want to get rid of my chapped lips too. :) Thanks for sharing such a valuable review ^_^

  18. You're very welcome.

    Go out and get some! You need to protect those gorgeous lips girl. =)

  19. Great faves!!
    My lips have been so dry lately and none of my usual lip balms seem to apply as smoothly since the cold temperature makes them go all hard...

  20. Thanks! Aww.. Well I hope you find something that cures those dry lips. Jack Black is my ABSOLUTE favorite but I think it's kinda pricey/ =\