Sunday, December 5, 2010

Macy's F&F Sale, $30 Guess Leather Jacket Dupe, McDonald's Sanrio/Hello Kitty Watches, & FOTD!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that Macy's is having their Friends & Family sale (25% off most things in the store) and I went to pick up some Christmas gifts. I'm SO HAPPY to say that I'm almost done -just need to finish up my sisters, auntie's, boyfriend's parents', and boyfriend's presents.
 Here are the details. I don't get why they pratically NEVER include cosmetics for any of their sales.
Now onto the jacket.. I was looking around all week on for a leather or faux leather jacket (doesn't matter much to me -I'll invest in a real leather jacket later on.) I found the Jou Jou Faux leather Motorcyle Jacket for $29.99 discounted from it's original price of $59.99. I originally wanted Black and Caramel but when I went to the store on Thursday, I only found Black and Tobacco but fell in love with Tobacco! BUT, they only had a limited selection of x-small, medium, and large (with colors like yellow, beige, and tan -they only had like 3 of the Tobacco and 1 of the black! The cashier looked up the stores nearby and nearly all of them were sold out as well. So, I crossed my fingers and went home -hoping they didn't sell out yet.
When I got home, I was glad to see Black and Tobacco still available in Small and my boyfriend bought them both for me! =) But now that I just checked, they also have Caramel so I'm kind of mad because I want that too. Oh well.. I think 3 jackets in different colors is pushing it.

But anyways, here's the Guess comparison..

Guess (left), Jou Jou (right)
Ok.. don't they look nearly identical?! Both have all the same details from the seaming, silver zipper, ribbed detail (waist and end of sleeves), chest pockets, and ruffled collar. The collar on the Guess jacket is larger but I like the smaller collar on the Jou Jou one much more. Also, the faux leather leather (I'm 95% sure it was faux) of the Guess jacket is shinier while the Jou Jou jacket has duller leather -which I also like. The only thing is that the Guess jacket is thicker but that's a given. The price of the Guess jacket was around $130 to $160 -I honestly can't remember but I remember thinking, "Wow, this is 5 times the price of one Jou Jou jacket." Also, the Jou Jou jacket is on sale online for $29.99 but in stores it's $39.99. (P.S. I cannot find a link for the Guess jacket! Sorry!)
If you're interested in the Jou Jou jacket, I recommend going one size up. I'm an x-small in nearly all my jackets and coats but this jacket runs small. The x-small fit me OK but it was too cropped and I wanted it to above my hip. Otherwise, it would be at my waist and all my sweaters and and shirts would be sticking out!
Yesterday, I also got part of my sister's birthday present -a winter hat that looks like a dragon! She likes Wizards, Magic, and all those things so I figured she'd love this. She's also born the year of the dragon so that works too. The stupid thing was that the 25% off didn't apply to this since it's an "everyday value" though I don't think it's much of a "value" at all. They only have a few versions online but you can find it here. In store, they have others including a penguin, beaver, frog, a few dogs, a few monkeys, and many more.
And also, McDonald's current happy meal toys include Sanrio/Hello Kitty and Transformers! I had no idea that they were having Sanrio character watches so in the last few days, I've been trying to collect them all. I found Badtz-Maru Thursday morning, my mom got me Keroppi yesterday, and before my boyfriend came over, he stopped by the McDonalds near his house and got me Shirousa (Sugarbunnies.) Then, we went to Walmart last night and found Chococat and Kurousa (Sugarbunnies.) AND, I was really happy because the guy gave me Chococat, Kurousa, Badtz-Maru, and some Sanrio pamphlets all for free. =) Other McDonalds always make you buy the toys if you're buying them separate. Hello Kitty leaves McDonalds on December 16th so I have to go on a mad hunt for Hello Kitty and My Melody.

They also currently have Transformers. Hello Kitty and Transformers? What more can a kid want?

Here are the watches I have so far (gave my extra Badtz away.)

And now for yesterday's FOTD..

I haven't done my makeup in sooooo long so it was nice to get to "put on my face" yesterday. I took this when I got home so hair is flat and blush is pretty faded.

