Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Awesome CVS Deal: New Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks & Glosses (Also some Milani too!)

If you're a lipstick/gloss-aholic, you need to head over to CVS right now. This week, Revlon's Super Lustrous, Moon Drops, ColorBurst lip products, and Double Twist mascara are all on sale for $6.49 plus you get $4 Extra Bucks with the purchase of each one (limit 6 per household.) This means you're basically paying only $2.49 per tube! With this amazing sale going on, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found the new ColorBurst display (all new lipstick shades and new ColorBurst glosses) at my local CVS. I can't wait to try everything out!! (I may have to go back and buy more.)

They were missing 2 of the lipsticks (Pink Sugar and Petal) at my CVS and a few glosses but to see a display with ALL the products, click here.

Above (no flash) from left: Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Candy Pink and glosses in Strawberry, Hot Pink, Orchid, Crystal Lilac, & Sunset Peach
With flash
When I bought these, I thought the glosses were Super Lustrous glosses but they're not. Here's a comparison of the two -they actually contain the same amount (0.2 fl oz) of product even though the tube sizes look very different. I hope these are just as good or better than the Super Lustrous glosses as I already love those.

I also spotted two new Milani displays. I didn't buy any of these because 1) I'd rather wait for a sale and 2) I really don't love eyeshadow singles -I prefer palettes as I hate having to carry a bunch of singles around.
Milani Baked Eyeshadow Metallic
 Milani Baked Eyeshadow Marble

Have you tried any of these new products yet? What do you think? Have a lovely Wednesday everyone! <3


  1. I wish I can get my hands on Revlon's Super Lustrous Glosses. I'm so jealous :P In Malta they tend to sell them at least 3 times the original price and with that kind of money I can buy 3 of them. And I can't find them on ebay or anything. I actually don't have anything from revlon and I desperately want to try some. Your choices look awesome :)

  2. Wow love the new look,you picked some nice colors!
    We didn't received them yet in Canada.
    And for the Milani's eye shadow,they look fab but again we do not have them over here : (


  3. oh great! now i want these too LOL but i did not see these at my CVS =/

  4. @ Dyna.. Wow! 3x the price of one is A LOT. I'm surprised they don't have any on Ebay -have you tried swapping with someone on Makeup Alley? There are always a ton of people wanting to swap.

    @ luckiebeauty.. Aww I hope you get them soon! I've been waiting for a lot of the drugstore collections so I was really happy to see this. I think they go to the more populated cities like LA and New York first. =\

    @ Rinz.. Try asking them. Today I called a local CVS store and the worker said that they had them in the back but they just didn't put the display out yet. When I came by, she took the display out for me! She also told me that most the CVS stores should have this display but are probably just backed up and haven't gotten around to putting them on display yet.

    Also, I noticed that this CVS was missing the same products as the other CVS -I can't find the Pink Sugar and Icy Nude lipsticks anywhere!

  5. hey kali yup I tried but they usually swap colours I don't like :( and I have my eye on pink pop, peach petal, coral reef and they're favourites so people tend not to swap them.. :) but thanks for helping out :)

  6. ohh nice, yeah I have eye shadow singles too, unless it's a shade of brown because I use brown very often, but colors like blue orange green... palette is better for sure!

  7. Great buy! Please do a review/swatch for us soon!

  8. @ Dyna.. Aww.. hopefully you find a swap buddy soon. =) I'd offer but I've been super busy so I wouldn't want to lag on you. I really hope you get to try some Revlon products!

    @ Pop Champagne.. I'm exactly the same! I love browns and neutrals and can always use more but other colors -not so much. I can't stand eyeshadow singles.

    @ SiSi Sparkles.. I mosdef will. I've just been so busy!! I'll try to get a review and swatches up soon. =)

  9. Damn I really wish we had CVS here. I don't think we have the colorburst lipglosses here yet, which sucks because they look awesome!

    I like the colors you picked. Strawberry looks really nice in the tube!

  10. great deal !! ^_^

    Merry Christmas !

  11. @ Fifi.. I hope you get them soon! =) And I'll try to get some swatches up ASAP.

    @ siwing.. Thank you. =) Merry Christmas to you too.