Friday, December 24, 2010

Dollar Store Beauty

Sometimes I find the coolest, most random things at the Dollar Store..

Like lip balms for every occasion..
..and Too Faced copycats. (has anyone tried these?!)

I rarely find any makeup I'd actually use in the beauty section of the dollar stores I go to but I absolutely always LOVE all the lip balms they have! I also like to go to the dollar store for things like wrapping paper, gift bags, and other totally random knick knacks.

What cool things have you found at your dollar store?


  1. I saw those eyeshadow palettes at my Dollar Tree yesterday! Jeweled Thumb ( has reviews of both of them. I think I'm going to have to go back and get them :)

  2. Too Faced copycats?? Really? Now that's funny because I've been eyeing the Natural palette for some times now hehe!

    I love to browse the beauty section of my dollar store, I always discover interesting things (=

  3. lol the too faced eyeshadows are funny !! lol.. i need to start going to more dollar stores.. i usually go to Dollar Tree and usually find NYC lip palettes! lol.. still cool though =)

  4. It ooks amazing!
    We haven't got shops like that here )=
    Merry christmas!!!

  5. @ G A B Y.. I've actually seen some other ones at some Beauty Supply Stores that actually look IDENTICAL to the Too Faced palettes down to the packaging!

    @ siwing.. I love the Dollar Tree -only thing is the one by my house is always so messy! =\

    @ rock-or-not.. Aww.. =( I'm sure you hve some amazing stuff we don't have over here though. =)

  6. Hahaha I can't believe they copied Too Faced!

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