Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Stride Shift Gum in "Citrus Mint"

I thought I'd switch it up today and blog about the new Stride "Shift" gum. It's fairly new -I just started seeing the commercials for it and it seemed interesting. It's more expensive at $1.49 than the regular Stride gums ($1.29.) Lucky for me, I found a coupon for it (buy 1 regular Stride gum and get 1 Stride Shift free.) I like the original Stride gums and they're pretty long lasting so I thought why not? It is free..
The Packaging: The structure of the packaging is the same as the regular Stride gums. You lift the flap and inside are 2 pockets with 7 pieces of gum each (14 total.) Once you're done with the bottom "pocket," you rip it off and are left with just the top pocket. The design is different too -these are brighter and more colorful. "Citrus Mint" is packaged in green, orange, and yellow while the other "Shift" flavor is I think pink, purple, and blue. The gum wrappers are different too with a "splashy" print.
The Smell: It smells like a mix of mint and oranges.. or tangerines.
The Taste: When I first bite into it, I taste a light citrus flavor. After the second bite, I get a rush of mint. It's then a mix of both until I'm finished chewing (doesn't taste too great.) I also feel a lot of "grainy parts" when first chewing it. After just about 3 minutes of chewing, the gum starts to feel a bit thinner. The flavor does last pretty long -like the other Stride gums.
This does really freshen up my mouth and breathe though. My mouth feels unbelievably cool after chewing it. I just don't like the taste.
Overall: I probably won't be buying this in the future. It's tastes weird to me but it DOES do a great job freshening up breath. Packaging's fun too but I don't like how it's $1.49.. gum used to be so much cheaper!

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  1. oohh! I love gum! My all time fave one is Orbit's Sweet Mint. Lol, love their commercials. What the french toast?! ahahaha :D

  2. LOL girl I was just thinking about this!! I hate how commercials suck me in and I totally want to try it.

  3. @ Val.. Aahahaa.. I love gum too!! I like Orbit's Sweet Mint but I'm not sure what my favorite is.. I tend to switch it up every time I buy a new pack. I do like Trident and I like the packaging (and taste) of that 5 gum.. it's so sleek. It reminds me of a new car LOL.

    P.S. It says I have "2 comments" currently on this post but the other comment isn't showing??! So sorry if I don't reply. Maybe it's still uploading or whatever."

  4. Comment finally appeared!

    @ naturalnchicmakeup.. LOL!! Me too! When I saw the commercial I kept thinking about it. Now I want to try that Trident "layers" gum. I think it's Trident??

  5. @ kali & naturalnchicmakeup : Berry to mint! What's happening to me!?? ahahha

  6. it is so gross even the guy at the store told me not to waste my money on it so i didn't try it but my friend had it at school and it doesn't taste so great

  7. Oh I know! It tastes more "weird" to me than anything though. I rather stick to the other gums out there.