Friday, December 24, 2010

Early Christmas

The other night, my friends came over to exchange presents for Christmas and we of course didn't wait until Christmas to open them! Above are the goodies I got. =) I got a D.Rose shirt, matching VS Pink Panties (like a P.J. Set!!), Toy Story Pencils, Toy Story notebook, Toy Story stickers, Toy Story tote, hair stuff, and a Bulls blanket made with lots of love. I was SOOOO happy with my presents! Thank you! <3

I'm obsessed with wrapping paper and ribbons so I'll show you pictures of those too. =P

Presents from myself to me..

Also, last weekend I picked up 4 plush toys (for myself) from the Disney Store. I've spent SO MUCH money at the Disney store this Christmas on others that I decided I at least needed to get something for me. I got Buttercup, Mr. Pricklepants, Dolly, and the Peas in a Pod and I love them all. I wanted Trixie too but they didn't have her. And the best part is I got these during the BOGO promotion!

I also got another Hello Kitty ring from Sanrio. This is a mood ring (which I've been looking for) in the shape of HK's head. I love it!! It's always changing colors.

Have you gotten anything for Christmas/the Holidays yet? And have you stopped to purchase anything for yourself lately?

Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!! Thank you so much for supporting The Makeup Drawer and being a part of the blog. I appreciate all of you so much -have a wonderful Holiday. <3333


  1. those peas in a pod are EXTREMELY adorableeeee! i love love love them! can't you include one in your next giveaway, haha? :X

    and have a merry merry xmas with lots and lots of fun! :P

  2. Well I actually only have one -maybe if I see them again but they were almost sold out when I went. The only thing is I don't like including "bulky" items in my giveaways because they take up space.. which means I can't add more things like makeup!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas as well. =)

  3. Oooh I love mood rings! This one is super cute!

  4. Really nice presents!! That mood ring is soo cute!
    I haven't received any presents yet, but I did buy a lot of goodies for myself hehe
    I hope you have an amazing christmas!

  5. Happy Christmas, Have a great day xox

    Love the peas...v cute

  6. everything is so cute !! ^_^


    Merry Christmas!

  7. oh wow, you really are a Bulls fan :) do a post if you do go to the game! Hope you wear the shirt!!

  8. ahhh~~~I like the peas in a pod. so darn cute!! I hope you dont lose any of them though lol Or it'll be a very lonely pea. Merry christmas!

  9. Aww Mr. picklepants and peas in a pot are sooo cute.Have great holidays:)

  10. i want the hello kitty Merry Christmas..

  11. @ Billi.. Thanks. =)

    @ G A B Y.. I love mood rings too! <3

    @ Juno.. LOL That makes up for it. =) I hope you get some amazing presents! And thank you -I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well.

    @ Steph xox.. Thanks!! =) Merry Christmas to you too.

    @ Pamela.. Yea I actually like a whole bunch of teams and Chicago's one of them. I've really been liking Derrick Rose and I REALLY hope I get to go to the game. =) Will mosdef wear my shirt -even though I'm a GS fan too.

    @ Isabel.. Me too LOL.. Merry Christmas to you too!!

    @ alvira.. I <3 them! Happy holidays to you too alvira. <3333

    @ camgaga.. Hope you can find it!! ..At Sanrio or something. Merry Christmas to you too. =)

  12. @ siwing.. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too. =)