Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Presents and After Christmas Sale Haul

I pretty much stopped receiving actual "gifts" (it's always gift cards or cash nowardays) from my family when I was in high school but this year I did get some pretty cool things. I got the Sephora Color Play 5 in 1 II Fashion Edition from my cousins and some Benefit BADgal Mascara from my auntie. I also got an orange Bebe shirt (I love orange!), a wireless mouse (needed this), perfume sample, hair clips, Skittles candy cane, comfy slippers, a "Cat in a Bag" from my little brother, and another handmade blanket from my sister (I got one as an early Christmas present too from my friend.)

My uncle gave us all these Android figurines with money attached.. I thought it was so cute! I didn't want to open it though since it's a collectible and all. =P

Lotso Bear (Click here to buy)- I got my Lotso bear from my boyfriend! He also gave me a sweater (not shown) and my third gift is coming next week. I haven't gotten all his gifts yet either because he's too indecisive about what he wants!!

Ted Baker Flap Front Leather Clutch (similar style here)- I got this gorgeous leather clutch from my boyfriend's mom. I've been looking for one so I was super happy to have gotten this. The problem that I have with clutches is that they're always either too small or have no pockets inside -this is the perfect size, contains a convenient pocket, and has the prettiest floral design. =)

Stuff I bought..

TheBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3 Palette (Click here to buy)- I got TheBalm's new Shady Lady palette. I have both Volumes 1 and 2 so I'm really excited for this one -they're the best "series" of palettes that I own!

Inside the palette.. can't wait to swatch!

The day after Christmas day, I woke up bright and early to go to Target. Surprisingly, it wasn't even that crowded and the sales weren't that great. I got a case for my netbook (only $10!), the Grown Ups movie (for my boyfriend), a cute ballet slippers ornament, Holiday themed marshmallows (around 60 cents?!), and a bunch of stuff from Target's $1 section for half off (only 50 cents!)

Pochacco earrings from Sanrio- I also went to the mall with my little sister which was INSANE. Just trying to get parking to pick up our order at CPK took 45 minutes -and that was to get into the reserved parking space for people ordering take out at CPK!

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Lip Butters- I used to love The Body Shop's Grapeseed Lip Butter but it got discontinued a while back. I stopped buying Lip Butters since then so I thought it was about time I give them a try again! I got two of the Wild Cherry butters since they were on sale for $2 (the other flavors were regular price though.)

I also stopped by Daiso to get some things like jars for Christmas cookies and prizes for the upcoming Valentine's giveaway.

I also stopped by Old Navy. The first ON store I went to didn't have anything but I hit the jackpot with the second store.

Faux-Fur Hooded Anorak (click here to buy)- I got this for around $18 (on sale for around $23 plus a damage discount (10%) and another extra 10% off.) which is a steal compared its original price of $79.50. It's not the most glamorous coat but it's warm and comfy enough to even sleep in.

Chain Pocket Striped Tee (Click here to buy)- I got these for around $5 each (original price $14.50) and I love them! I absolutely adore stripes so these were a must have for me.

Niners Tee (around $5) and Girls 3/4 Sleeve Waffle Tee ($7) (Click here to buy)- I got the Niners tee for going to games (even though I haven't been to one yet!) I also picked up this girls waffle tee because I loved the pattern and the cut. My sister thinks it makes me look like a little girl though.. =P

Long-Sleeve Scoopneck Tees- I got these all at the Gap for under $4 a piece. They were on sale for $7.99 and there was an extra 50% off discount on all sale items for "morning" customers. The discount was reduced to 40% off in the afternoon and I was the last customer to get the 50% off!

Ok that's it for my Christmas haul. Sorry if it was a little long.. I'd love to know what you all got over the Holidays whether they were presents or things you bought. Feel free to share. =)


  1. The earrings are soooo cute!!

  2. Wow so many cool things!

    Pochacco earrings are adorable hihi!


    The leather clutch looks fab!

  3. Wow you got lots of amazing gift! Lotso bear is so cute! And I've been lusting after those The Body Shop Wild Cherry Lip Butters!

  4. you got some great stuff =D

    as a kid, pochaco was my favv sanrio character..

    they dont sell much anymore.. so not it is hello kitty !

