Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sephora Temptu Highlighter Freebie Review (Get Yours ASAP) + My Wednesday Adventures

I've been sick like a dog for the past 3 days (I was in Urgent Care for 4.5 hours Tuesday) but that didn't stop my makeup-obsessed self from hopping out of bed to grab my TEMPTU Retouch Highlighter Freebie at Sephora yesterday. (I've been wanting the Retouch Highlighter for ages but the price always stopped me from buying.) In the email, we were initially told that we'd be receiving a full size (this was corrected in a later email) so it was a bit of a let down. Onto the review..
If you didn't already know, Sephora is giving away deluxe sizes of the TEMPTU Retouch Highlighter in 301 Champagne to VIBs when they go in for a demo of the TEMPTU Airbrush System. If you're worried about time, trust me, it took less than 5 minutes!
The Packaging: From the looks of it, I think the deluxe sample packaging is identical to the full size version -probably just smaller. The highlighter comes in a pen with a brush tip. Instead of most "pen like" products, you don't twist the top, you push the "button top." I swear, I clicked the top about 30 times and nothing came out. I ended up twisting the top half off and using a toothpick to get the product out. Hopefully this problem doesn't occur with the full size.
Product Description & Directions
Product Ingredients
The Product: The highlighter sort of reminds me of the Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow. The texture is like a light, sheer cream that's not overly creamy and definitely not sticky. It can be applied more heavily for more of a heavy glittery glowy look or blended more for a sheerer, lighter glow. I love that it's not irritating on my skin and gives a nice "glow" without being too flashy. I had it applied during my demo and it lasted for a good 6 hours until I washed it off at home. Also, it smells sort of like vanilla -but not overly strong.
Here's what the inside of the top half looks like.
The Color: Champagne (301) is a light champagne nude with the slightest pink edge and lots of (small) silver shimmer particles.


Above (with flash): TEMPTU Retouch Highlighter in Champagne (heavy layer)
Above (with flash): TEMPTU Retouch Highlighter in Champagne (heavy layer blended)
Above (with flash): TEMPTU Retouch Highlighter in Champagne (blended a lot)

Full Face.. (I've been sick so sorry if I don't look too "alive")
Above I have on the TEMPTU Airbrush Foundation, Blush, and Highlighter in Champagne.
And if you were wondering about the airbrush system, it's actually really awesome. It didn't irritate my skin, looked pretty good (I'm sure with a little more time and not so dry skin, it could've looked better), and most importantly, it looked natural -no cake face here! It felt really refreshing too and had a light scent. The only thing is it looks sort of weird around my nose (see above pic) and I think he applied it sloppily on my browbone. It also looks a little dry around my temples but my skin has been really dry.

Overall: I really like the TEMPTU's Retouch Highlighter and would seriously invest in a TEMPTU system if I actually wore foundation on a regular basis and had the money for it. But because I rarely wear "regular" foundation, at this time, it wouldn't be for me. The Retouch Highlighter however is great and I would love to own some other shades -I just wish it was cheaper!

Where To Buy: Sephora Click here for the printout to receive your free deluxe sample (It says my name but that doesn't matter -just cut out the TEMPTU offer part. If you want to print out your own, check your email.)

And a few more things..
We stopped by this shop with a bunch of artwork afterwards and I met this super cute dog. She (I think she was a she) reminded me so much of my boyfriend's old dog (she was recently put to sleep.) She was so adorable -I sat down on the couch because I felt pretty sick and she came over and laid on my lap.
Afterwards, we stopped for ice cream! I got Peppermint (one of my faves) and tasted really good and I think it helped clear my nose a little. Also, she really piled it on so I was super happy.
Also, I wanted to mention that Plain Jane was not on last night! I've been following it and I didn't even realize that last week's episode was the season finale. =( I really love the show and Louise Roe -I've never seen her on anything else but I just think she's gorgeous and very caring with the to the Plain Janes on the show. I just love that it's not your typical makeover show -the Plain Janes try to overcome their fears, learn how to flirt and be more carefree, and get full makeovers. I really hope the show comes back with another season.

And one last thing, the other day, I had The Best dream ever. I dreamt that I was over at my uncle's house and for whatever reason, we were being delivered massive amounts of comfort food. I'm talking big party tray sizes of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked mac n' cheese, and so much more. I started calling everyone to come over to feast with us and just as I was amount to eat a spoonful of yummy baked mac n' cheese, my sister woke me up! =O


  1. lol I have dreams about fatty foods all the time. and that foundation looks really good. but I bet you got nice skin to begin with, hah I don't think it'd look that nice on me!

  2. I got that temptu sephora email as well, problem is they always send me the US ones and I am in Canada, so I stopped paying attention to them. I've only ever shopped Sephora online since the nearest store is so far from me, so despite being a VIB, I don't even have a card. Does the 500 points thing expire after a year?

  3. @ Pop Champagne.. Don't you love those dreams?? I have pretty clear skin (just because I'm so dry) but I THINK this could work on someone who needs heavier coverage too. And I don't even think you have bad skin!! Your skin looks good. =)

    @ Justine.. Next time you visit the store, ask for a card. It's just the black Beauty Insider card actually and they put a VIB sticker on it (I lost my card so I have a new plain card with no sticker.) If you have your regular BI card, it's really the same thing.

    The 500 point thing (as of now) never expires unless you use up your points. If you have 500 points, you can put it torwards the 500 pt prizes. VIB is different but I guess anyone with 500 pts is definitely a VIB.

    With VIB, you basically get special offers (instore and online) for free products, samples, and discounts that "regular" Beauty Insiders don't get. VIB expires after 2 years -once you spend $350 in a calendar year, you get VIB status for that year and the next and then it expires -unless you spend another $350.