Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Wore It Better: Blake Lively vs. Ashley Greene

I love Who Wore It Better pictures so I thought I'd post this.. Totally bit it off Yahoo! but oh well! So who do you think wore this Antonio Berardi dress better?

Ashley Greene looks stunning in her cream dress which I think is appropriate for the warm, sunny weather (it's still warm here in CA at least.) I like that the other side of her "faux bra" is showing whereas with Blake, only one side is peeking out. I'm bored with the black that Blake's wearing and I'm not too fond of her heels' weird looking platforms. To me, Blake's version looks almost like a work or funeral dress except for the peek-a-boo bra part. I just love Ashley's overall fit -her hair, earrings, shoes, and the white dress and it also doesn't hurt that (to me) she's way prettier! =P
Maybe this is all because I'm Twilight-obsessed but Ashley gets 2 thumbs up from me. =) What do you think? Who wore it better?


  1. I think both are gorgeous women and both dresses look hot! however, i think blake lively wore it better. I like how the dress hits slightly above the knee for her. for Ashley, it's below the knee. the dress kind of looks too big for her compared to Blake. I personally like dresses that hit above the knee so for me, it's Blake :)

  2. blake lively's black makes her look slimmer around the waist area unlike ashlee greene's. i think both are nice but if I gotta pick one it's serena van der woodsen!

  3. Go to youtube and check out xteener's page. she does awesome make-up videos