Monday, September 27, 2010

Temptalia Challenge: Feline-Inspired FOTD

Hola everyone! The other week, Christine put up a Feline Inspired Challenge and this is the look I submitted. I originally wanted to do a leopard print eye or lip but didn't have much time so I did a basic eye but with "feline-ish" colors. I'm really not used to doing dark or colorful eyes -I'm a total whimp when it comes to dramatic looks and tend to stick with my basic neutrals. I definitely need more practice but this is how it turned out!
I wanted to use foundation since I rarely use it. I noticed how nice it makes the skin look though (more even) -it just gives a flawless (or almost flawless) finish. However, I'm self conscious about my forehead! You see, my forehead is 3 shades darker than the rest of my face (due to my melanin and possibly because my forehead is too big??) The problem I have with foundation is that most of them make my forehead look ashy and gray -they'll be a perfect match for the rest of my face but because my forehead is so dark, they make my forehead dull and gray.
How do you think this turned out?? Please give feedback as I'm inbetween about this foundation. I think it does work better (for the forehead problem) than most other foundations I've tried including NARS Sheer Glow, MUFE Face & Body, and more.
The Look:
I was trying to do a subtle but semi-dramatic eye. I used a light, peachy champagne for the inner corners of my eyes and then a gold for my lid. The crease and outer-v was supposed to be very dark blue but it turned out looking black -which I ended up liking. I wanted the focus to be on my eyes so I played down the cheeks with a light, peachy salmon orange and dabbed some nude lipstick onto my lips.

Products Used:
1. Styli-Style Browliner 24 in Brown
2. Pari Beauty Precious Glow Eye Primer in Platinum
3. LORAC Eyeshadows from Snake Charmer Palette (2 lighter shades) (lid)
4. Gold from 120 Palette (lid)
5. TheBalm Risque Renee (crease & outer-v)
6. NARS Night Flight (outer-v)
7. MAC Pearlglide in Black Russain (upper waterline)
8. Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliner in Noir Bleute (lower waterline)
9. Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Black Metal Love (thin, small cat eye)
10. Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara
1. Pari Beauty Balancing Foundation in 52
2. Pari Beauty Blush in 08
3. LORAC Perfectly Lit Highlighter in Spotlight
4. Stila Contouring Trio
5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
1. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Spiced Cream

Here my skin looks much more like it does in real life. For some reason, my skin always look whiter and lighter in pictures.

So, what do you think? I definitely need more practice. The reason I always go with neutral looks is because it's so easy -you don't really see the mistakes. I'm also a little intimidated by bright and dark colors although it looks amazing on so many girls. I want to start doing more FOTDs but I haven't gotten my picture taking skills down when it comes to taking eye-closeups? Any tips for that?


  1. Do you use a primer for your face? Do you have one to recommend for oily skin? I love this look! I can definitely see myself recreating it because it's so neutral.

  2. I adore your posts. You look gorgeous!

  3. (im the same person who recommended the EOS on your last post) I love your look!!! I agree with poorcollegestudent you do look gorgeous! LIke i said u should defiantly try EOS and do a review!

  4. What mascara do you recommend? i want mascara that gives me volume and length, which one should i use?

  5. i was just reading an older post and how your boy friend got you this Urban Decay NAKED palette. IT WAS SOOOOOOO CUTE! he is so sweet for doing that.

  6. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. Thanks! I'm so glad you like my posts.

    @ Anonymous.. Thanks. =) I'll keep a lookout for EOS -I think they carry it at a Walgreens I sometimes go to.

    @ Anonyomous.. Umm.. well right now I like Prestige My Biggest Lashes. I used to love YSL Faux Cils but for me, My Biggest Lashes is pretty much a dupe for it when used with Shiseido lash primer. The primer helps a lot. With the combination of those 2 products, my lashes look a lot longer, thicker, and have more volume to them. I've run out of primer though so my lahes haven't been at their best lately.

    @ Anonymous.. LOL.. Yea he's pretty sweet. =P I love when he supports my makeup habit.

  7. Makeup looks great!! I saw your post on temptalia today. i've been following you since i saw your post for the "no make-up look" challenge. Keep up the great work! i think temptalia has some tips for taking pictures (eye closeups). you'd have to search within her site. I tried taking pics of my own but i really suck. Just make sure you have nice lighting :) and a good camera helps! LOL

  8. I love this look you really look pretty and I think this foundation works for you your face looks flawless and the eye makeup is my favourite I love it.You mentioned that your forehead is darker than rest of your face ,well there are 2 homemade remedies for this and they really work.One is simply rub a lemon on your forehead for 1 or 2 minutes daily and second one is ubtan we make it at home 2Tbsp oat meal powder or flour,1 tsp turmeric powder 3 drops of almond or olive oil and 5tsp of milk make a paste and rub it on desired area for 5 minutes this is the best way to get a even toned complexion you can do it daily or twice a week trust me it will solve your forehead problem

  9. @ Pamela.. Aww thank you so much for following -I really appreciate it. I've seen a few tips on Temptalia -I've tried doing the "hold a tissue over the flash" one and it's helped. I definitely need more practice though. I'll go through the site a little more to try out some more tips for picture taking.

  10. @ Alvira.. Thank you so much! I was hoping you'd like it since you had asked for FOTDs.

    And thank you so much for the recipes -you're a real lifesaver. I really want to try making that paste but will have to buy the ingredients. Which do you like better? The lemon or the paste?

  11. Lemon one really works if you do it daily you will notice the result in 14 or 15 days .The ubtan works slowly but it will not only improve your complexion but also make your skin soft I use it and trust me everyone says my skin is flawless and kind of pinkish I would highly recommend it my skin has improved so much I don't need to wear any foundation but after washing the ubtan always apply a moisturizer these home made remedies have no side effects and give really good result.

  12. If you can't get oatmeal simply use wheat flour it will work too and make a thick paste you can add some water to make the paste

  13. @ Alvira.. Thanks! I don't have wheat flour so I'll look out for some oatmeal and turmeric powder. I hope this works for me. =)

    @ Sydney.. no idea why I said "was." I meant to say I've only used it once!

  14. I saw your look on Temptalia and was so excited! It's really pretty- you look beautiful.

  15. Thanks Steph -glad you liked it. =)

  16. yeah I agree, when you go with neutrals you don't make a lot of errors cuz everything just blends together! you look lovely btw

  17. @ Sydney.. Oops! I forgot to include the primer. I used Smashbox Photofinish for this but have only used it once so I can't really do a thorough review. I don't have oily skin but I heard that to some with oily skin, Photofinish is too oily. Maybe try Make Up For Ever's HD Primer? I like it and it doesn't seem oily to me. You can get a sample at Sephora before buying a whole bottle.