Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silly Bandz for Adults? Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelet Set

So I was browsing the internet a few days back and stumbled across this Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelet Set. They instantly reminded me of Silly Bandz -just a bit more expensive at $15 for the set of 5.

My younger brother and sister love Silly Bands -they're pretty much all the rave in the elementary schools right now. Silly Bandz are basically colorful rubber band bracelets that are shaped like different objects such as animals, Disney Princesses, fast food -anything you can imagine! (It's not a new concept -I've seen stores including The Container Store have these rubberbands for years.) These "jelly" bracelets basically are the adult version of Silly Bandz (they're actually pretty OK priced because I've seen some Silly Bandz copycats run at almost $20 for a pack.)

What's your opinion on Marc's take of the popular Silly Bandz? I actually like them! I hope they feel more "jelly-like" than "rubber band-like" though since rubber bands can hurt. I do like the little charms that come on each band -they make them special. =)

Will I be getting them? Maybe. But $15 for rubber bands?! I don't know..


  1. I didn't know that these are a fad with elementary school kids! So far I've just seen a lot of college kids wearing them, haha! My friend gave me a pack for my birthday... I guess I just don't really get it though. I don't like the feeling of rubber bands on my arm! And I'd be afraid that they'll just snap, even if they are "designer" ones like these :P


  2. I really really really like this. Looks really cute. However, i'm probably not going to buy the MARC JACOB ones. I will be getting the 'other' Silly Bandz at my Wal-mart. I'm going to give some to the little ones this x-mas. Hopefully they are still in. These days, i don't even know what the trend is. And i will definitely pick up a small pack for myself.

    BTW, i got my Sephora email!! spend $40, get $15 off. At least you guys got $20 off. well i'm not complaining because it's better than nothing!!! yay!!!!

  3. Super cute bracelet.....I think if I ever rrun into the spongebob kind I'd buy them!!

  4. They are cute but I think they are suitable for teenagers and kids

  5. Aww they're super cute! I was expecting the price to be a lot more for some reason lol, so I was like $15?! SWEET :D I've been seeing a lot of people wearing those here too, which is weird since in Hawaii we're usually behind on all the fads LOL

  6. oo ive seen them before,they are petty cute :}

  7. they're cute, but meeeh that's expensive for rubber bands, and when you're wearing them you cant see the marc jacobs shape anymore they just look like regular rubber bands...

  8. i feel they are too expensive for rubber bands. you can really get great bracelets for that price..

    btw, started oting in english on my blog...

  9. @ Mallory Taylor.. I think so too. =)

    @ Amy.. Really?! College/high school kids always get it from the elementary school kids though. Do you remember when everyone (in highschool) wore kid backpacks (Dora, Spongebob, etc.)??

    I don't like the feeling of rubber bands either! But Maybe these feel more jelly-like??

    @ Pamela.. Yea, the Walmart ones come in a big pack for only about $4 so they're defnitely a better option -especially for kids.

    I'm so happy you got the $15 off!! I just got the email too. =)

    @ PrincezzJazmin.. Check Walmart! I'm pretty sure I saw some there. ;)

    @ alvira.. I do too. But because of the little charms (on the Marc Jacobs) ones, I feel like there a little more "grown up." =P I like them but they're a bit expensive. =(

  10. @ Erynn.. LOL! Geez Louise everyone's wearing these. I have a few that my little brother an sister gave me but I never wear them.

    @ Lene.. Yea it's really on personal preference. I can see people either loving or hating these. =P

    @ London's-beauty.. Definitely cute! =P

    @ Pop Champagne.. Yea you're right. They probably cost ike 5 cents to make. =P But I think it's cool (with regular kid's Silly Bandz) when you take it off and it's like the shape of a princess or a giraffe (so awesome!)

    @ Schumitza.. I agree. I think these are fun and whimsical though -it would be nice as a stocking stuffer. But I do like how these are childlike while being "grown up" too.

    And that's great! I'll check it out soon. =)

  11. The true Silly Bandz brand makes them out of silicone, which explains why they're kinda pricey, because silicone is an expensive material. They're a lot more durable and better looking than the knock-offs which really are just rubber bands! I hope the Marc ones are high quality materials too!

  12. Me too. =) Thanks for letting me know! I didn't know they were made of silicone.

  13. I'm seeing people wear this all over my school! Even my little brother wears them!!! But I don't think I'll buy them..too pricey. I rather just buy some from the dollar store and attach a bell to it..

  14. They have a TON at the dollar store so definitely check them out. =) Yea.. I think the elementary school kids started the trend and now the older kids, teens, adults are into them. =P