Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Wishlist (Surprisingly very short)

So I've shortened my wishlist for this year. I look forward to spending the day with family and friends but getting some gifts that consist of the following "things" wouldn't hurt either. I don't really care if I don't get everything on the list -it's more of a "to buy" list anyways as I can't live without any of these things. =P (Listed in the order of what I want most)

I don't often wear jewelry but if I had this, it would be a staple piece in my wardrobe (would it still be considered a wardrobe if it's jewelry?) Anyways, it just really fits me. I don't like fancy schmancy jewelry (with the exception of a gigantic rock on my ring finger) but other than that, I like to keep it casual. And I like this so much more than the standard Return to Tiffany Charm Bracelet that everyone and their mother, father, sister, and brother has.

Lotso Bear- $16.50


I don't think anyone understands how badly I want this bear. Remember when you were a little girl (or boy) and you wanted that "one toy" so badly for Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate)? This is that toy for me. He's only $16.50 at the Disney Store but he's sold out everywhere -they don't even have a link for him on the site anymore! I'm kicking myself for not buying him when I had the chance. Two weeks ago, I was in the Disney Store and I literally just hugged him and carried him around the store with me while I shopped. I bought things for everyone else but me and now I'm so sad I didn't get him that day. Plus they were having a Buy One Get One Free promotion so I could've gotten him and another plush toy! =(

P.S. His tummy smells like strawberries. <3

I love TheBalm's Shady Lady palettes and own (and love) both Vol. 1 and 2 (see review and swatches here.) I just found out from the Muse the other day that Sephora already has Vol. 3 listed on their site! I love these palettes so much and have vowed to buy every single volume as long as they make them. I love these more than Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Palettes and that right there is saying a lot.

(Edited 12/24/10) I totally forgot to add this!! I've been mixing Benefit Coralista and MAC Oh So Fair Beauty Powder nearly everytime I do my makeup so Bella Bamba seems like it would be perfect for me. I've been wanting a pink blush with the "glow" of Coralista so I'd love to have this.

Charlotte Russe Animal Ballet Slipper (in size small)- $10.00 (on sale)

I bought a pair of the bear ones for someone for Christmas and I LOVE them -they're so comfortable. I don't even really care which ones I get and they only have the Lamb ones left online. I called many stores and they're all sold out in my size. They're so cute and comfortable and my gross, dry winter feet need these right now.

I just wrote about this -I love it. It smells like a sexy tropical smoothie for your body. I often get horrible headaches when I come into contact with most perfumes but I absolutely love this one. Even my perfume-hating boyfriend likes it!

What's on your wishlist for the Holidays? Have a lovely Thursday! <3


  1. What a cool list :) The tiffany & co. necklace is to die for!
    I made my own wishlist on my blog too, check it out -


    You can get Lotso on Amazon! :D

  3. Short and sweet - and you hit every price range which is always helpful for friends and family looking to buy you something you actually want! I love the all the Tiffany onyx jewelry - especially the onyx stud earrings :)

  4. lol, the tiffany bracelet is a MUST! I am the same as you i'm not a big jewelry gal unless it's a HUGE diamond LOL. OOoh and the slippers look adorable.


  5. i like that Tiffany bracelet. I have the one in cultured freshwater pearls (white ones instead of black in this picture). Costed quite a bit but i love pearls :) i also love the animal slippers. that's really cute. I don't know what brand Charlotte Russe is :P I don't think we have this here in Canada b/c i have never seen/heard of this brand.

    My wishlist? a nice car!! hahah.. but for now, i have to take public transit to work. I don't really have a wishlist but makeup cannot be on this list because i have so much already! maybe one of my wishes could be to see JLin7 play on the Raptors although the rumour mill is that he's going to D-league. I'm so sad :(

  6. lol at the bear, awww I hate it when that happens! there was this dress I tried on, it was so nice but BF said not to buy it so I didn't, now it's sold out and I really want it

  7. Awww Lotso bear is so cute. I hope you find someone selling one. :)

    My wishlist is extra long LOL! x)

  8. awww that bear is soo cute! ah,gosh now i want that too..:D

  9. I didn't have the chance to smell the new Escada..but i'm pretty sure I will like it! MMM

    And the ES palette from ''The Balm'' is gorgeous. They now sell it in Montreal,it's sooo cool!!


  10. Hahaha!Did you watch Toy Story 3?

  11. wow, that's a surprisingly short list. I only want two things for Christmas that's i'm gonna buy myself after :)) The Sleek Palettes in Sunset and Bad Girl. That the Balm Palette look great, too bad I don't really have anywhere to purchase it. I've had my eye on the Balm since you reviewed the Vol II. I might resort to ebay If I can find it.

  12. ok i am adding that black onyx to my wardrobe and i am buying it for myself :))
    Nice and great list girl!

  13. hello =)
    This bear is so cute :D
    Love it***


  14. OMG!!! U GOT THE BEAR?!?

  15. Charlotte Russe Animal Ballet Slipper is simply irresistible and I'm planning to have one too together with mineral lipstick. I'm pretty sure that its the best Christmas present ever.

  16. @ Eva M.. I'll definitely check it out. =)

    @ Jenn.. Thank you for the link Jenn -but my boyfriend actually just got it for me!! =) I can't have it yet though.. =\

    @ Alexa P.. LOL yea.. I think it's important to hit every price range. =P

    @ Eva.. I knoww! It's a MUST for me too. =P

    @ Pamela.. I LOVE pearls too but everytime I wear them, I feel too "dressed up."

    Aww.. I hope you get a nice car. =) I actually don't mind public transit -the only thing I can't stand though is if you miss the train or bus or whatever, you have to wait so long for the next one! =(

    I wouldn't be surprised. I've been too busy to keep close track this season but I do think he has more to learn (from what I've seen.) Don't worry -D League isn't always a bad thing! He COULD come back really, REALLY good -after he's had more training and practice. ;)

  17. @ Pop Champagne.. Agh.. never listen to the BF lol. If I listened to my bf (about clothes) all the time, I wouldn't have my adorable OTK boots and cable knit leggings.. <3 I hope you find the dress somehow!!

    @ sugar sugar.. I LOVEEE Lotso.. even though he's kinda evil. =O

    @ evil-she-devil.. I hope you find him!! The stores in my area actually just re-stocked!

    @ luckiebeauty.. It smells SO good -I absolutely love it. Did you buy the palette?? I can't wait to try it.

    @ Anonymous.. Yupp!! Like 5 times!

    @ Schumitza.. I've never tried any Sleek palettes since we don't have them here but they look amazing. I'd really, really want to try some. And I hope you can find the palette! =)
    I absolutely love my Shady Lady palettes.

  18. @ Rinz.. That's great! It never hurts to buy some lovely jewelry for yourself every now and then.

    @ Clau.. I lovee him. <3

    @ Anonymous.. I did!! They re-stocked and my boyfriend picked one up for me. I was SO happy. =)

    @ mineral lipstick.. That sounds like a great present! =)