  1. Make Up For Ever Brow Corrector in 4 (brows)
  2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance (primer)
  3. Urban Decay Sin (inner corners & lid), Buck (lid), Smog (crease), Darkhorse (outer-v), Virgin (browbone)
  4. Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base (lash primer)
  5. Tarte MultiplEYE™ Clinically-Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Mascara
  6. MAC Pearlglide Liner in Black Russian (upper waterline)
  7. Milani Eye Tech in Brown
  8. Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Whiskey
  1. Fresh Twilight FreshFace Glow (highlight)
  2. MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (highlight)
  3. Stila Contouring Trio (brown shade)
  4. MAC Oh So Fair Beauty Powder (blush)
  5. Benefit Coralista Blush (blush)
  1. Inglot Lip Paint in AMC 57
  2. Jack Black Lip Balm in Vanilla & Lavender
Okkk, long post I know. =P But I didn't want to post all these separate posts. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!! I have a TON of studying to do.


  1. Those Sanrio watches are so cute! I'm not surprised the Hello Kitty one is one of the hardest to find. Love her :) Also, I gave you a little shout-out on my latest post in case you want to check it out :)

  2. love the jacket its so bad ass <3 Macys

  3. hehe those Sanrio watches are cute, my sis is trying to collect them all too!

    I read your "about me"... make up AND a crafts girl? must follow! :]

  4. aww those watches are so cute!

  5. Aww thanks for this post. My sis in law works at a shiseido counter inside Macy's and gave me a bunch of these coupons. I hate their always excludes ALOT of stuff. That hat is really cute. They sold out on some at Children's Place. I want to get them for my two boys so bad. Looking for a monster or dinosaur one.

    Ive been trying to collect those watches too. I need Kerropi & My melody. They have a bunch of HK here. They're hard to adjust too. My itty bitty finger hurts from it.

  6. @ Tiffany.. Thank you again. =) And my bf's saying the same thing.. UGH it's SO HARD to find Hello Kitty!!

    @ PrincezzJazmin.. I love it too! Can't wait to get it. =P

    @ SiSi.. LOL.. I love doing all sorts of crafts but haven't been able to for a long time since I've been busy with school. =( I hope to get back in it once I finish school (on Tuesday) though!

    @ MEOW.. I <3 them.

    @ Melissa.. I knoww!! Their sales exclude everything that I want!

    You should check out Macy's -they had a bunch of differet styles for about $15. They did have a monster and they have this dragon (but no dinosaur.)

    P.S. If you can find an extra HK one, I'll gladly send you the Keroppi!! I have two! And I need My Melody too though. =P

  7. that dragon hat is damn cute !!!!!
    and ur lips look luscious in tht pretty pink shade... !!! ( hope i dont sound weird )

  8. I love it too -I WISH it was my size. It fits but it's a tad too small. And no that's not weird. I always think that when I see girls with nude or pale pink/bubblegum pink lips! =P

  9. loveee the pink lipstick on you. and lol my bf would want that tansformers set :D such a cute toque you got too, I got one like that last week too but it was a sasquach. and LOL love your comment on all japanese ppl look the same (i know i'm sooo behind on comments) hope you had a great weekend!

  10. awww thank you so much. :) <3

    I absolutely love that leather jacket, its hot :)

    xo Christine

  11. My friend works at McD so he said he'll try to hook me up with some of the Sanrio/Hello Kitty goods hahah..they are watches?? wow that's insane!

  12. @ Women Leather Skirts.. Thank you =)

    @ Pop Champagne.. Mine too. =) But it's funny because he wanted my Badtz-Maru watch. =P

    And agh.. people can be so stupid! Japanese people DON'T all look the same. And I hate when people say all Asians look alike and assume that because you're Asian, you have to be Chinese or Korean.

  13. @ Christine.. Thanks! And I can't wait to get it. =P

    @ Pamela.. That's so cool!! I'd try to snag all of them if I were you. =P I still need My Melody and Hello Kitty!! =(

  14. hehe, going to McDonalds tomorrow.
    hope they have them here in Canada!
    great blog tho!

  15. They should! Pamela (above comment) is from Canada and she said she was getting some so I believe they do have them. Hope you get some cool ones! And thank you. =)