Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michael's Haul (some ideas for wrapping your Holiday gifts)

I'm back!! My new storage space has been processed and now I'm able to include more pictures again! =) So happy and relieved.. Anyways, because Christmas in in just around the corner, I thought I'd show you some gift wrapping ideas.

I bought a bunch of baskets in hopes that it would fit all the goodies I was giving to my boyfriend's parents this year. I bought 2 baskets (for that purpose) and then 1 really pretty gold one for me.
Isn't this gorgeous?! (Only $5.19)
 2 candles to complete presents.. (On sale for $3.33 each)

 More butterflies! The blue one actually had wire in the back (for Christmas trees) so I had to return them. I could've added clips but I didn't want to bother with them. (Red Butterflies were $1.49 and Blue Butterflies were $1.59)

 Foam stickers. I love the glitter Christmas lights! These are great for cards or scrapbooking. (Snowflake stickers were $1.49 and Christmas Lights stickers were 74 cents)

 Here's one of the baskets -I really loved this one but it still wouldn't fit what I needed it to. ($7.99)

I really liked this one too but same issue as the one above. ($5.99)

I got all of the items (except for the blue butterflies) on sale with an extra $10 off my purchase -I thought it was supposed to be $5.00 off but I got $10 for some reason. The blue butterflies were regular price ($1.99) so I got 20% off (I had a 20% off all regular items coupon.) Sadly, I also returned all 3 baskets because they didn't suit what I needed them for.. I just thought I'd share the deal with you though! This week, all Holiday baskets should still be either 50% of 60% off at Michael's.

And here's the basket I ended up using. It was basically the same size as the other 2 I bought but I liked this one because it could be used year-round instead of just during the Holidays. I was trying to achieve something like this:

 I just wrapped the basket holding the gifts in clear wrap -I think I need to trim the top though because it looks a little awkward. This would've been fine if the basket had a handle. Inside, I've included a candle, yummy truffles, and a L'Occitane set. I'm also including some baked goods on the side (they wouldn't fit!)

And here's what the rest of the presents look like:

 No tree this year but the gifts are stashed in the corner of the living room. I'm still not even done wrapping gifts but this is most of it.

And this is my favorite wrapped present because it's obviously so Sephora. The girls over at the store gave me a ton of boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbons to wrap all my things. I'm saving the paper for throughout the year too when I have to wrap birthday presents from Sephora. ;) I just love how nice it looks.

Are you done wrapping all your gifts for the holidays this year?


  1. Ohhh love those pictures,I can't wait for saturday!!!
    Me I'm done with the wrapping,I didn't had a lot to do!
    But I love doing this!
    Have a nice xmas!


  2. I can't wait either!! And I love wrapping presents too. =) I hope you have a lovely Christmas as well. <3

  3. All those wrapped gifts make me want to drool (even though i don't know what's inside!) LOL. Love the baskets!! Have a merry xmas and happy new year!!!!!

  4. They're mainly for the kids -I think I have like one. =P Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

  5. I love wrapping presents....send me some presents over! ;) Presents make anyone happy :D a good pile you got there... :D

    Merry Christmas and happy new year :D


  6. Ooo this is awesome! I love Michaels, I was just there the other day. Picked up some clear Christmas stamps to make my To/From cards. Thanks for reminding me! I needed to make them but totally forgot. Been SO busy!

    Well, anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya :]

  7. I love the pictures, wrapped basket looks so cute.I like to wrap presents too in different ways with ribbons,bows,silk flowers and dried flowers.Merry christmas to you and your whole family I hope you will have lots of fun and get nice presents too ;)

  8. @ a!k0.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

    @ SiSi Sparkles.. LOL you're welcome. =P I loveee Michaels.. it's great for all sorts of random things. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. =)

    @ alvira.. I love using different bows and ribbons but I rarely use them for Christmas presents because there's just too many! Dried and silk flowers sound AMAZING -thank you for the idea!

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