Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hidden Treasures: Wet 'n' Wild Santa Baby "Nice" Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: No
Price: $6.99
Product: 19.5/25
Packaging: 3.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: B-
So as part of the new Hidden Treasures series (description at bottom), I wanted to show you the Wet 'n' Wild Santa Baby "Nice" Palette. I bought this during the holidays last year but forgot all about it! I bought it, swatched it, and it went straight into the back of my makeup drawer. I brought it back out though because I felt it deserved some attention.

The Packaging: The products are packaged in a cheapie, plastic black palette with a gold design on the cover. It opens up to reveal the eyeshadows, blushes, mascara, and lip gloss. The tier lifts up to reveal the blush brush, 2 sponge tip applicators, mascara, and lip gloss -they're actually on the bottom tier but there's a "cut out" space so it looks like they sit next to the eyeshadows and blushes. Also, there was a $1 off Wet 'n' Wild coupon too (I actually used it on the palette!) I think the bottom tier is a total waste of space -they could've added something more. Also, (me being picky again) I really don't like the cheesy "lift me" tab (to lift up top tier.)
UPDATE: Alvira, a lovely reader, also mentioned that the eyeshadows aren't in their own pans. I totally forgot to mention this! I'm not a fan of more than 1 eyeshadow shade in one pan because the "powder" can get mixed together -especially when you're applying the eyeshadows.
Product Description & Ingredients
The Product: To my surprise, the eyeshadows actually worked pretty well. They vary in pigmentation -they either have good, average, or poor color payoff. Half of the eyeshadows are smooth, buttery, and work really well while the other 6 are either chalky or sheer. There's also a little difficulty in the blending field but with a bit of extra work, the outcome can be beautiful.
The blush is the best part of the palette. It's smooth and silky, pigmented, and doesn't irritate my skin. The bronzer isn't as silky as the blush but it's nice and doesn't make my skin itch (always a good thing.) Also, I haven't bothered to try out the gloss or mascara as I'm not a fan of either when it comes to Wet 'n' Wild.
The Color:
Eyeshadows (listed from left)
1st Trio (top left)
  1. Shimmery medium antique dirty gold.
  2. Shimmery medium brown with a hint of copper.
  3. Very, very sheer pale shimmery green. This is not pigmented at all. The shimmer shows up more than the green.
2nd Trio (top right)
  1. Shimmery pale peachy pink.
  2. Dark gray black with silver shimmer. This was chalky -I had to swatch it  few times to get a decent swatch.
  3. Shimmery yellow gold-bronze.
3rd Trio (bottom left)
  1. Pale pink that's almost white. This was very chalky.
  2. Shimmery dark purple. This was a bit chalky.
  3. Sheer shimmery red-brown with a copper edge. This was a nice color but needed to be more pigmented.
4th Trio (bottom right)
  1. Pale frosty light blue with silver shimmer.
  2. Gorgeous deep olive with shimmer.
  3. Pearly champagne-beige. This was chalky.
  1. Blush- This is an amazing coral pink with gold shimmer. It reminds me of NARS Orgasm but pinker.
  2. Bronzer- Shimmery light-medium bronze. I don't feel it's dark enough for contouring but it but it gives a nice glow. I had to swatch this a few times to get good color payoff.
Above (no flash): 1st Trio
Above (no flash): 2nd Trio
Above (no flash): 3rd Trio
Above (no flash): 4th Trio
Above (no flash) from left: Blush, Bronzer
Above (no flash) from left: 1st Trio, 2nd Trio, 3rd Trio
Above (no flash) from left: 4th Trio, Blush, Bronzer

Overall: I wouldn't buy the palette again because I don't think I'd ever use it up but it's a nice addition to my makeup drawer. I think it's an awesome kit for the price -perfect for anyone on a budget. For $6.99, don't expect it to have the best eyeshadows and blush/bronzer on earth but most the shades are actually very nice. My favorite thing about the palette is that nothing irritates my skin (I've had some problems with Wet 'n' Wild in the past.) Anyways to wrap it up, this is all in all a great little palette palette.

Where To Buy: Discontinued (but bought at CVS), Ebay??

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  1. I never knew about these! I hope they release some color icon ones this xmas!

  2. Eye shadows are in pretty colors but there is no partition between them don't they mix up while applying

  3. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I just bought a Color Icon palette! It would be really cool to have some new Holiday sets for this year -I love them.

    @ Alvira.. Good point! I was going to mention that and I totally forgot. I'm not a fan of that either as the "powder" can be mixed together. My Stila palette is like that too -I guess you just have to be really careful. =(