Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: $4 LORAC Neutrals in Cappuccino, Cocoa, Persuasion, Reverie, Suede Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $4.00 (0.06 oz/ 1.7 g)
Product: 24/25
Packaging: 3.8/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A
I picked up these LORAC eyeshadow singles from LORAC's VIP (sale) a few months back and wanted to share with you before they were gone forever. The following shades that I'm about to review are discontinued but 3 of them are still available on the site. Also, sometimes LORAC will put sold out items back up if there are still some left in stock so keep a look out for them.
The Packaging: The eyeshadows are packaged in plastic black containers with matching twist-on lids. The lids have a clear "window" so that you can see the shade inside. On the bottom is the color name, size info, and ingredients. I'm not too fond of the packaging -it's a little cheap, but none of my eyeshadows (or their containers) have broken so far so the packaging is surprisingly sturdy!
The Product: LORAC eyeshadows are in my top faves and these are no exception. Every shade is buttery smooth, very soft, and pigmented (takes 1-2 layers for excellent color payoff.) I've read reviews about LORAC's new Private Affair Palette containing eyeshadows that are so soft that they break but that is not the case with any of these.
The only minor downside is lasting ability. These have great staying power in general but tend to fade a bit by the end of the day (about 8 hours) if worn without a primer. However, paired with my UDPP or TFSI, these stay on all day long and still look like new by the end of the day.
 The Color:
1. Cappuccino- Almost matte chocolate brown with minor shimmer.
2. Cocoa- Pinky caramel nude with a shimmery sheen.
3. Persuasion- Sleek beige with shimmer.
4. Reverie- Dark espresso brown with frosty silver shimmer
5. Suede- Matte brown with red undertones.


Above (no flash) from left: LORAC Eyeshadow Singles in Cappuccino, Cocoa, Persuasion, Reverie, Suede

Overall: I absolutely love LORAC eyeshadows. To me, LORAC is so underrated but they often can top over-hyped brands like MAC and Urban Decay. These eyeshadow singles contain everything you'd expect from a great eyeshadow and I highly recommend giving them a try. And at the sweet $4.00 price, what's not to lose?

Where To Buy: LORAC


  1. Pretty colors,I love your neutral eyeshadows collection.Can you please show a neutral eye tutorial I would love to see how you do neutral eye makeup.

  2. I am in love with these swatches!!! They are SUCH great shadows and by your standards, I'm sure these are great quality ones as well :) $4 each is really REALLY awesome!! Some drugstore ones cost more than this! I've heard Lorac is really good too :D

  3. @ Alvira.. Thanks =) And I'm not the best at doing eye makeup but I'd love to post a tutorial. I've posted a few looks in the past (check FOTD labels) but I haven't yet figured out how to get the best close-up pics using my camera. I can take pictures of products fine but when I try to take good pics of my eye makeup, it ends up looking washed out and the colors look wrong. I'll try to play with it so I can hopefully get a tutorial up soon!

    @ Rainy Days and Lattes.. Yupp you can't beat the price! The only downside is you have to buy these online -but shipping is free with a $50 order. And I highly recommend LORAC -definitely check out their sale section.

  4. I have seen these FOTD's and I love your makeup it looks so natural, and I loooove your eye makeup:)that is why I asked you to do a step by step tutorial.

  5. I'm such a sucker for these moca and cappuccino colors, I got so much of them but I still buy more! I just love how versatile these colors are in terms of where you can wear them :D

  6. beautiful colors. $4 is a definite steal!

  7. @ Alvira.. Once I'm over my cold, I'll definitely try to get one up for you. Your wish is my command!! =) I just don't want to put any makeup on now because I've been sick and don't want to get my sick germs all over my makeup. =\

    @ Pop Champagne.. Me too! I can buy the same shade over and over again -even if they're almost identical. You're right too.. neutrals work for ANY look.

    @ Kristie.. Agreed!