Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bubblegum Pinks: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks in Think Pink & Just Peachy Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: No
Price: $2.99 ($3.29 @ Walgreens) (0.11 oz)
Product: 19.5/25
Packaging: 2.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: B-

I bought 2 of the uber popular Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lipsticks in Think Pink and Just Peachy earlier this year at Walgreens. The main reason why I've been avoiding a full review was because the day I tested these out, I had also tested out a few other lip products. In the following days afterward, my lips started drying out like crazy, cracking, and bleeding -yes, bleeding! Because I had tried other lip products that day, I wasn't certain if it was these Mega Last lipsticks but I assumed it was..

The Packaging: I absolutely loathe the packaging for these lipsticks but for $2.99, I guess it's to be expected. The light, not-so-sturdy tubes are all black with clear plastic caps with "Wet 'n' Wild" written on them. The overall feel is just so cheap.
What I hate most is the fact that the lipsticks don't twist all the way down (see above pic.) Because of this, I have to be super careful while removing and putting the cap on or else I'll break the lipstick.
The Product: I applied lip balm before applying each shade as it can feel uncomfortable and dry without balm. It feels alright while on my lips –not too drying but not moisturizing either. I found that both shades applied a lot better by “patting” the lipstick on instead of “slicking” it on like I normally would. By “stamping” the color onto my lips, it doesn’t cause my lips to look dry. Just Peachy looked really nice on my lips and didn’t sink into every crack in my lips. Think Pink looked a bit dryer –but that’s probably because it’s a paler shade. Wet 'n' Wild describes these lipsticks as "4-hour longwearing lip color" but for me, the lipstick lasts for about an hour and a half. I absolutely did not like the way it wore off –it faded in patches so it looked really gross.
Now for the verdict: Was this what caused my dried, bleeding lips? I think it was a combination of these Mega Last lipsticks and the "harsh" Winter weather that made my lips so dry that they bled. After trying these a second time around, my lips were definitely a lot dryer afterwards. However, I made sure to reapply my Pangea Organics lip balm throughout the day and the dryness went away within 2 days.
Above from left: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lipsticks in Think Pink, Just Peachy
The Color: Like stated on the Wet 'n' Wild site, these have a semi-matte creme finish. Also, both shades are very pigmented.
1. Think Pink (901B)- Pale bubblegum pink
2. Just Peachy (903C)- Light peachy salmon nude

Above (no flash) from left: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lipsticks in Think Pink, Just Peachy
Above (no flash) from left: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lipstick in Think Pink
 Above (no flash) from left: Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lipstick in Just Peachy

Overall: I would only repurchase the lipstick if there was a color that I had to have. While both colors are beautiful and just right up my alley, I can't say that I'd ever use them. The lipsticks look great during the first hour or less of after application, but there are too many things that would keep me from wearing them. I hate how they fade (which means I'd have to do makeup checks during the day -I dread those), they're not particularly comfortable to wear, and they make my lips dryer afterwards. I could see these working a lot better for people who naturally have soft lips 24/7 (I envy you!) but they're not for me.

Where To Buy: Rite Aid ($2.99), Walgreens ($3.29)


  1. I love think pink, but I agree with you the packaging, how you can't lower the bullet all the way down and they are drying.

  2. Urgh.. I can never take a lipstick that is drying because I don't always reapply lip balm when I'm out and I wouldn't risk having uber ugly dried up lipstick on my lips (you know the kind that flakes off and still has the colour of your lipstick?)

  3. @ Justine.. I love Think Pink too! But I HATE the dryness.

    @ Isabel.. I agree. I can't wear drying lipsticks when my lips are dry.. I can only wear them when my lips are doing really well. It just stinks because they make soft lips dry again!

  4. the swatches look pretty.. but these seem like too much of a hassle!

  5. I agree.. but I'm not too peeved (over the hassle) since they were only $3 a piece!

  6. I love these colors, but my problem is that they wear off hella fast and the color is just so BRIGHT. I agree, it looks a lot better when you dab it on. Past that, they are very pigmented and have a nice finish. Me, I will probably repurchase. They're pretty cool :)