Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Forget About Walgreens' Wet 'n' Wild 50% off Sale!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you of the 50% off Wet 'n' Wild sale going on at Walgreens -it ends TODAY so if you wanted to get anything, go ASAP. Above are the things I picked up and they were all 50% off. I got everything for around $7 including the sale and one $1 off coupon.

There was only one Holiday palette they had left at two Walgreens so I went ahead and picked it up. At the first Walgreens I went to, the girl rung it up at full price ($4.99) so I returned it right away so that I could get it for 50% off. But, the lady (at returns and cosmetics) was a total jerk (don't want to rant about everything she said) and said that it didn't apply to the holiday products -even though the 50% sign was right on top of the shelf from where I got the holiday set from. I went to another Walgreens and bought the same set and it rung up at full price again. BUT, the girl was super nice and gave me half off since again, the sign was on top of the shelf holding the holiday products.

I personally think that if you're going to work in an area of customer service, you need to be nice, friendly, and do your best to please the customers. I've worked in retail and I always made it my number 1 priority to give great customer service. And if you aren't going to be helpful or nice, quit and find another job.

Anyways, just wanted to show you the quick haul and remind you of the sale! Also, some of the products had $1 off sticker coupons on them so check for those -you'll save more! =)

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.


  1. Thanks for the info, beautiful Kali!
    Have a great Saturday you too!

  2. I want to go to Walgreens to do a little Wet n' Wild hauling!


  3. lol.. sucks that you had to go to another walgreens to get 50% off.. i agree, if you work in customer service, at least ACT like you like your job! that pisses me off when ppl act like they hate their job and are super rude..

    good finds though! i couldn't find the holiday palette ANYWHERE =(

  4. @ Catanya.. You're so sweet. Thank you! =)

    @ Savannah.. I hope you did!! If you got anything, let me know what you got. ;)

    @ siwing.. I know right?! How are you gonna work all day in an area of customer service and be so rude?

    Aww.. I hope you can find some! All I could find was this one palette. =(

  5. lol yea.. I was trying to get a bunch of new things to try. =)

  6. ohhh I HATE it when they do that! I've had a bad experience with the same situation at Ulta before... >.< I even began to write a letter of complaint to the headquarters!

    Good buys though, still cannot find it anywhere in GA :/

  7. LOL.. I've done the same thing! And I think they're sold out everywhere. =( I can't find anything either (except for this palette.)

  8. I so hate that we don;t have wet'n'wild or cargo or lorac products over here.

  9. Aww.. I hate that you don't have it either. =( I wish ALL cosmetics/beauty companies would just be world wide. I really wish we had brands like Barry M and Kiko!