Thursday, May 27, 2010

Project Work On My Summer Wardrobe

random clothesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

My wardrobe has been so boring and uninspiring lately. I wear the same clothes year round -just in different colors. First item in my daily wardrobe is either a tank or v-neck tee with pocket (refer to white tee on top left) in any color.. black, white, grey, red, blue, yellow, olive, brown, etc.. I own almost every color! It's my favorite shirt. The second thing is jeans or leggings. The third is a cardigan. In the winter/fall, it'll be wool and in the spring/summer, I'll switch to cotton. And for shoes, it's flats. Boring plain old flats. I decided to create a little collage via Polyvore to inspire me. The items at the top are what I currently wear and the items on the bottom are what I want to start wearing.
So as of now, I vow to work on my Summer wardrobe. I want to break out the splashy colors, pretty jewelry, and accessories galore. The funny thing is I do own pretty tops and dresses but I never wear them -I just feel so comfy going into my habit of jeans/tee/cardigan/flats. You can probably tell that my favorite store is the GAP. I'm a total GAP whore and love things from Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime as well -all GAP companies. Soooo, I also vow to start shopping at other stores since those particular stores, especially GAP, are known for their casual basics. I also need to stop spending every dollar I get on makeup!! That's what keeps me from updating my wardrobe. So sadly, no more of THIS!!!!!!!

Random MakeupFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Anyways, I thought this was sort of interesting.. I learned from this article that 50 cent recently lost 54 pounds for a movie role. This used to be him..
And now this is him! (bottom)
That's it for now! <3

*Both 50 cent pics are from the article listed in the post.


  1. i need to get more clothes too, and shoes for that matter. it all goes to buying makeup lol

  2. Give up makeup shopping??? Crazy talk!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. ya 50 looks crazy! He is playing a cancer patient in a new movie. I love that polyvore stuff, I was wondering how people make those collages.

  4. @ KrySTYLES.. I know! I really need a pair of new flats.. everything goes to makeup and it's so hard to stop! =P

    @ Lisamarie.. LOL I know! I'm just saying that for now but I bet I'll get back into my old habits before I know it. How about, "cut down a little of the makeup shopping" instead of "giving it up?" That's a lot easier!

    @ Justine.. I know!! He looks like he's in pain. I wish he'd eat but I guess that's what people have to do for movies. Glad you figured out Polyvore. It's awesome!

  5. Wowzers! Fiddy looks like the zombie people from I Am Legend (so does Rondo)!

    I'm on the same boat with you on the whole new wardrobe thing. I did buy a lot of new dresses that I havent been able to wear yet 'cause it hasn't gotten hot enough yet.

    Take pics of your new outfits, I want to see : )

  6. I know!!!!!! LOL. You should do some OOTDs with your new dresses! I'd love to see!

    I have to save up to do some clothes shopping but I think I'll definitely start "shopping my closet" since there's lots of items I never wear. Plus it's great to do when you're on a budget.

    I'll definitey try to take some pics but I don't like doing "mirror pics" because I have one of those sliding closet door mirrors so it takes forever to wash. =P

  7. P.S. Haven't seen I Am Legend but I want too now that you brought it up!

  8. OMG..he's so skinny it's scary. I like his old buff self.

  9. Yea I agree. He looks more normal when he's all buffed out. He looks like he hasn't eaten in weeks!

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