Monday, September 20, 2010

Purple Kisses: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Lilac Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $8.99 (0.13 oz)
Product: 22/25
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: B+

Since CVS was having a BOGO sale on Revlon last week, I picked up a Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Lilac along with the Peach I reviewed last week.
The Packaging: Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks are packaged in sleek matte black tubes with quilted detailing (reminiscent of Chanel.) I think they're the prettiest drugstore lipstick tubes but I do have one gripe -why doesn't the quilted design go all around the tube? It alternates from quilted to solid all around the tube (see above photo.) The lipstick name is located on the bottom and the top of the cap displays a color "block" depicting the shade inside. Also, one thing that I really like is that "Revlon" is imprinted into the actual lipstick giving it a classy feel.
The Product: I love the formula of Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks and I really think they're the best of any (drugstore lipsticks) that I've tried. While the lipstick doesn't necessarily feel moisturizing to me, it does keep my lips soft without stripping away any moisture and drying out my lips. I love how light it feels on and the fact that it neither sinks into my lip lines nor looks patchy. I also absolutely love that the lipstick contains no taste or scent and to top it off, the lipstick has very good color payoff -it can be sheer but buildable. The lipstick lasts about 3 hours on me and fades away gradually leaving a very subtle berry stain.
The Color: Revlon ColorBurst's Lilac is a slightly plummy mauve-lilac with silver shimmer. When I first swatched Lilac, I immediately thought of Up The Amp (from MAC.) However, when I swatched the 2 side by side, I noticed that they were actually very different. Lilac looks slightly sheer while Up The Amp is darker and very pigmented.


Above (no flash) from left: Revlon ColorBurst in Lilac, MAC Up The Amp
Above (no flash): Revlon ColorBurst in Lilac

Overall: I absolutely love Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks but I don't think Lilac is a good color on me right now (because I currently have very light brown, almost blonde hair.) However, it's an absolutely gorgeous shade and I think it'll look better when I go back to dark brown/black hair. I urge anyone who loves lilac/purple lippies to give this a try -it's a steal even at the regular retail price ($8.99) considering the quality.

Where To Buy:, CVS, Rite Aid, Target


  1. like this one, just wish it was more pigmented. great review!

  2. @ Justine.. I think the color payoff is very good but when compared side by side with MAC, it is a little sheer! (But buildable)

  3. Love your review! I need to try more of these lippies!

  4. I really like this lipcolor it has a lovely color

  5. I do too! You mentioned that you have it right? How do you like it?

    P.S. I really really want to get a FOTD up for you!! I tried doing one for a Temptalia challenge recently and will put it up when I can -it's not so great though. But I want to do a "neutral" one soon.. hopefully over the weekend.

  6. Yes I have it and I really like it,it will be so nice of you to do a neutral FOTD ,actually I found this online shop that sells japanese makeup brands I really liked their quads especially the neutral ones so I will see what kind of colors you use for neutral eye makeup then I will select the quads which have similar colors and then I will place my order .They are offering free worldwide shipping for limited period so I hope I order within this time period

  7. Oh! I'm curious.. what shop is it? I love trying new Japanese makeup. Free shipping is great!!

  8. It is I am going to get eye illuminators from majolica majorca, canmake glitter eye and caffret d'or lighting eyes I have read some good reviews about majolica and caffret d'or products I am not so sure about canmake it is their drugstore brand but people say their glitter eyes have nice color pay off.

  9. Thank you so much Alvira! I'll check it out. I always see these brands and always want to try them but I hate paying shipping. I really want to get some mascara.

  10. Ooo...I really like this one. Very pretty. Is it just me or does it swatch a lot more lilac-y than it looks in the tube? Or maybe it's just the lighting? Either way, it looks really pretty on you!

  11. Yea it definitely is more lilac-y but a little sheerer than I thought it would be -especially when compared with Up The Amp.

    Also, it'll look a little different depending on how pigmented your lips are. My lips were a little redder that day so it's sort of leaning towards being berryish!

  12. Aww thank you so much for following! That means so much to me! I have been following you for a while. :) That shiseido lipstick in serenity on your right hand side is gorgeous! I keep coming back to your blog looking at it. I am convinced I must buy it! Hehehe! It looks soo amazing on you!

  13. Thanks. I hope you like it as much as I do when you get it. =)