Saturday, May 8, 2010

Impressive Last Minute Mother's Day Presents! $40 and Under (Laura Geller Set for just $8)

I've had such a hard time with Mother's Day this year so I decided to share some of my gift ideas with you. I'll show you what I got what I considered getting. There are plenty of lovely and affordable gifts out there even if you don't have a lot to spend. These gift ideas are affordable yet look fairly impressive for their price. I was basically looking for "beauty gifts" -something to pamper Mom on her day. I also avoided things that were too shiny and sparkly as most moms I know avoid that stuff and go for more natural looks. First off, this is what I ended up getting as I ended up getting different gifts last minute.

Nice and wrapped.
Presents for my Godmother, Hubby's Mom, & Mom.
Philosophy Amazing Grace Set & Inner Grace Set. Both $30. There's also a blue Pure Grace Set.
Dylan's Candy Bar "Fridge"- Only $14! (I got this last minute and didn't have much left over to spend. Perfect. Still available at most Sephora Stores so check your store!!) Still thinking about adding some real baked goodies with it too.
Pretty cute for the price.
Now Onto some Ideas..
CARGO Essential Eye Palette (comes in 3 different color combinations so check what's best for your mom)- $32. Every woman needs one of these palettes. They're the perfect neutral shades without shimmer but just the slightest satin finish.
CLEAN Warm Cotton Gift Set- $36. Perfect for someone who likes "clean" scents. This smells like fresh, warm laundry! LOVE!
Korres Mango Lipstick Collection- $21. These are more corally/orangey colors.
Fresh Citron de Vigne Set- $35 (Smells really nice. I was about to get this.)
Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Travel Set- $16. These sets are super cute and come in a variety of different flavors/scents. Check them all out. The guava and blood orange are my faves.
Stila Surprise And Shine Palette- $20 (Let's you record your own "gift" message.. corny or not?)
 And if all else fails, get the Slice Solutions Brownie Pan- $20. Once you own one of these, you'll fall in love. Super easy to use but a bit of a pain to clean (because of all the corners) but it's nonstick.


  1. the candy fridge is so cute! Have a great weekend Kali =)

  2. Great finds and ideas, hope you had a lovely mother's day : )

  3. Thanks, I actually had something more along the lines of a Mother's WEEKEND. Hope you had a nice one too!