Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale Collection Details & Photos

I nearly peed myself when I saw this on Temptalia last night. Iwas so supposed to be studying/doing homework but I thought I'd post this instead!

Chapter 1

Lipstick ($14.50 USD/ $17.50 CDN)
1. Courting Lilac (LE)- Sheer lilac mauve with soft gold pearl (Glaze)
2. Cut-A-Caper (LE)- Mid-tone peachy pink (Lustre)
3. Deepest Wish (LE)- Deep creamy red-brown (Amplified)
4. Full Fuchsia (PRO)- Bright blue fuchsia (Amplified)
5. The Faerie Glen (LE)- Pale neutral pink (Lustre)

Dazzleglass Creme ($18.00 USD/ $21.00 CDN)
1. Light Prancing (LE)- Light peach with gold peal
2. Passing Fancy (LE)-Birght orange coral with soft pearl
3. Radiant Jewels (LE)- Dark sparkly magenta
4. Romancin' (LE)- Mid-tone lavender with multi-dimensional pearl
5. Soft Dazzle (LE, Repromote from Dazzleglass Creme '09)- Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearl

Eyeshadow ($19.50 USD/ $23.50 CDN)
Each eyeshadow has a plaid pattern imprinted on the eyeshadow and is similar in size to Mineralize Eyeshadows.
1. A Wish Come True (LE)- Dirty mauve with bubblegum pink Tartan striping
2. Enviably Fun (LE)- Grass green with dark green Tartan striping
3. Follow Your Fantay (LE)- Mid-tone peach with chocolate Tartan striping
4. Glamora Castle (LE)- Dark grey with teal Tartan striping
5. Golden Crown (LE)- Light gold with bronze Tartan striping
6. Semi-Precious (LE)-  Aubergine with chocolate Tartan striping

Pigment ($19.50/ $23.50 CDN)
1. Later (LE, Repromote from Alice + Olivia)- Black with transforming purple pearl (Frost)
2. Moonlight Night (LE)- Blackened teal with teal pearl
3. The Family Crest (LE)- Blackened bronze with pearl

Pearlglid Intense Eyeliner ($14.50 USD/ $17.50 CDN)
1. Black Line (LE, Repromote from Art Supplies)-  Black with gold pearl
2. Black Swan (LE)- Black with peal
3. Lord It Up (LE)- Bronze with pearl
4. Petrol Blue (LE, Repromote from Art Supplies)- Deep navy with pearl
5. Undercurrent (LE, Repromote from Art Supplies)- Teal with pearl

Blush ($18.50 USD/ $21.50 CDN)
1. Her Blooming Cheek (LE)- Bright iridescent blue-pink (Frost)
2. My Highland Honey (LE)- Bright coral with soft gold pearl (Frost)

Nail Lacquer ($13.00 USD/ $15.00 CDN)
1. Sly As A Fox (LE)- Creamy mid-tone russet/burnt red (Cream)
2. Style Clan (LE)- Dark taupe with red pearl (Frost)

Chapter 2

6 Dashing Lassie Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. A Dashing Lassie (LE)- Metallic milk (Frost)
2. Bronze (LE/possibly permanent as description is different)- Copper penny (Frost)
3. Buckwheat (LE, Repromote from Naked Honey '09)- Frosty medium brown (Frost)
4. Magical Mist (LE)- Metallic taupe (Lustre)
5. Showstopper (LE, Repromote)- Dark brown (Matte)
6. Unknown- Will update later

6 Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Carbon (Permanent)- Matte black (Matte)
2. Crown & Sceptre (LE)- Metallic copper (Veluxe Pearl)
3. Family Treasure (LE)- Metallic bronze (Veluxe Pearl)
4. Gaelic Gold (LE)- Metallic gold (Veluxe Pearl)
5. Melt My Heart (LE)- Metallic silver (Veluxe Pearl)
6. White Rabbit (LE, Repromote from Holiday '09)- Shimmer white (Pearl)

