Friday, September 3, 2010

Bubblegum Pinks: Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: Yes
Price: £4.25 (around $6.55)
Product: 21/25
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Grade: B-
Before I could finally get my hands on a Barry M Lip Paint, I was seriously lusting after them. I had about a dozen shades on my wishlist and stalked the Barry M site regularly. When I saw a really good deal for Baby Pink on Ebay, I jumped at the chance because the shipping was cheap. Let me tell you, Ebay can either be your best friend or your worst enemy -I let the bidding war get to me. I ended up winning the auction but paid about $14 (including shipping) which is way too much in my opinion. So when it arrived, I had high hopes that the lippie would be worth my paying over 2 times the retail price.
The packaging: Barry M lipsticks are packaged in light, squared matte black (similar to NARS) tubes. "Barry M" is written in gold on the top of the cap and the color number (100) is written on the bottom of the tube. I can't stand when companies do this -it's a lot easier to remember a color name than some random number. This always makes me forget which shades I wanted to buy, which shades I already have, and makes it difficult to find which shade I'm looking for when I'm in a rush in the morning (if all the lipsticks are jumbled together.) Also, I'm not too fond about the tube being highly prone to dirty fingerprints.
The Product: In 3 words, the lipstick is dry, patchy, and pigmented. Baby Pink accentuates every single lip line and flake -even on a good day. I don't necessarily find it drying in the long run (meaning it dries out my lips even after I remove it) but it is dry and stiff while I'm wearing it.
The first time I wore it, I applied it straight from the tube. I couldn't see how anyone could like this as the color was so bright and in your face and my lips looked so incredibly dry. After a few tries, I finally got it to work. The trick is apply a good layer of lip balm, dab a bit of the lipstick on, and smooth it out. This was you get the great color that's not so obvious and you get decent looking lips -not some crusty mess.
The Color: Baby Pink (100) is a pale but bright, milky pastel pink.

Above (no flash): Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink (This swatch shows off the texure)
Above (no flash): Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink (This swatch more accurately resembles the actual color)

Lip Swatches..
Above (no flash): Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink (Here's how it looks straight from the tube)
Above (no flash): Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink (Here's how it looks when I used lip balm and blended a thinner layer onto my lips)
Full face shot! This was an older picture I found. Don't you just adore those lovely, pus-filled pimples that pop up out of nowhere?!

Overall: If it wasn't for the ridiculously great color payoff, I would've totally rated this a "C." I'd like to try other colors because of the great pigmentation of these lipsticks -but I wouldn't repurchase Baby Pink. Paler lipsticks, no matter what brand, tend to be dryer than the deeper shades in general so hopefully I have better luck with some of Barry M's other shades. This isn't an awful lipstick -I'm sort of in between. I do like the outcome (if I apply it carefully) but it could be a lot more moisturizing than it is.

Where To Buy: Barry M, Boots

And one last thing.. For us living in the U.S., these can be pricey. It's a lot cheaper for those in the UK but with conversion rates and shipping, the prices do get rather high. Just be sure to look into lots of different retailers if you're not from the UK and want to buy Barry M products.

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