Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: A Handful of Nude Lipsticks

I've been beyond busy with school -I'm literally falling asleep as I write this. Today's Nudey Tuesday will be super quick (hope you don't mind.) I couldn't stand the thought of not doing a Nudey Tuesday or doing it late so I grabbed the first 5 nude lipsticks I saw out of my makeup drawer.

And the lucky winners are..

Above from left: NYX Black Label in Nude, MAC Honeylove, MAC Myth, Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Spiced Cream, CoverGirl TruShine in Nude Shine

  1. NYX Black Label Nude- Pale, pinky nude with a glossy sheen.

  2. MAC Honeylove (Matte)- Medium beige nude with a salmon-pink edge.

  3. MAC Myth (Satin)- Very pale beige nude with the slightest bit of pink.

  4. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Spiced Cream- Light to medium beige nude with a touch of pink.

  5. CoverGirl TruShine Nude Shine- Medium peachy nude with a very glossy finish.

Above (no flash) from left: NYX Black Label in Nude, MAC Honeylove, MAC Myth, Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Spiced Cream, CoverGirl TruShine in Nude Shine
Sorry for the short post! How do you feel about these quickie posts btw? Do you like them? Hate them?

I'm soooooo sleepy. Why am I so sleepy? School has been killing me. Because of the budget cuts all all, it's been extremely difficult getting classes. And on top of that, my parents don't believe me when I explain how hard it is. I've done everything I can but the classes I need were all full the day I registered so all I could do was waitlist. This year, teachers are barely even taking waitlisted people.
I was at school for like 8 hours and have been up since around 9AM. I seriously was so beat by the time I got home and ended up crying my eyes out because of this whole mess. It's just a huge domino effect -if I'm not a full time student, my parents will be very, very pissed off, I end up being behind, I lose my insurance, etc. After that, I had to register to another school, email tons of teachers begging them to accept me into their classes, and research classes I can go to tomorrow to try and add. And now it's 4:00AM and I have to get up at 8:30. And to top it off, I haven't been eating because I've been so busy/stressed.
I am so thankful for my boyfriend -he's my rock/my solid ground. Without him, I think I really would've had a break down today. It's just been chaos for me with a mix of all this and other drama. I hate drama.. UGHH.. Ok. Going to sleep now right after I schedule a post time. Sorry for the rant! Good night everyone. =\
I'm so blessed to have him.


  1. I hope eerything works out for you! Everything stressful/difficult makes you a stronger person!

  2. yeah I know how you feel, I was failing a class and my parents thought that I just didn't try even though I tried everything I could think of, the prof just hated me and it was a literature class. parents are like that. they think everything is easy because they've done it but its diff as to when they did it... anyways i hope school will get better for you! cheer up hun! <3

  3. @ PrincezzJazmin.. Thanks. =) Everythng did work out Thank God.

    @ Pop Champagne.. Ugh don't you hate that! And I seriously hate when professors choose favorites and ignore you/hate you for no reason. Today is SO different from when they were in school -there's more people, schools are so impacted, and they went like what? 20, 30, or 100 years ago?!

    And it did get better btw! Thanks so much. =)

  4. Please don't stress out I am sure everything will work out and your problems will be solved I am myself going through a really bad phase of my life and I have no idea how to solve my problem so I just pray that's the only thing we can do ask God for help and I am sure one day he will solve our problems and we will forget this bad phase of our life I will pray for you too Inshallah God will help you and you will get into the classes you want to go in .You said you haven't been eating because of stress please don't do this it will effect your health when I become tense i pray and write my problem on a paper and whatever is on mind I just write it and in the end I ask God for help this helps me in releasing my stress you try it too and you are very lucky you are not alone you have your BF by your side if your parents don't understand your situation don't feel sad about that parents do that sometimes I am facing this bad phase of my life because of my parent's decision and now they are the one who blame me for all this so just chill I am sure one day everything will work out I promise you I will pray for you

  5. Alvira, I really appreciate your kind words. I've been praying and most of it was solved today!! I was so thankful and so happy -I also carried my Rosary with me and I think it really gave me some luck. I hope you get through what's going on in your life too -I know you will. =) And I just prayed for you also. I really hope things look up for you really soon! It's just not good to be stressed and have so much anxiety for so long.

    And don't worry, I've been eating. I just have a terrible habit of not eating when I'm stressed. My boyfriend hates when I do that too. =\

  6. I am so happy for you ,see God really listens

  7. Love these posts! I know how tough reregistering can be!

  8. Thanks. =) It's so tough -especially because of the budget cuts. I'm taking classes at 2 schools now because it was so difficult. =P

  9. I totally understand what you mean by the budget cuts affecting the school system! I couldn't get into one of the classes I liked because the WAITLIST was FULL. Do you happen to attend one of the UC's by any chance?

  10. Hey Rita, I attend a JC right now and I really wish I had just gone straight to one of the unis I had gotten into (right out of highschool.) With all the budget cuts, it's hard to get classes at ANY school. I was thinking about transferring to a CSU that I had gotten into out of highschool but I know that people are having a really hard time getting into classes there. I've been looking for a few UCs to apply to as well but none really offer my major -so I'm really stuck.

    Gosh I really hope you have better luck with finding classes. I lucked out even though I had to start going to a different school.