6 Twists of Tartan Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Bows & Curtsys (LE)- Metallic hunter green (Satin)
2. High Spirits (LE)- Shimmered avocado (Frost)
3. Lady's Prance (LE)- Clay (Matte)
4. Rolled Gold (LE)- Gold (Lustre)
5. Set To Dance (LE)- Dark royal blue (Matte)
6. Vainglorious (LE, Repromote from Venomous Villains '10)- Metallic maroon (Frost)

6 Beauties Play It Cool Eyeshadow Palette ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Altered State (LE)- Blackened Plum (Veluxe Pearl)
2. Heather Belles (LE)- Dark charcoal (Satin)
3. Hold My Gaze (LE, Repromote from Holiday '09)- Medium grey (Frost)
4. Magic Moor (LE, Repromote from Holiday '09)- Purple grape (Veluxe Pearl)
5. Silverwear (LE, Repromote from Holiday '07)- Metallic lavender (Frost)
6. To The Ball (LE)- Dusty lavender (Satin)

Happily Ever After Lip Kit ($22.50 USD/ $26.50 CDN)
1. Cheers All Around Lipstick (LE)- Bright candy pink (Frost)
2. To Joy Lipstick (LE)- Medium pink (Frost)
3. Endless Fun Lipglass (LE)- Sheer frosty pink

A Fabulous Fantasy Lip Kit ($22.50 USD/ $26.50 CDN)
1. Imagine This Lipstick (LE)- Pinky beige (Amplified)
2. Storybook Ending Lipstick (LE)- Rasin (Lustre)
3. Heroic Tale Lipglass (LE)- Sparkly flesh tone

A Triumphant Face Kit ($38.00 USD/ $45.00 CDN)
1. Melba Blush (Permanent)- Soft coral peach (Matte)
2. Peachtwist Blush (Permanent)- Golden peach (Sheertone)
3. Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder (LE, Repromote from Diana Ross '05, Heatherette '08)- Neutral mid-tan

Hark The Heraldry Face Kit ($38.00 USD/ $45.00 CDN)
1. Dame Blush (Permanent)- Sophisticated blue-pink (Satin)
2. Plum Foolery Blush (Permanent)- Faint drusty pulm (Sheertone)
3. Oh So Fair Beauty Powder (LE, Repromote from Venomous Villains '10)- Pale pink

Vain & Glorious Lip Bag ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Mellow Mood Lipstick (LE, Repromote from Electroflash '08)- Sheer pink (Lustre)
2. Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (Permanent)- Sparkly baby pink
3. In Synch Lip Pencil (LE, Repromote from Too Fabulous '10)- Light pink

Dazzle The Lads Lip Bag ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Baron's Rose Lipstick (LE)- Medium Rose (Cremesheen)
2. Moth To Flame Dazzleglass (Permanent)- Sheer neutral beige
3. Draw Me Close Lip Pencil (LE)- Dusty Rose

Noble Knights Lash & Line Kit ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Blitz & Glitz Fluidline (Permanent)- Black with gold pearl (Frost)
2. Teal Pigment (Permanent)- Bright metallic teal (Frost)
3. Zoomblack Mascara (Permanent)- Black
4. 209 SE Eyeliner Brush

Violet My Love Lash & Line Kit ($36.00 USD/ $43.00 CDN)
1. Macroviolet Fluidline (Permanent)- Deep, smoked violet with pearl (Frost)
2. Violet Pigment (Permanent)- Bright metallic purple (Frost)
3. Zoomblack Mascara (Permanent)- Black
4. 209 SE Eyeliner Brush

The Swinging Violets Mineralize Kit ($49.50 USD/ $59.50 CDN) (Nordstrom Exclusive)
1. Icescape Lipsglass (LE, Repromote from Love Lace '09)- Sheer pale pink with pink pearl (Frost)
2. Earthly Riches Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (LE, Repromote from Mineralize '09)- Deep plum grey with rose veining (Frost)
3. Bare Study Paint Pot (Permanent)- Champagne with gold and white pearlized pigments (Frost)
4. Zoomblack Mascara (Permanent)- Black (Promo Size)

