Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bubblegum Pinks: Milani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: Yes (but not this shade)
Price: $6.99 (0.1 oz)
Product: 17/25
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Grade: C-

I recently bought Milani's Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash on a trip to CVS. I've been intrigued by the lip gloss pencils since I saw display (I think) a little over a month ago. As usual, I opted for the lightest shade.

The Packaging: This comes in pencil, or crayon form actually, with a clear, plastic cap. I love the "wrapping" around it -shimmery pink. The only downside with this though is that it will easily melt if left in the heat.

The Product: Milani's Lip Flash Pencils are basically shimmery glosses that are applied with a "pencil" instead of using a tube and wand. The first thing I noticed was that this does not apply evenly. The color payoff wasn't the greatest and because of the patchiness, it just looked really wrong. I'm quite disappointed because the lip gloss pencil is labeled as being "full coverage" when it's actually (or at least this shade) is semi-sheer. It definitely accentuates any dryness and lip lines. From a distance, it looked OK but who wants a lip product that doesn't look good up close? Also, it felt glossy but "stiff" on my lips and was a tad drying. For me, this lasted about an hour and a half and wore away leaving icky patches of glitter.

I've read many good reviews for this product and I think there is hope -but I'd have to try a different color. When I see swatches of the other colors (for instance, on Nouveau Cheap), the lip swatches look way more even and pretty unlike Star Flash (the shade I tried.) Also, the dryness could be due to this particular shade -paler shades always tend to be more drying.

The Color: Star Flash (08) is semi-sheer, very light lavender pink with lots of shimmer. I am a huge fan of pale pinks but this is borderline porn star-ish.

Above (no flash) from left: Milani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash
Above (with flash) from left: Milani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash
Lip Swatches..
Above (with flash) from left: Milani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash
Above (with flash) from left: Milani Lip Flash Shimmer Gloss Pencil in Star Flash

Overall: This lip gloss pencil definitely needs to apply smoother and more evenly for me to love it. I've seen so many other reviews where every one is raving about the color payoff these have but I just don't see it in Star Flash. I think I'm going to give it another try though to see if maybe it's just the color that stinks -not the "product" itself. I can't recommend going out and buying this just yet but definitely stay away from Star Flash unless you want uneven porn star lips.

Where To Buy: CVS


  1. That's too bad about the formula/grittyness- it looks so pretty on you. It reminds me of a fairy or something, lol!

  2. LOL uneven porn star lips, how do you know that that is what i've been looking for?!?!? :D

  3. I thought star flash would be mostly shimmer, which is why I didnt get it. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!

  4. @ Steph.. Thanks =) It totally reminds me of something "magical" too -like fairy dust and unicorns.

    @ Pop Champagne.. LOL! I actually do like porn star lips (on occasion) but UNEVER porn star lips are a no no.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. You're welcome. =) Glad I helped.

  5. Really sparkly! Thanks for the review :)

  6. Uneven porn star lips....oh dear. The final look form this pencil is no good!

    Btw, I'm sure you already know, but CVS is having $3 extra bucks on each bottle of revlon nail polish starting this Sunday (retail of the polish tehre is $3.99). I'm wearing "gray suede" right now and can't wait to try more colors. I also stopped by the machine and got a $7 off $15 revlon purchase coupon printout. Figured you out of all people would be able to relate to my excitement : )

  7. @ Jen.. You're welcome. =)

    @ PAG.. Wow! Thanks for letting me know -I actually didn't know about this! Oh man I need to get the printout ASAP!! $7 off $15 is awesome! Plus, I have some manufacturer coupons to use too. =)

  8. Aww, too bad about the formulation :( I'm always iffy about lippies in pencil form, I've never had any luck w/ them :(

  9. Aww.. Actually I feel the same. I've never had luck with any -maybe it'll work in another color though.