Sunday, September 19, 2010

UPDATE: My Official (to buy) List for MAC Venomous Villains, Quick Review, & Thoughts

I know I've written about Venomous Villains like a billion times by now but I finally have my "final thoughts" of everything. I stopped by Bloomies yesterday while shopping in the city and nearly fainted when I saw the Venomous Villains display up at the MAC counter. I've been in a tug-a-war with the collection since the news first broke out the MAC and Disney were collaborating. I was excited, then it disappeared, then excited again, then not, and so on. So just when I started being un-excited (for the last few weeks), my excitement grew again! I think just seeing Disney + MAC in together IN person made my day.

So I went along swatching everything (no pictures, sorry -I figured there were already so many of them online.) After swatching, what I had originally wanted totally changed. Toxic Tale Lipstick, Her Own Devices Beauty Powder, and Bite Of An Apple Blush, which were the main things I was interested in, have all totally been scrapped from my list. The only 2 things I really want are Innocence, Beware! Lipstick and Briar Rose Beauty Powder.

So why the change? Toxic Tale is gorgeous but I can't justify buying something I'll rarely use, even for "collecting" purposes, anymore -money doesn't fall from the sky. Her Own Devices looked neat but in person, it barely showed up on my skin. All the Beauty Powders weren't "pigmented in one swipe" -I had to swatch several layers for the color to show up (and the testers were new btw) -this was also the case with Bite Of An Apple Blush (but don't get me wrong, it's pigmented.) I really loved Her Alter Image Eyeshadow but decided it wasn't for my skin tone. I actually really liked Vainglorious too but I wouldn't want to pay $14.50 (is that the price?) for a color similar to something I already have -plus I hate buying single eyeshadows.

Now for the things I want.. I didn't want Innocence, Beware! at first because I heard it was drying BUT I've fallen in love with the color and no longer care (looked like a pale, pinky nude.) Briar Rose Beauty Powder (to me) is the most pigmented of all the Beauty Powders and I really couldn't walk away without one. I'm a little scared it won't work for me though since it has a lot of violet in it.

Overall thoughts? I honestly think the collection could've been much better but I still believe that the collection will be very exciting for anyone who loves MAC or Disney. To me, the quality of the products could've been better. I had to swatch every Beauty Powder and blush about 4-5 times to get good color payoff. I already have this love/hate relationship with MAC's glosses (too sticky) and lipsticks (too drying.) The eyeshadows were mainly good though -pigmented (forgot to try the Mineralize Eyeshadows from Maleficent's Collection.) The Magically Cool Powders didn't seem that pigmented either. Overall, I'd just like better quality from MAC but I guess that's what you get when you're going high-end at a lower price (compared to brands like Chanel, YSL, Dior, etc.)

I'm still not loving the packaging (although I think Evil Queen's is the best) and really, if I had helped "design" the collection (I wish!), I would've done so many things differently. I would've included Ursula in the collection (Hello?? She wears more makeup than all the villains..), I would've transferred the mirror from Dr. Facilier's Collection to Evil Queen's Collection (Hello?? Did they forget "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?!), and I would've done some different color choices. But really, oh well. The collection is overall good but not as magnificent as I had anticipated a few months back.

Read on for collection information and photos. I did not include prices because I'm really not sure what the prices will be. I posted before that the prices would be (for example) $15 a lipstick, $15.50 an eyeshadow, $19.50 a blush, etc. (and it's the same prices as listed on Temptalia) but MAC just raised the lipstick and lipglass prices to $14.50 -I don't think they'd raise prices again within just a month or so but who knows. I'll update when the collection comes out online.

For thorough reviews and swatches of every product, click here. Launch date is September 30th.