The Glamorous Mineralize Kit ($49.50 USD/ $59.50 CDN) (Nordstrom Exclusive)
1. Blessedly Rice Lipsglass (LE)- (Will update)
2. Engaging Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (LE, Repromote from Mineralize '09)- Deep plum grey with rose veining (Frost)
3. Indianwood Paint Pot (Permanent)- Metallic Antique Bronze (Frost)
4. Zoomblack Mascara (Permanent)- Black (Promo Size)

The Scottish Fling Mineralize Kit ($49.50 USD/ $59.50 CDN) (Nordstrom Exclusive)

1. Budding Romance (LE)- (Will update)
2. Pink Split Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (Permanent)- Dirty rose with bronze and pale blue veining/pink with gold pearl mono (Frost)
3. Fresco Rose Permanent)- Mid-tone pink with matching pearlized pigments (Frost)
4. Zoomblack Mascara (Permanent)- Black (Promo Size)

Wishlist (This is bound to change a whole lot once we get more photos and swatches)

1. The Faerie Glen Lipstick
2. Semi-Precious Eyeshadow
3. Petrol Blue Pearlglide
4. Black Swan Pearlglide
5. My Highland Honey Blush
6. Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palette
7. Twists of Tartan Eyeshadow Palette

What's on your wishlist? Are you excited for this collection?! I am -more than Venomous Villains!



  1. Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?! :D

  2. LOL.. Umm.. I'm sort of inbetween. After the 2nd book, I was all for Jacob but after reading the 3rd book, I like Edward! I believe Jacob is a better choice for her since being with him would be "easy." She doesn't have to become a vampire, she can have as many babies as she wants, she gets to stay close to her family and friends, etc.

    BUT, I do believe Edward loves her more (after reading 3rd book) so I guess he'd be better for her. I like both of them! =P However, I don't really like the guys who play them.

    What about you??

  3. Im on Team Jacob. (mostly cause Taylor Lautner is cuter) But ya im the same with u about the books.

  4. have u tried Lash Blast by cover girl (i think) Is it ok? WHat are the pros and cons? what would u rate it?

  5. I tried it 2 years ago and hated it -but then again, I know so many who love it. Maybe I got a bad tube but my experience with it was horrible. It was clumpy and made my lashes look crunchy. It weighed down my lashes, gave me no length, and I guess it gave me thickness but it was "clumpy thickness." It gave no volume whatsover. Oh geez I hated it so much.

    However, I know so many people love it! So it's either my lashes just really stink to begein with (I have tiny, thin lashes) and this mascara, like so many others, just couldn't help them or I got a bad tube. But anyways, from memory, I'd rate it a D -and that's only because I like the bright orange of the tube.

  6. i think that mini plaid bag looks cute. Will have to see it in person before i buy. Collection looks interesting but i want to only buy one item. MAC is making me broke! too many collections LOL.

    After reading the whole twilight series, i like Edward. However, after watching all three movies (the ones that have been released so far), i like Jacob. I don't know why?!?!?!?!

  7. oh wow I'd buy it just for the packaging!! that's awesome packaging and I am always a fan of plaid

  8. I'm actually leaning towards skipping everything and maybe checking out only the blushes. All the palettes looks similar to last year. The other thing is I always see these holiday kits end up at CCO with no one snatching them up.

  9. @ Pamela.. I am LOVING the plaid and that's pretty much the main reason I'm looking forward to this collection. I get the whole "MAC making you broke" thing -it makes me broke too. =( I actually took a few Venomous Villains items off my list to save for the upcoming Holiday collections.

    And I'm the same with Twilight. The movies make me like Jacob -but in the books, I totally like Edward. Maybe Taylor just plays the Jacob role better.

    @ Pop Champagne.. Me too. =) I love the bags.

    @ Kristie.. That's good (for you) -that means you get to save! I do agree that they look similar to last year's but I always skip MAC Holiday collections so I'm leaning torwards it. 90% of it though is because I want those bags! But I'll wait for swatches before I make any final decisions.

    P.S. The CCOs I go to always stink. =(

  10. Some of it looks really pretty! I'll have to check some of this out..

  11. I know! I'm loving the plaid.. =)