Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiny Haul: A Present from Myself to Me

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping for the umteenth time and decided to step into Sephora -for myself. Every trip to the mall has been solely about buying Christmas presents and buying things for myself occasionally if they are on sale. I even used my $20 off (VIB) and $15 off (BI) giftcards on presents that weren't for myself so I figured it was about time I just walk into the store and buy something for just myself (does that sound selfish?) I didn't exactly spend though because I used a gift card.

Anyways, all I got was the Korres Line-Smoothing Lip Butter Glaze Trio ($24). My girl Dora also hooked me up with a free sample of Escada's new perfume Taj Sunset which smells heavenly. It smells like a sexy smoothie -like mangoes and oranges and a mixture of some delicious fruits (I really don't describe perfume well.) I'm not one to even like perfume much or even wear it often but I love this stuff. And it doesn't hurt that my boyfriend, who usually hates perfumes, actually likes this! She asked if I needed another sample and even though I said "no", she gave me a Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue too (so sweet of her!) This one smells more sophisticated (I honestly can't describe this) but it's also very nice!

Ok, and do you remember this dress that I bought (I showed you in this post)? I put it on today to wear it for the first time but then I noticed the awful seaming at the bottom of the dress. These weren't very well made -but I guess for $14.95, what can I expect? Check it out..

So I ended up returning it today although I do kind of regret it now looking back. I really like the dress. It's simple, casual, and really my style -but I can't stand bad quality clothing. I don't mind buying from H&M or Forever every now and then but I usual try to choose out pieces that are decent quality. Maybe I need to make an exception -I really do like this dress. Aghh.. should I go back and buy it again?!

Here I am wearing it.. Was about to go out but noticed the bad seaming!
I also got a free 6 inch sandwich from Subway. They have a point system where you get different items (cookies, sandwiches, drinks, etc.) depending on how many points you have. What stinks is that the program is ending so you need to use up your points before the year's over. I had 61 points so I got a 6 inch BMT (50 points) and M&Ms cookie (10 points) all for the price of zero dollars!

Look at all the grease! I didn't even get to eat this right away since I had to go to H&M so I ended up re-toasting it at home. I love their M&M's cookies -so good. Sometimes the guy at the Subway by my boyfriend's house gives me free cookies. But I think that's because I always walk in without my boyfriend. =P


Have a nice Wednesday everyone -week's almost over. I can't wait until Christmas!!


  1. D&G light blue is my all time favorite perfume. :)

    the dress is pretty. :) i think you should buy another one, just check the seaming this time ok?

  2. Too bad about the dress, it indeed is pretty :) But all and all, $14.95 isn't all that bad.
    Ang aaacckkkkkk, 9pm now I have cravings for the cookies :( Lol :p

  3. Pretty dress,just too bad about the seaming!

    and the cookie looks good : )


  4. @ sugar sugar.. I can see why -it smells so good!! I was going to exchange it for another one when I went to return it but all the dresses have the same problem. =( The solid color ones don't but I like the stripe ones! I don't know.. I might just go back and re-buy it.

    @ Melly.. Yup not bad at all -but I really can't stand that seaming/bottom hem. =(

    Aww I hope you got some cookies to eat today! =)

    @ luckiebeauty.. I <3 M&M cookies.

  5. Aww I love Subway cookies, they are the best!

  6. You looked cute in the dress! I guess maybe just find a similar one instead of buying it again because the seam will probably still bother you anyway.


  7. @ G A B Y.. Me too! Soo yummy.

    @ Anonymous.. My friends keep telling me to go back and buy it. I think I will.. I've been thinking it over and over again for the last few days! I know -lame. =P

  8. ow wow we don't have a point system in the subway here... would be nice though~

  9. The program is actually ended here. =( But we have until the end of the year to redeem our points.

  10. i think the light blue has a pinch of lemon in it... i gave it to my friend as a present for new year ..i fell in love with it after buying it..i'm actually htinking of going back and getting it..haha! but instead i chose britney spears'fantasy! i love it it's so sweet! aah right about the dressGO BACK AND GET IT WHO CARES ABOUT THE QUALITY IT LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!