Cruella De Vil

1. Heartless (LE)- Cherry Red (Amplified Creme)
2. Innocence, Beware! (LE)- Light yellow pink (Cremesheen)

1. Devilishly Stylish (LE)- Deep fuchsia with pink pearl
2. Wicked Ways (LE)- Light nude with gold pearl

1. Carbon (Permanent)- Intense black (Matte)
2. De-Vil (LE)- Rich copper (Veluxe Pearl)
3. Sweet Joy (LE, Repromote from Passions of Red)- Creamy pale gold (Frost)

Penultimate Eyeliner
Rapidblack (Permanent)- True black

Darkly My Dear (LE)- Mid-tone brown plum (Matte)

Beauty Powder
Her Own Devices (LE)- Cool nude

Evil Queen

1. Sinister (LE)- Soft brown plum (Lustre)
2. Toxic Tale (LE)- Bright coral (Satin)

1. Hot House Deep (LE, Repromote from Strange Hybrid)- Raspberry with pink pearl
2. Strange Potion (LE)- Soft coral pink

1. Her Alter Image (LE)- Light violet (Veluxe Pearl)
2. Vainglorious (LE)- Bronze burgundy (Frost)
3. Vile Violet (LE)- Deep blue purple (Matte)

Penultimate Brow Universal

Bite of an Apple (LE)- Soft coral pink (Matte)

Beauty Powder
Oh So Fair (LE)- Mid-tone pink with gold pearl


1. Dark Deed (LE)- Burgundy plum (Amplified Creme)
2. Violetta (PRO)- Violet purple (Amplified Creme)

1. Revenge is Sweet (LE)- Light yellow purple
2. Wrong Spell (LE)- Deep plum with pink purple

Mineralize Eyeshadow
1. My Dark Magic (LE)- Deep pink with pink pearl/ Deep plum with purple pearl
2. She Who Dares (LE)- Deep navy with blue pearl/ Deep forest green with lime pearl

Beauty Powder
Briar Rose (LE)- Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer
1. Bad Fairy (LE)- Red with multi-changing pigments
2. Formidable! (LE)- Teal green with pink pigment
3. Mean & Green (LE)- Purple with teal pigment

Dr. Facilier

Resort Life (LE, Repromote from Sundressing)- Off-white with pink pearl

Greasepaint Stick
1. French Quarter (LE)- Black green with multi-colour pearl
2. Slick Black (LE, Repromote)- True Carbon black

1. Brash & Bold (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)- Bright magenta
2. Melon (Permanent)- Bright golden peach
3. Push the Edge (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)- Deep bright purple with pearl

Magically Cool Liquid Powder
1. Cajun (LE)- Sheer bronze reflects gold
2. Truth & Light (LE)- Sheer shimmer reflects silver and pink

I'm So Vain (LE)- Round special decoration compact mirror




  1. So exciting! I didn't know it would be here this early, I had it in my head at the end of the month, but maybe that's online. I have to go to MAC soon! My wallet is already shuddering, haha.

  2. Agh! I forgot to write the launch date IS the end of the month -September 30th (next Thursday.) For some reason, I kept thinking this Thursday was the 30th. =P But for whatever reason, this counter had the collection up really early and the artist also told me that most of the collection was already sold out through pre-sales so I'm freaaaaaking out. I pre-saled today.

  3. I'm going to a preview of the collection tomorrow! I want the exact things you got!

  4. i actually want to get toxic tale but i don't know how it will look on me (i'm NC35). Did you have a chance to try this on?? Seems like this is a hot item that everyone wants.... I also want Strange Potion. I think that's probably a bit more wearable :)

  5. what movie is Dr. Facilier from?? I don't think ive seen him before. anyways the collection is pretty cute. I used to think mac is expensive but then I started checking out dior make up and even like smashbox and urban decay... mac is okay for price actually! ha! but yeah I agree, no point in buying you're not gonna use if it's just for collection purposes

  6. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I was going to go too but I have class. =( But I'm glad I've already seen it or I would've been really sad. =P

    @ Pamela.. Toxic Tale looks beautiful in person but being a more neutral-gal, I know I'd rarely use it. If you'll use it, definitely get it -I'm thinking it's going to sell out really quickly. And no, I didn't try it on -I'm sort of scared to try lipstick/gloss testers.

    Definitely get Strange Potion! I think it's one of those shades that will look great on everyone.

    @ Pop Champagne.. He's from The Princess And The Frog.. it's very new compared to the others. I agree! MAC is pretty dang cheap compared to other high-end brands BUT I think that's why that quality is usually only "OK" compared to those brands. Still don't like that prices keep going up though.. =\

  7. Can you please who a pic of u and ur boyfriend? PLZ plz plz?