  5. Wow you got good stuff! I received a lot of HK things this year. I went to Target yesterday to check out their Valentine stuff. I LOVE it when Target has their V-day stuff out. I finally got myself a coffee mug. It has hearts on it. I saw the pink bear cookie jar too. Oh I did see some new stuff in the dollar section. They had alot of storage and office stuff. Looked like they could be use for makeup storage. Black & Tiffany blue.

  6. Your presents are awesome. You must be a huge Toy Story fan. I just watched the movie on X-mas. I love those three little peas that the girl from the daycare had at her house LOL.

    I also got Benefit Bad Gal mascara (small tube). My first Benefit product LOL. hopefully more in the future. Other than that, love your gifts! and the false eyelashes!!!

    I also got Sweet Lemon lip butter from the Body Shop. I think i need some time to get used to this type of product :P i usually use Blistex so this is a bit different for me :P

  7. Sweet deals you got there!!!
    I'm quite jealous you have access to a Daiso...I really want to go to one and stay there for hours xD

    And awesome deal on the GAP shirts!! I went to Gap too but the morning deal in Canada is 40% off...only the baby clothes were under $5 (some)

  8. I love a good bargain! The jacket is so nice! i love it!!!!!!!! To get a damaged discount is AWESOME! :D

    Ooh, I love the clutch! It looks so soft! I am the same way. I can never find the perfect one because they always lack something. I wish all clutches had a pocket inside and look nice on the outside too.

  9. Wow you got really nice stuff both palettes look great ,your tees from Gap are nice too all the colors are pretty but my favourite is your lotso bear it is soooo cute

  10. aaahhh such great bargins!! =) love the cute lashes and candiess!!

  11. That clutch you got looks wonderful. It looks like such soft leather.

  12. Wow you got such lovely presents! Lucky girlie :) xx

  13. @ Christine.. Thanks =)

    @ Anonymous.. Thanks. I love Pochacco. =)

    @ luckiebeauty.. Thanks! I love Pochacco too.

    @ Tormentilla28.. Thanks.

    @ G A B Y.. You're in luck! I'm including them in my next giveaway. =)

  14. @ siwing.. Mine too! Yea most the store is always Hello Kitty but I like her too. I also love Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, and Pekkle.

    @ Melissa.. I saw the cutest Valentines stuff too like the pillows and baskets. =P I can't wait for Vday now!! Most of the stuff in the dollar section here is still full of clearance Holiday items.

    And black and Tiffany blue? So cute!!

    @ SiSi Sparkles.. Thanks =)

  15. @ Pamela.. I love Toy Story -it's one of my favorite movies! I love all the toys in Bonnie's room. =P ..That's why I bought (almost) all of them.

    Thank you. What else did you get?? And most the stuff from Daiso are for the next giveaway. =P

    Ooh Sweet Lemon sounds great! Yea it does take some getting used to when you switch lip balms -I hope it works out for you. =)

    @ ~Lisa.. Aww I hope you get one where you live soon! I love Daiso -everything's so cute! AND low priced. (I think everything is like $1-5.)

    Aww too bad they didn't have 50% -40% is still pretty good though. =)

    @ Jen.. LOL I love damaged discounts but of course ONLY if they're slightly damaged. In this case it was only the string (from the hood.)

    I love the clutch too -it's pretty soft. =)

  16. @ alvira.. He's one of my favorites too. =) I loveee Lotso. <3

    @ charlene-ann.. Thanks! =) And the lashes are actually going to be included in my next giveaway.

  17. @ aki!.. Thank you. =)

    @ LipglossAndLeopardPrint.. Thank you! =) I DO feel lucky. =P I hope you and everyone here got some great presents as well!

  18. Oh my ~ awesome stuff!:D

    Btw,your swatches are just perfect.How do you do that?:DD

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    xo Evinde

  19. Thanks. =) Happy new year to you too!

    And the swatches? I'm so happy that you like them! When I choose photos to post for reviews, I often compare the real swatches to what I see on the (computer) screen so that's how I know what to keep and delete when sorting through photos (I take hundreds for each product.) Also, natural lighting helps BUT when it's foggy, flash tends to be better. I switch up my settings (on the camera)depending on how the light around me is and just work with that. =)